Draw Attention


Responsive Design

Interactive images resize to fit your theme and the available screen size


Image info is accessible to everyone who visits your site, regardless of device or capabilities.

Progressively Enhanced

Your annotations & content are accessible even to users who have JavaScript disabled – SEO friendly too! Draw Attention uses canvas elements in modern browsers, and falls back to image maps in older browsers.

Customizable Colors

Choose your own custom color scheme to match your site

Highlight on Hover

Highlight different hotspot areas of your image when your site visitor moves their mouse over the interactive image

Easy to Draw

Easy to draw the highlightable areas of your image – and easy to edit the shapes later too!

More Info on Click

When a highlighted area is clicked, show more information. Great to highlight points of interest on your image.

Go to a URL

Optionally send a site visitor to another URL when clicking highlightable hotspots on your image

Upgrade to Draw Attention Pro to get more features and customization:

Have Multiple Interactive Images (Pro only)

Need more than one interactive image on your site? The Pro version allows unlimited highlightable areas on unlimited interactive images

Layout Options (Pro only)

Show more info about highlighted map areas in a variety of different layouts, including lightbox and tooltip.

20 Pre-Defined Color Palettes (Pro only)

Choose from one of 20 pre-defined color palettes or use your own custom color scheme

What could you make with Draw Attention?

  • Showcase real estate or a new property development. Give your visitors a virtual tour where they can explore floor plans and photos
  • Sell booths to exhibitors at your tradeshow/conference by showing them an engaging interactive map of the trade show floor
  • Make a product tour or great help documentation – explain your product by highlighting features in a visual way
  • Interactive infographic – annotate/callout important areas on your infographic and show more information about those points of interest
  • If you’re familiar with HTML image maps, we help you make those in a modern way that’s compatible with today’s devices & browsers


  • Draw your highlightable areas right in the dasbhoard
  • Site visitors can click to learn more about your highlighted areas
  • Upload a floor plan and show detail photos for each room
  • Customize the colors and appearance of the highlighted areas


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Draw Attention Image


  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘draw attention’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Manual Install

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select draw-attention.zip from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

After Installation

  1. You’ll see a new Draw Attention menu item on the left menu
  2. Create your interactive image. We have a video walkthrough showing how to create the image.
  3. After your image is created, you can embed it into any page or post with the [drawattention] shortcode.


What’s added in Draw Attention Pro?

The Pro version includes:

  • Ability to create more than 1 interactive image
  • Unlimited number of highlightable areas for each image
  • 20 preset color schemes
  • Custom layout options (change position of more info box or use a lightbox or a tooltip)

Where can I find documentation and learn how to use the plugin?

We have tutorials, videos and other helpful information on the Draw Attention website

How do I draw my first image?

We have a video walkthrough of creating your first image available in our documentation.


August 4, 2021
I had a small request - not a bug and the team was very quick to respond with a code snippet that I could use for my specific situation. Complete with a screenshot and even an alternative solution. Apart from that, the product is very easy and nice to work with. Can’t go wrong with this one!
July 13, 2021
The support was able to identify a problem of responsive with Draw Attention. On the WordPress template, I disabled the footer part and the script could not be charged. I enable the footer and the problem has been solved. Thank's to the support.
March 28, 2021
Pros: Really nice plugin! Works as intended and is easy to use. Cons: I'm no pro concerning webapps, but could you make the loading process smoother? With both, a slow internet connection and a slow Browser (Firefox) the rearrangement of all items is a bit annoying. The scrollTo-ids after drawattention (example.com/#id) don't work because the detail images are drawn beyond every other image before the site is entirely painted. I use another plugin for lighboxes. When choosing FancyBox3 as box, every click on an image in the drawattention container tries to open a lightbox. This also isn't very satisfying.
February 13, 2021
This plugin has been really useful to my site, bringing in new engaging functionality that keeps users on the site longer and also generates additional revenue through Embedded affiliate links. We had one hiccup where we needed support and the plugin authors offered a great service to recover our lost diagram and going the extra mile to create backups for our archives. Highly recommended!
November 20, 2020
I am very happy to have found and used Draw Attention. I have installed and developed the mapping of an image (the graphic timeline of a company, invented from scratch), with links to the pages of the company's history. It was very simple and intuitive and the rendering was immediate and captivating. Unfortunately I thought (mistakenly) that I had more than one image available in the free version, so I tried to create a second image-map, here the problems started: I could not see the image in the frontend anymore. I tried all ways to restore it, I also reinstalled the plugin, but it no longer worked. So I turned to support who solved the problem completely, finding and solving a bug! Good, capable and very kind! Congratulations guys, full speed ahead! Thank you very much! Vanni
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  • Added: webp images can be used for Draw Attention images
  • Improved: Allow editors to import/export images


