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ePoll – Best WordPress Voting Plugin for Poll & Contest

ePoll – Best WordPress Voting Plugin for Poll & Contest


WordPress Poll & Voting Plugin

WordPress Poll plugin & Voting plugin is a powerfull tool helps to create awesome polls and conduct voting contest or online elections easily. This feature-rich Poll plugin comes with over 100+ features, multiple templates and add-ons that make it easier to create responsive and customizable polls and contests. This Poll & Voting plugin comes with advanced technology like IP-based voting, VPN detection, cookies, and device detection etc. This Poll plugin ensures the integrity of your voting process and prevents any manipulation in votings. The Poll plugin offers a seamless user experience with its In-List and Grid style user interface. You can embed the poll or voting contest to any page or post using its shortcode.

Poll shortcode
[IT_EPOLL_VOTING id=”Your_Contest_ID” type=”list/grid”][/IT_EPOLL_VOTING]
Voting Contest shortcode
[IT_EPOLL_POLL id=”Your_Poll_ID” type=”list/grid”][/IT_EPOLL_POLL]


  • Create Poll and Voting Contest both by this single plugin.
  • Comes with Templates & Addon System which provides 40+ features to make voting more interesting.
  • You can use shortcode to place poll / election voting contest anywhere in your page or posts.
  • Easy to use interface of poll maker & contest maker to create contest or poll in few seconds.
  • In-List Style & Grid View to show voting contest.
  • Schedule Voting End time on both poll / contest.
  • Customize colors according your website theme or colors in your poll.
  • Voting Access Code features to make your poll / voting private
  • Cookies & Browser session voting restrictions.
  • hCaptcha to prevent bots and spammers from voting to polls.
  • Easy interface to view & export voting results/reports.
  • Control result visibility : feature to hide/show result on frontend of your poll or contest.
  • Allow comments on voting to get voters response.
  • Social Sharing on poll & contest : ability to share with others via Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp
  • Add Contestent Photos into voting contest.
  • Add Cover Image over contest photos on your poll & voting contest.
  • Easy to place shortcode now having more options
  • Shortcode to place Voting Contest [IT_EPOLL_VOTING id=”Your Poll ID” type=”list/grid”][/IT_EPOLL_VOTING]
  • Shortcode to place Poll [IT_EPOLL_POLL id=”Your Poll ID” type=”list/grid”][/IT_EPOLL_POLL]
  • Localization : Change poll / contest text as per your local language.
  • One click duplicator to duplicate your poll/contest which will save your time to create every time new.
  • Google Analytics integration to track voters voting event.
  • Unlimited Options / Candidates can be added to both poll or contest.
  • In dashboard How to Guide, Support Ticket, New Addons & Themes Update, FAQ’s System.
  • This is a #1 WordPress Poll plugin & Voting plugin.

Poll plugin PRO Features

  • IP-based voting to prevent duplicate voting from the same IP address.
  • VPN detection to prevent fraudulent voting from Virtual Private Networks.
  • Cookies and device detection to prevent multiple voting from the same device.
  • One-Time Password (OTP) based voting through email, SMS, or WhatsApp for added security.
  • Responsive and customizable templates for visually appealing polls.
  • Easy embedding with shortcodes for seamless integration into your content.
  • Voter data collection through a form builder for user information collection.
  • Pay per vote or pay per voting slab feature for monetization through payment gateways.
  • Live voting with real-time results for an engaging experience.
  • Google Analytics integration for tracking voter behavior and optimization.
  • hCaptcha integration to prevent bots and spammers from fraudulent voting.
  • Private voting with access code for added security.
  • Comments on voting for gathering feedback and insights.
  • Social network and messenger sharing for increased reach.
  • Visibility control of voting results on the frontend.
  • Send Thank you messages to voter via email, SMS, or WhatsApp after successfull voting.
  • Localization for translation into any language.
  • Voting results reporting in Excel, PDF, or JSON format for analysis and sharing.

Single Poll plugin to create & manage all your polls & voting contests, Let’s give it a TRY!!

