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GZip Ninja Speed Compression


Very simple plugin that allows you to quickly compress and GZip your site. Only Works On Apache Servers (almost all WordPress installs are on Apache Servers). This will give you the ability to increase your speed and possibly even your rank in Google from a speed increase.

Google is very transparent on their desire for your website to be GZipped, so why isn’t it yet? Download, install, done. No gimmicks, no paid versions, just kind and helpful plugins for your website.


Q: How does GZip work?

A: GZip uses a common language between browsers to condense (or zip) your website’s content and quickly transfer it. The user’s browser then “unzips” the content and displays it for view much faster.

Q: Will this help my website’s SEO?

A: SEO means Search Engine Optimization – GZip is very heavy on the “O” portion of that (optimization). For your website to be considered fast and modern – GZip should be enabled.

Q: What if it messes my site up?

A: No worries! We create backups of your files and store them directly on your server before we edit anything. Feel free to restore any of those files at any time.


Disabled my site immediately after activating


Totally broke my website. Even after manually removing the plugin from the server and following the plugin's support about removing the rogue htaccess file I still had issues. I had to spend an entire weekend uploading all my backup files and reconfiguring stuff.

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Banner Change


Upgraded for 4.0


Randomized the backup file names for higher security. Thank you to Mr. Largo for the heads up on this.


Fixed the .htaccess delete error that some users were experiencing.


Fixed 404 issue with folder renaming


Initial release.

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