bbPress Notify (No Spam)


This is a modification of the original bbPress-Notify plugin, after several failed attempts to contact the author requesting that he add the no-spam code to it. I don’t like spam. Do you?

This plugin integrates into bbPress and sends a notification via e-mail when new topics or replies are posted. It is fully configurable in the bbPress settings.

Settings include

  • Override bbPress’ core subscription messages with your own;
  • Set Notification recipient roles for new topics;
  • Set Notification recipient roles for new replies;
  • Set Notification e-mail’s subject and body for both new topics and replies;
  • Send Background Notifications (to avoid delays in loading pages for large user databases);
  • Extensible through almost 40 handy actions and filters;

Premium Add-Ons


We’ve made a parnership with, securing their SuretyMail Email certification (to make sure the email you send gets delivered to the inbox instead of the junk folder) for a fraction of the full price, and without the need to have a dedicated IP. Learn more about it here.


  • The settings page
  • Ability to send notification when managing topics/replies in the admin UI


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder via FTP to /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the Settings -> Forums and select which roles should get notifications.


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the entire plugin folder via FTP to /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the Settings -> Forums and select which roles should get notifications.
Why am I not receiving notifications of a topic/reply that I created?
  • As of version 1.9.4, topic/reply authors no longer get notified of their own posts by default.
    • Version 1.12 and up have settings to decide whether authors get notified or not.
Where are the settings?
  • All settings are under Admin -> Settings -> Forums -> Email Notifications
Can a user turn off notifications?
  • Originally, this plugin was developed to alert Administrators of new topics and replies. After a few iterations, users requested the ability to send
    messages to other roles, which then could be characterized as spam. To allow your users to opt-out from receiving notifications, please consider purchasing
    the Opt-out Add-on.

    • As of version 1.12, you can use this plugin with bbPress Forum/Topic subscribers, instead of- or in addition to roles. Just turn on the Override option for Forums or Topics.
Does this plugin integrate with BuddyPress Groups?


Great support!!!

Great support!!!

A few, for me big, problems but Vinny has solved it for me.

And boys (and girls), do not forget to donate for this great job!

Thanks Vinny.

I think you have solved a very old bbPress problem…


Works perfectly on bbpress

I love it

Flexible, easy to use

Does a good job out of the box and has options for many variations. A well thought-out plugin. The developer is very responsive.

Works great – and support is superb

This plug in has been a godsend for my bbpress site. I wanted participants to get regular updates, but didn’t want their inboxes to flood. Letting them select their daily, weekly or monthly digests has been just the ticket.

Beyond that – Vinny offers some of the best support I have ever experienced. As it turns out – a problem of my own making (although not on purpose of course!) – he figured it out, fixed it, and now it’s working perfectly.

Thanks Vinny!

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Contributors & Developers

“bbPress Notify (No Spam)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Fix: Removed debugging left behind in 1.15.9


  • Decode quotes in topics and body.


  • Refactor topic-url code in reply notifications to improve performance.


  • Added support for topic-title, topic-author, and topic-author-email tags in the reply subject.


  • Remove surety message.


  • Fix: apply bbpnns_topic_url filter when processing topic_url inside a reply as well.


  • Added: bbpnns_core_subscribers filter.


  • Added: topic-title, topic-author, and topic-author-email tags are now available in replies.


  • Fix: unchecked iconv function was breaking some installs.


  • Fix: Plain text mailouts had broken UTF-8 characters.


  • Added: bbpnns_is_in_effect filter to help identify if Core Overrides are on or if a user belongs to a notifiable role.


  • Fix: Correctly handling encoded entities.
  • Fix: Check that iconv_mime_encode is available before trying to use it.
  • Added: bbpnns signature in email headers to help with troubleshooting.


  • Fix: Multipart messages are now working nicely with Mailgun and regular wp_mail calls.
  • Added: HTML to text converter is now handling images, replacing the html with their alt value.


  • Fix: Mailgun is replacing our multipart/alternative header boundary, so now admins can chose whether to send HTML, Plain Text, or Multipart messages.


  • New: WYSIWYG emails, complete with automatic multipart text version for non HTML clients.
  • New: Added user-name tags support.


  • Fix: Bad copy/paste on previous commit, which replaced the body with the subject line.


  • New: Added tags to get topic and reply author email.


  • New: Take over notifications for bbPress’ Core Subscriptions
  • New: Decide whether authors must receive their own notifications or not


  • ISIPP/SuretyMail partnership announcement.


  • Added: calling set_time_out(0) if doing cron. This should help people who are not getting all mailouts sent due to too many recipients.


  • Minor bug fix: [topic-forum] and [reply-forum] tags were missing from list of available tags, although functionality was fine.
  • Add: [topic-url] is now available in replies, too.


  • New Feature: No longer add topic/reply author to the recipient list.


  • Fix: Replace mb_internal_encoding() with iconv_get_encoding() as at least one host didn’t have mb_string enabled.
  • Add: Admin option to enable or disable Subject line encoding. Admin -> Settings -> Forums -> E-mail Notifications -> Encode Topic and Reply Subject line.
  • Add: uninstaller.


