This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Forge – Front-End Page Builder


WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Creating amazing content shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we have created Forge, a front-end page builder that allows you to create stunning websites the easy way.

Forge lets you use a drag & drop interface to create and move content around as you please. You work on the front-end of your website, seeing every change you make in real time.

This plugin is designed to work with any and every WordPress theme available, so you can use it on your WordPress website right away. Forget about dealing with shortcodes and messy code, and start creating great content.

Forge Extensions
Forge can be vastly improved through the use of extensions, which add special functionality tailored to your website’s needs.
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Premium Extensions

A True Front-End Page Builder

So far, there were no page builders in WordPress that worked right. They were bloated, slow, unstable, and made a mess of your content. Forge is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, while keeping your WordPress site healthy. The interface of our drag and drop builder is made to be efficient, and does not get in the way between you and your pages.

Create Landing Pages Easily And Effortlessly

Use Forge with ANY WordPress theme to create custom landing pages from scratch. Break free from the content area, and build entire layouts using only drag and drop. All of this, at the touch of a button.

Smart, Responsive Content Out Of The Box

Anything you create with Forge scales down to pixel perfect dimensions. Create intricate layouts full of columns and images that look amazing in every single screen, and impress your visitors like no other. You will be amazed at how easy it is.

A New Way To Publish Content

Forget about having to save every little change you make to your pages. Forge will preserve your changes in real time, so you can stop working and go back any time you want. Also, your changes will not go live until you are ready to publish, so you can plan and prepare your content with ease. No more rushing to create that homepage!

Extensible and Customizable

Forge is made to be highly customizable, and you can create new elements on your own thanks to its multiple APIs. If you know how to develop with WordPress, you will find extending Forge a breeze.

Other Features

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Create Full-screen landing pages
  • Work in real time
  • Fully responsive layouts & designs
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Action History – Revert any changes and see your progress
  • Import & Export – Migrate content between websites and pages
  • Compatible with 99% of all WordPress themes
  • Lightning fast to use, with shortcuts and keyboard actions
  • Use the content of your posts along with builder layouts

Pro Version Features

  • Templates – Save pieces of layout and reuse them with ease
  • Premade Layouts – Deploy entire pages in 2 clicks
  • Call To Action Buttons
  • Content sliders that can hold anything
  • Image Galleries – In grid and masonry format
  • Accordions
  • Use native WordPress widgets
  • Video Embeds
  • Testimonials & Team Profiles
  • Navigation Menus
  • Custom Post Listings
  • Login Form & Registration Form
  • Embed Google Maps
  • Pricing Tables


First, install and activate the Forge plugin. Once active, you can go to any existing page and click on the Open Forge Page Builder button in the admin toolbar. That’s it!

For more in-depth guides, check the documentation:
Forge Documentation


  • The page builder interface, with a minimal design so you can see the actual website.
  • When you hover the mouse over any element, an overlay appears
  • Start typing and the collection will open, filtering elements to display the desired one.
  • Drag an element from the collection to anywhere in your layout
  • Edit an element and the settings panel will open. You can press Esc to close it right away.


Installing Through The WordPress Admin

  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. In your WordPress admin area, go to Plugins > Add Plugin, and select Upload Plugin
  3. Upload the ZIP file and installation will commence
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  5. You are now ready to use the page builder by going to any page and clicking on Launch Page Builder

Installing Through FTP

  1. Download the ZIP file and unpack it
  2. Upload the entire forge folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. You are now ready to use the page builder by going to any page and clicking on Launch Page Builder


Read The Documentation At CPOThemes

Does Forge work with all themes?

Yes, Forge is specially coded to play nicely with most WordPress themes. However, some themes may have a very unorthodox design which may conflict with the plugin a bit. In that case, contact us at CPOThemes and we will work to resolve the issue.

The page builder starts, but nothing works.

Check if you have a Javascript error caused by another plugin by deactivating your other plugins, one by one.

Forge is not working!

If you have any issues, drop us a line through our contact form at ( We will help you get started with Forge.


