CallRail Phone Call Tracking


CallRail call tracking helps you identify the marketing channels that make the phone ring. Our easy-to-install WordPress plugin allows you to dynamically swap the phone number displayed on your website based on how your visitors found your website.

For example, if you have three tracking numbers: visitors from PPC, visitors from Organic Search, and direct visitos, just install the WordPress plugin, create the tracking phone numbers, and we’ll automatically replace the phone number on your website with the appropriate tracking phone number.

  • Learn more about CallRail at
  • See the WordPress plugin documentation at


  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Go to the “CallRail” menu under “Settings” in the WordPress admin and enter your CallRail WordPress ID. You can find your CallRail WordPress ID in your CallRail account at

Contributors & Developers

“CallRail Phone Call Tracking” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial public release.


  • Update to version 2 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js)
  • Prompt the user to add an API key after installation.
  • Don’t insert the CallRail script if no API key is present.
  • Trim whitespace surrounding the API key before saving.


  • Update to version 3 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js)


  • Update to version 4 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js) which supports more advanced number replacement.


  • Update to version 5 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js)


  • Update to version 7 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js) and serve the script via the MaxCDN network (


  • Update to version 8 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js).


  • Update to version 10 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js).


  • Add a HTML comment so the CallRail support team can see when swap.js is installed via WordPress.


  • Update to version 11 of the javascript tracking script (swap.js).