  • Fixed: Remove blank H2 if Draw Attention image has no title


  • Fixed: Conflict with unmaintainted plugin: WP Category Permalink


  • Fixed: CMB2 deprecation error


  • Improved: Compatibility with WooCommerce tabs


  • Fixed: Escape hotspot title


  • Improved: Pause playing audio/video when changing hotspots


  • Fixed: Undefined index notice


  • Improved: Don’t output unneeded HTML for hotspots that link to a URL
  • New: Support for image optimization plugins that use the webp image format
  • New: Support for embedding interactive images in Beaver Builder Ultimate Add-ons Accordions and Tabs


  • Improved: Handling of tooltip display for links to hotspots


  • Fixed: CMB2 incompatibilies with other plugins


  • Fixed: Unable to display images when unused image sizes are removed by a media cleaner plugin
  • Improved: Support for embedding Draw Attention images in Beaver Builder tabs


  • Fixed: Bug affecting WPML-translated pages with Draw Attention images
  • WP 5.6 Compatibility


  • Fixed: Bug when importing multiple times


  • Fixed: PHP warning
  • Fixed: Error when trying to minify javascript


  • Fixed: Remove SVG styles that conflicted with zooming on Safari


  • Fixed: Really fix ability to link to a hotspot


  • Fixed: Ability to link to a hotspot


  • Improved: Jetpack compatibility
  • Improved: Sop videos automatically when switching hotspots


  • Improved: Attempt to avoid conflicts with themes that apply unexpected CSS styles to SVGs


  • Improved: Keyboard accessibility for Draw Attention interactive images
  • Fixed: Updated contact information for support


  • Improved: Hide non-clickable featured image when previewing Draw Attention interactive image


  • Improved: Add compatibility with lazy loading in WP 5.5


  • Improved: Add support for nesting Draw Attention images in Elementor popups


  • Improved: Updated JS rendering library, better positioning for tooltips


  • Improved: Added support for nesting Draw Attention images in Elementor tabs


  • Improved: Performance of BigCommerce integration


  • Fixed: Conflict introduced by latest Yoast SEO release


  • Fixed: Conflict with Sections page template in Genesis Lifestyle theme


  • Improved: Removed warning about number of hotspots


  • Added: BigCommerce integration


  • Fixed: Showing error message when first clickable area has not been drawn


  • Fixed: Compatibility with the “lazy-load” plugin


  • Fixed: Prevent potential overlapping between Draw Attention and fixed elements in some themes


  • Fixed: Bug in Mobile Safari 12 with showing more info area


  • Fixed: Allow hotspots re-ordering by drag and drop
  • Improved: Better CSS support for older browsers


  • Improved: Increased allowed hotspots to 50 (was 20)
  • Improved: Cleaned up confusing buttons in UI


  • Improved: Added support for embedding Draw Attention in Visual Composer accordions


  • Fixed: Image too large for drawing area was overflowing, now scrolls
  • Fixed: Escape alt attributes for images and areas


  • Improved: User experience for changing featured image
  • Improved: Handle more cases of hash links for hotspots


Warning for WPML and Non-English users: please test before updating

  • Improved: Internationalization using new text domain matching plugin slug (draw-attention instead of drawattention). We made this change to allow translators to use wordpress.org’s translation system. If this breaks any existing translations for people using WPML or other approaches, please contact us at support@wpdrawattention.com so we can help you resolve it as quickly as possible.


  • Improved: Hide tooltips if there is no title for a hotspot
  • Fixed: Support for WMPL


  • Fixed: Broken URL hotspots (introduced in v1.8.5)


  • Improved: Add smooth scrolling for URL action to an element on the same page
  • Fixed: Unable to scroll or zoom page over image on Chrome on iOS


  • Improved: Add right-click to get link to hotspot for logged-in admins
  • Fixed: Unable to scroll or zoom page over image on iOS


  • Fixed: PHP Notice on some images


  • Fixed: Background color setting not applying
  • Fixed: Fixed width of URL-only images


  • Improved: New SVG-powered front-end rendering for better cross browser support and improved performance


  • Improved: Default text color on new images


  • Fixed: Bad reference to VML behavior in the plugin CSS
  • Fixed: Hid the Draw Attention menu item for users without permissions to create/edit