October 9, 2017
Recomendable 100% si estás empezando con wordpress o si quieres simplificar el proceso de las modificaciones de la web.
August 14, 2017
I’m loving Forge Front-End Page Builder! I’ve made several landing pages with it, and it’s working great! This is a great way to set up a landing page to see if it’s worth investing in FrontMeter, PageWiz, LeadPages, GetResponse or Landingi. It would be really helpful if we had some sign that the paid version was being monitored by someone; might even pay for it!
July 5, 2017
El plugin premium aún mejor sin embargo el soporte para éste parece que ha dejado de funcionar, después de más de 10 tickets no hay respuesta.
May 22, 2017 1 reply
Facilita muchísimo el diseño de nuevas páginas.
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Contributors & Developers

“Forge – Front-End Page Builder” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Tweaks: History no longer clears on publishing


  • Fixes: Fixed refresh triggers sent to iframe, as well as premissions
  • Fixes: Fixed icon selector not displaying correctly on the builder interface


  • Tweaks: Improved error handling for connections
  • Fixes: Fixed issues when loading the preview with querystrings


  • Fixes: Fixed visual editor not showing up sometimes
  • Fixes: Fixed colorpicker system colors not displaying sometimes
  • Fixes: Fixed blank templates not rendering correctly
  • Fixes: Fixed CSS styling that broke overlays for sliders


  • Feature: Added special resizing buttons when working with Templates
  • Tweaks: Restored row overlay color for better legibility
  • Fixes: Fixed an issue when trying to access the builder as a guest


  • Feature: The codebase has been overhauled to display the builder layout inside an iframe
  • Feature: You can now change your lout dimensions to mobile device resolutions
  • Feature: The builder is now docked to the left side of the screen
  • Feature: Adding new elements no longer locks the builder
  • Feature: Elements are now copied instantly, and without disrupting workflow
  • Feature: The change history dropdown now updates a lot faster
  • Feature: Saving changes is now faster and non-obtrusive
  • Feature: All elements now have top margins, which can be set to negative
  • Tweaks: The builder noy only adds a top margin if there’s not enough room


  • Fixes: Fixed templates page
  • Fixes: Added checks to ensure template embeds don’t crash on old versions of PHP


  • Fixes: Fixed a small error that ocurred on some native WordPress widgets


  • Fixes: Added support for PHP 5.2.X and older when using closures


  • Feature: Templates are now baseline functionality, so you can reuse your designs
  • Feature: Added a widget for embedding Forge templates anywhere
  • Feature: Added a shortcode for Forge templates
  • Tweaks: Large headings will now scale down automatically on mobile


  • Feature: Added entrance animations to all elements
  • Feature: Added native WordPress widgets as elements, including a Sidebar element
  • Feature: Added system colors that can be used on any element and tweaked on the Customizer
  • Fixes: Fixed an issue with the colorpicker, where color would be slightly inaccurate


  • Hotfix: Solved a small bug in the generation of settings pages


  • Feature: Mass Editing is here! You can now Ctrl + Click to edit multiple elements
  • Tweaks: Added a refined Spanish translation
  • Fixes: The Mailchimp connection now supports an unlimited number of lists


  • Feature: Added an Alt attribute to image elements
  • Feature: Some numeric fields are now sliders
  • Feature: Some fields are now buttons instead of dropdowns
  • Feature: Added Mailrelay as a connection service
  • Tweaks: Refined permissions for opening the page builder
  • Tweaks: Adjusted responsive breaks for columns


  • Feature: Added video backgrounds to rows
  • Feature: Added transparent background overlays to rows
  • Tweaks: Slightly improved the UI for row columns
  • Tweaks: Adjusted capabilities for viewing the Forge admin pages


  • Feature: Forge now supports creating landing pages natively
  • Feature: The export process now supports images from your media library
  • Fixes: Fixed import/export window styling
  • Fixes: Fixed Sendy connection not working when name field is empty


  • Feature: Added proper border fields
  • Tweaks: Row dropdowns have been redesigned
  • Tweaks: Added live editing to checkbox fields
  • Tweaks: Improved the CSS of the row containers for mobile