  • Fix filters bbpnns_filter_email_subject_in_build and bbpnns_filter_email_body_in_build to pass $type and $post_id


  • New action: bbpnns_email_failed_single_user, allows for better handling of failed emails. Params: $user_info, $filtered_subject, $filtered_body, $recipient_headers
  • New action: bbpnns_before_wp_mail, executed immediately before wp_mail() call. Params: $user_info, $filtered_subject, $filtered_body, $recipient_headers
  • New action: bbpnns_after_wp_mail, executed immediately after wp_mail() call. Params: $user_info, $filtered_subject, $filtered_body, $recipient_headers


  • New Filter: bbpnns_skip_notification
  • New Filter: bbpnns_available_tags
  • New Action: bbpnns_after_email_sent_single_user
  • New Action: bbpnns_after_email_sent_all_users
  • Change: Only filter subject and body if user is OK to receive message
  • Change: Reduce DB calls by one per user
  • Change: stop using PHP4-style pass-by-reference. PHP5 always passes by reference now.
  • Change: Improve Encoding of subject line

  • Fix: added a workaround for emails with UTF-8 Characters in the subject line that weren’t being sent.


  • Added: support for people using wpMandrill and getting emails without newlines. We turn on nl2br momentarily while sending out our emails.
    This option can be overridden by using the filter ‘bbpnns_handle_mandrill_nl2br’.


  • Fix: no longer return if wp_mail fails for a given email address. This was an issue for people using wpMandrill with an address in the blacklist.


  • New Filter: bbpnns_post_status_blacklist
  • New Filter: bbpnns_post_status_whitelist
  • New Action: bbpnns_before_topic_settings
  • New Action: bbpnns_after_topic_settings
  • New Action: bbpnns_after_reply_settings
  • New Action: bbpnns_register_settings


  • Remove admin message as it’s not getting dismissed properly.
  • Update tested up to.


  • Fix parameters for ‘bbp_new_reply’ filter
  • Added call to ‘bbp_get_reply_forum_id()’ in case the forum_id was blank (should no longer happen with ‘bbp_new_reply’ filter fix)


  • Notify about existence of Opt-Out add-on


  • Added support for Opt-Out add-on
  • Added labels to all input fields


  • Added support for tags [topic-forum], and [reply-forum]. (Towfiq I.)

  • Removed Pro message.


  • Added subject filter in _build_email: bbpnns_filter_email_subject_in_build
  • Added body filter in _build_email: bbpnns_filter_email_body_in_build
  • Renamed filter: bbpnns-filter-recipients => bbpnns_filter_recipients_before_send
  • Renamed filter: bbpnns-filter-email-subject => bbpnns_filter_email_subject_for_user
  • Renamed filter: bbpnns-filter-email-body => bbpnns_filter_email_body_for_user


  • Added user-contributed filters: bbpress_reply_notify_recipients, and bbpress_topic_notify_recipients


  • Added filters: bbpnns-filter-recipients, bbpnns-filter-email-subject, and bbpnns-filter-email-body

  • Fixed: buggy dismiss link in previous commit.


  • Added notice about bbPress Notify Pro project at Kickstarter.


  • Fix bug where topic and reply post_types were not set in time to send post.
  • Only send notification if post_status is publish, besides not being spam.
  • Adjustments to notify_on_save
  • Added tests for notify_on_save


  • Passing $post_id and $title variables to filters added in 1.6.


  • Added support for filters ‘bbpnns_topic_url’, ‘bbpnns_reply_url’, and ‘bbpnns_topic_reply’


  • Improved Tests
  • Renamed some variables.


  • Fix: Make sure bbPress is installed and avoid race conditions when loading.


  • Fix: corrected missing newlines in topic/reply content email.


  • Fix: admin-only emails not working due to missed boolean casting.


  • Fixed bug, ‘hidden forum override reply’ setting not registered
  • Added filters: bbpnns_skip_topic_notification, bbpnns_skip_reply_notification, bpnns_excerpt_size, bbpnns_extra_headers


  • Added override option to only send emails to Admins in case a Forum is hidden.
  • Added tests


  • Tweak: make sure we have unique recipients. In some installs, duplicate emails were being sent.


  • Fixed: preg_replace error in some installs.


  • Fixed: Strict notices.
  • Added: Settings link in Plugins page.
  • Added: Logging failed wp_mail call.
  • Added: Option to send notifications when adding/updating a topic or reply in the admin.
  • Added: Enforce replacement of
    tags for newlines.


  • New: Added background notifications


  • Fixed: bug that was sending emails to everyone if no role was saved.
  • Fixed: no longer using ‘blogadmin’ as default, but ‘administrator’ upon install.


  • Added back old plugin deactivation
  • Bug fix for topic author not displaying when anonymous by Rick Tuttle


  • Improved role handling by Paul Schroeder.


  • Fixed edge case where user doesn’t select any checkbox in recipients list.
  • Array casting in foreach blocks.


  • Fixed load_plugin_textdomain call.


  • Fixed methods called as functions.


  • No-spam version forked.