  • Added: Gutenberg Draw Attention block for WP 5.0


  • Fixed: PHP Notice


  • Improved: Gutenberg compatibility


  • Fixed: Issue with ‘Array’ text showing when first saving a Draw Attention image


  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Jetpack lazy load feature


  • Improved: Drawing tool to include handle to reposition hotspots


  • Fixed: Potential Undefined Index Error when first creating an image


  • Improved: Improve handling for Photon in recent Jetpack update


  • Improved: Mobile scrolling over active hotspots


  • Improved: Moved wpautop() on description text to a filter ‘da_description’


  • Fixed: Conflict with Ninja Forms that prevented users from being able to use the Ninja Forms WYSIWYG editor (Thanks Ninja Forms team!)
  • Fixed: Handle error when ‘Go to URL’ is selected but no URL is entered
  • Fixed: Undefined index error


  • Improved: Support for WP 4.8.x


  • Fixed: Strict PHP Notice when saving
  • Fixed: Missing detail images on some server environments


  • Fixed: Edge case with missing detail image ID


  • New: Added troubleshooting note for admins when there’s a theme or plugin conflict
  • New: Improved compatibility for site migrations


  • Fixed: Make canvas for drawing hotspots fill the available width


  • Fixed: Conflict with Unveil Lazy Load plugin
  • Fixed: Compatibility with popup blocking in Mobile Safari (iOS 9+)


  • Added: Support for interactive images to work within jQuery UI tabs
  • Improved: Window resizing and redrawing of image hotspots
  • Fixed: Safari bug when navigating back to an image with a clickable area using the URL action


  • Added: Support for placing Draw Attention inside Divi theme Tabs & Toggles
  • Added: Support for Visual Composer AJAX Page Transitions
  • Added: Filter to load Draw Attention scripts early & everywhere (for themes using ajax page transitions)
  • Fixed: PHP (strict mode) warning when post_type is unset


  • Fixed: Conflict between post ID and hotspot ID caused image to disappear when clicking hotspot


  • Fixed: Incompatibility with 3rd party theme/plugin javascript in the admin
  • Fixed: Scrolling issue with deep-linked hotspots on tall vertical images


  • Fixed: PHP warnings when WP_DEBUG was on
  • Fixed: Scrolling issue with deep-linked hotspots


  • New: Customize background color (behind image) with new color picker added to interface
  • New: Link directly to a hotspot (right-click and copy link) – area will be highlighted automatically


  • Fixed: Mobile/Touch events required 4 taps for areas with URL action


  • Fixed: “the_content” always displaying in the default more info area


  • Fixed: Loading more info in IE9 and IE10. Note that these browsers do not support the area highlights
  • Fixed: Clicking off a selected area will display the default placeholder text in the more info area


  • Fixed: Allow shortcodes in more info area, without using the_content which caused some conflicts with other plugins (ie. showing sharing buttons)


  • New: Ability to link an area to a URL (instead of showing more info)
  • New: Added Visual/WYSIWYG editor to area descriptions (more info box)
  • Improved: Usability on mobile phones and touch devices
  • Improved: Portuguese translation
  • Fixed: Preview not working in some cases
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with Jetpack Photon


  • New: Easily preview your interactive image using “Preview Changes” or “View Post” in the dashboard
  • Improved: Better handling of mobile device changing orientation after interactive image is loaded
  • Fixed: Interactive features not working in older versions of Internet Explorer


  • New: Improve internationalization
  • New: Add Portuguese translation
  • Improved: Optimize detail image size (don’t load full size image for more info box)
  • Improved: Handle JS conflicts with other plugins better
  • Improved: Add warning message for old servers running PHP 5.2 (Draw Attention requires PHP 5.3+)
  • Improved: Better handling of window resizing after interactive image is loaded
  • Fixed: More info content not updating in some situations
  • Fixed: Conflict with some themes causing highlighted areas to “jump” when clicked


  • Fixed: Default color scheme always applying when re-editing an existing image


  • Fixed: PHP Warnings when PHP is in Strict Standards mode


  • New: Add ability “click off” highlighted areas
  • New: Add confirmation alert before deleting highlightable area in the dashboard
  • New: CPT icon in dashboard
  • New: Set a default color scheme when activating Draw Attention
  • Fixed: default layout to show More Info on Left rather than on top
  • Fixed: PHP Warnings visible with WP_Debug
  • Fixed: issues with selected highlight color not always displaying properly


  • Fixed: issue with saving data


  • Initial Release