  • Feature: Added AJAX live editing! Most fields can now be previewed without saving
  • Tweaks: Rewrote the codebase for improved builder instantiation
  • Tweaks: Changed colorpicker to a more efficient one
  • Tweaks: Added some resistance to dragging elements to avoid misclicks
  • Tweaks: Fixed Magnific Popup library
  • Tweaks: Page builders can now be more easily handled
  • Tweaks: Refined element settings so they are a bit more organized
  • Tweaks: Added additional metadata to various elements


  • New Feature: Keyboard shortcuts! You can undo using Ctrl+Z and redo using Ctrl+Y
  • New Feature: Added settings for customizing the behavior of the page builder
  • New Feature: You can now add the current post content as an element
  • Tweaks: Element settings are now grouped and more organized
  • Tweaks: Removed caching from W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket when using the builder


  • Hotfix: Fixes issue that prevented AJAX calls from properly executing


  • New Feature: Image elements can now be linked to a specific URL
  • New Feature: Added Sendy as a connection service
  • New Feature: Text blocks can now have different sizes and colors
  • New Feature: Presets! Themes can now integrate with Forge and provide predesigned layouts
  • Tweaks: Improved column spacing on mobile view


  • New Feature: Added connections page for third party services
  • New Feature: Added a streamlined dashboard page
  • Fixes: Columns now properly take an ID and a CSS class value
  • Fixes: Images now have a normalized border style
  • Fixes: Minor fixes to the CSS styles


  • Fixes: Minor fixes to the CSS styles


  • Tweaks: Added several interface improvements to avoid incompatibilities with theme layout, as well as misclicks
  • Tweaks: Added a list of all available extensions
  • Tweaks: Fixed license key input


  • New Feature: The plugin has been extensively rewritten to provide support for extensions. Many filters have been added.
  • New Feature: Rows can now have 12 different layouts, up from 5.
  • New Feature: You can now change the background color of the page.
  • New Feature: The admin menu has been reorganized into a single entry.
  • New Feature: Added FontAwesome and Typicons icon libraries.
  • Tweaks: The action history now shows a loading icon on refresh.


  • New Feature: Partial live editing added! You can now see changes made on elements, instantly.
  • New Feature: Rows now have an option for having a fixed height equal to the browser
  • New Feature: All elements now have common fields for CSS classes, IDs, and bottom margin
  • New Feature: Image fields can now take an absolute URL as their value, for better portability
  • Tweaks: All elements now have a single margin-bottom field, which you can use to control the spacing
  • Fixes: Resolved an issue where some elements of the builder would not load


  • Tweaks: Added better CSS handling of responsive elements
  • Fixes: Resolved an issue where an empty action history crashed the builder


  • New Feature: Rows can now have a fixed background image
  • Tweaks: The builder can now be launched without having to activate it first
  • Tweaks: Added minor code enhancements for future upgrades
  • Tweaks: Added custom jQuery triggering when creating or updating an element


  • New Feature: Added a Spanish translation!


  • Tweaks: Added a loading icon for better visual feedback
  • Fixes: Removed the link to the Settings page


  • Fixes: Activation fix


  • New Feature: Some fields now have descriptive tooltips
  • New Feature: Rows can now have parallax backgrounds


  • New Feature: You can now undo and redo any action taken!
  • Tweaks: Added better handling of hierarchical elements
  • Tweaks: Row margins can now be in precentages or pixels
  • Tweaks: Adjusted margins between elements
  • Tweaks: Added better defaults for rows
  • Fixes: Refined asset loading so it does not conflict with empty rows
  • Fixes: Fixed row margins


  • New Feature: You can now import and export content!
  • Tweaks: Added better handling of data
  • Tweaks: Forms are now more efficient


  • CSS and JS assets are now loaded on demand
  • Added more helpful links to the admin area


  • Headings can now have any font size, alignment, and color
  • Images can now be aligned


  • Minor adjustments to fields and CSS


  • Modified paddings field to have a more visual look


  • Added page-level settings that let you add custom CSS


  • Added global error handling to prevent other plugins from breaking the builder


  • Added Spanish translation
  • Clarified messages on the admin edit screen


  • Plugin release, yay!