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The blog social sharing component is a plugin that integrates website rewards, article likes, micro posters, and article social sharing functions. The plugin provides readers with likes, micro-posters, and social sharing functions to stimulate website visitors’ interaction and improve the spread of WordPress blog posts. At the same time, visitors can reward (donate) webmasters with QR codes to encourage webmasters to continue creating contributions.

  • 打赏功能-支持访客通过微信和支付宝扫码,为站长提供微小资金支持,激励站长创作;
  • 点赞功能-支持访客对文章执行点赞操作,方便站长收集文章受欢迎程度,为后面的文章内容策划提供数据参考;
  • 微海报-一键生成H5海报,便于站长及读者通过H5海报的形式进行微信等社交网站进行分享;
  • 社交分享-整合微信/微博/Qzone/QQ四种社交分享渠道,快速实现文章社交分享功能,扩展文章传播路径。


blog social sharing component plugin Through a single plugin, the four functions of WordPress blog post rewards, likes, micro-posters, and social sharing are implemented to make up for the lack of some WordPress theme features, which not only enhances social functions, but also provides convenience for webmasters to obtain sponsorship.

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  • 插件基本设置页面截图.
  • 插件打赏二维码设置截图.
  • 微海报样式选择界面截图.
  • Reward sponsorship article page showing screenshots.
  • Take a pop-up window to show screenshots.
  • Micro poster generated effect display screenshot.
  • Screenshot of social sharing popup.



  1. 进入WordPress仪表盘,点击“插件-安装插件”:
  2. 关键词搜索“博客社交分享组件”,找搜索结果中找到“博客社交分享组件”插件,点击“现在安装”;
  3. 安装完毕后,启用”博客社交分享组件”插件.
  4. 通过“设置”->“博客社交分享组件” 进入插件设置界面进行插件参数设置.


FTP installation
1. Unzip the plugin compressed and upload the unzipped folder to the /wp-content /plugins / directory under the wordpress installation directory.
2. Visit the WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins”-“Installed Plugins”, find “Blog Social Sharing Components” in the list of plugins, and click “Enable”.
3. Go to the plugin settings interface via “Settings”-> “Blog Social Sharing Components”.
4. At this point, the plug-in is installed, and the reward, like, micro-poster and share buttons can be displayed at the bottom of the article.

1. 进入WordPress仪表盘,点击“插件-安装插件”;
2. 点击界面左上方的“上传按钮”,选择本地提前下载好的插件压缩包,点击“现在安装”;
3. 安装完毕后,启用”博客社交分享组件”插件;
4. 通过“设置”->”博客社交分享组件”进入插件设置界面.

About this plugin, you can read it by reading tutorials on rewards/likes/share pluginsLearn to learn more about plugin, installation and settings.


Why cancel the original PayPal reward sponsorship function?

Considering that the domestic population using PayPal is relatively small, the maintenance of this feature is temporarily cancelled. If there are more user needs in the future, we will consider re-launching this feature.


May 11, 2020
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  • 新增插件版本更新提示功能;
  • 新增分享元素位置设置功能。


  • 新增预设配色方案及自定义配色可选功能;
  • 新增更多的微海报外观样式可选;
  • 优化插件jq依赖机制,WP主题无jq的情况下引入WP官方jq;
  • 解决插件IE9以上版本兼容性问题。


  • 修复部分Android端浏览器无法生成微海报bug;
  • 优化生成二维码JS技术;
  • 解决闪电博付费主题兼容性问题;
  • 解决部分非WP官方jq主题插件展示样式异常问题。


  1. Fixed micro poster generation failure bug;
  2. Optimization of other technical details;


  • Fixed the bug that some theme sharing and reward functions are invalid


  • Fixed the bug that the plugin foreground cannot be displayed normally in some themes;
  • Optimize some background settings experience.


  • Micro poster header image adaptation (some proportions will be distorted before);
  • Added short code function.


  • Added WooCommerce plugin compatibility;
  • Optimization of other known issues.


  • Fixed the bug that the static page reward / social sharing / micro-poster pop-up window style is disordered.


  • Added micro-poster sharing function;
  • Reward / Like / Poster / Share component changed to free combination;
  • Optimization of front-end interface design style;
  • Set interface interaction optimization;
  • svg icon introduces technical optimization.


  • Fixed an issue where the pop-up window could not display the close button


  • Optimized sharing function, streamlined from original Baidu sharing to common social sharing
  • blog theme compactible


  • Added Baidu sharing function
  • Increase article like function
  • Add links to plugin tutorials / plugin support
  • Optimize plugin settings UI interface
  • Optimize plugin popup window shift issue


  • Cancel PayPal reward sponsorship channel
  • Optimized WeChat and Alipay QR code upload management functions
  • The plugin setting interface UI adopts a more standardized and unified design


  • Optimize popup interaction
  • Add two front-end display formats for simple version and detailed version to choose from


  • Design article page reward entrance UI
  • Support uploading WeChat and Alipay payment QR codes
  • Support for configuring PayPal donation links