It is now time to update WordPress.

Take a break from you Beaver, it is now time to update WordPress. With the release of WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”. Named after Sonny Stitt a.k.a the Lone Wolf. What better way to write about a lone wolf in the forests of Canada then in your long time favourite WordPress now available in for the first time in Canadian English.

To install this beautiful shiny new version from scratch visit the download section to the right on the homepage and grab a copy. Then follow the directions in the “Read Me” file.

If you already have WordPress installed (Pre 3.3), then you can use the automatic upgrade link to upgrade to the US English version of 3.3.

Once you have 3.3 then add the wp-contents/languages folder and it’s contents to your site, and in your wp-config.php file change wplang to en_CA. Also the version of TwentyTen and TwentyEleven that is included in the download contains the Canadian English language files. That’s it your done.

The easiest place to see that it worked is to go to Users > Your Profile. It will now ask you for “Admin Colour Scheme” as opposed to “Admin Color Scheme”.