How to Create a Voting Contest in WordPress Website? – WP Poll plugin & Voting plugin

How to Create a Poll in WordPress Website? – WP Poll plugin & Voting plugin

Support & Helpful Links


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  • WP Poll Maker PRO – OTP based Voting setting
  • WP Poll Maker – Localization and translation setting
  • WP Poll Maker PRO – OTP Contact form builder


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Insert Poll – ePoll


  • Unzip the downloaded plugin and upload the folder “it-epoll-wp-voting” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Go to the plugin menu in WordPress and activate the plugin.
  • Go to the left hand side of admin menu and click on “ePoll – Poll plugin & Voting plugin” and Click to Poll or Contest click to create
  • In title section add your question eg(“Who is the founder of WordPress ?”).
  • Click to “Add Option” button and in “Option Name” write on of your option’s name eg(Bill Gates), and click to “upload” button to upload an image to this option eg(You can upload bill gate’s photo here), So you can add other options with the same process.
  • You can activate / inactivate poll/contest by just selecting “Poll Status” -> Live/End
  • You can change contest design into list and grid by “Poll Style” -> Grid/List
  • Under Addons Section you can activate multiple addons as per your requirements.
  • Under Themes Section you can activate multiple themes of ePoll as per requirements.


How many poll options or contest candidates can I add?

You can add unlimited poll options and contest candidates with this plugin.

Is the interface user-friendly for creating polls and contests?

Yes, the plugin has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create polls and contests in just a few seconds.

How can I display the voting contest on my website?

You can choose between In-List Style and Grid View to display the voting contest.

Can I customize the colors of the polls or contests to match my website theme?

Yes, you can customize the colors according to your website theme or branding.

Is there a way to make the voting private?

Yes, the plugin offers Voting Access Code feature which allows you to make the voting private.

Can I share the poll or contest on social media?

Yes, you can share the poll or contest with others via Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Are there shortcodes available to place the poll or voting contest on my website?

Yes, you can use the shortcode [IT_EPOLL_VOTING id=”Your Poll ID” type=”list/grid”] to place the voting contest and [IT_EPOLL_POLL id=”Your Poll ID” type=”list/grid”] to place the poll.

Can I customize the text of the poll or contest for my local language?

Yes, the plugin offers localization feature which allows you to change the poll or contest text as per your local language.

What additional features does the plugin provide in the dashboard?

The plugin offers a How-to Guide, Support Ticket, New Addons & Themes Update, and FAQ’s System in the dashboard for easy access to support and updates.

Can I collect voter’s data using this plugin?

Yes, the plugin comes with a voter form builder that allows you to collect any information you want from voters, such as email, name, phone number, and address.


October 17, 2023
Design is broken on mobile and even on desktop conflict with multiple plugins like Google Site Kite No option to add text when you are sharing the content over social media or WhatsApp only one template in paid version Pricing is very high Not flexible
December 7, 2022 1 reply
This is the best plugin which i have used for the poll. i have used this plugin for gaming poll , it’s help me to provide the best result . It’s is very easy to use ,any one can use this easily and create your own poll. I recommende this plugin for every one who wants to create poll.
June 30, 2022
The plugin works great without too many problems. Great customer service and they are always willing to help you through any avenue of communication. I recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to.
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Contributors & Developers

“ePoll – Best WordPress Voting Plugin for Poll & Contest” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial public release.
  • Date: 1-Feb-2017


  • Secondary public release.
  • Date: 1-Jan-2018


  • Third public release.
  • Date: 14-Dec-2018
  • Resolved index image issue
  • Resolved permalink issues
  • Update with latest wp version 5.6.2


  • Date: 8-Apr-2022
  • Update with latest wp version 6.0


  • Date: 12-Jul-2022
  • This Voting System Plugin is now Multilingual Supported
  • Translated to German / Deutsch Language
  • Translated to Hindi Language
  • Translated to English-United States Language
  • Translated to Espanol / Spanish States Language


  • Date: 14-Apr-2023
  • Added Poll System & Voting Contest Both
  • More Then 100+ Features
  • Introduced ePoll engine with Multiple ePoll Addons & Themes
  • Now it’s complete contest, voting & poll system.
  • Multilingual Supported


  • Date: 12-May-2023
  • Cookies Bug Resolved
  • New Languages Added
  • Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali (Bangladesh), German, English (UK), English (United States), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal) – Available Complete
  • French (France), Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Korean, Marathi, Dutch, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Tamil, Tamil (Sri Lanka), Telugu, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Chinese (China) – Added partial


  • Date: 7-Mar-2024
  • Security Update (CSRF & XSS Fix)


  • Date: 9-Mar-2024
  • Security Update (CSRF & XSS Fix)
  • Nonce Security Fix


  • Date: 11-Mar-2024
  • Security Update (CSRF & XSS Fix)
  • Sanitization and Nonce Security Fix


  • Date: 16-Jul-2024
  • Arbitrary File Upload Issue Fix
  • Sanitization and Nonce Security Fix