This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

IP Blacklist Cloud


IP Blacklist Cloud plugin allows you to blacklist IP addresses from visiting your WordPress website. Also, it submits your website link to the blocked IP database on which gives the other users to view how many sites have blocked the specific IP and see their comments.
New feature has been added to plugin which allows you to block usernames from spamming (comments) on your website.

Premium Software for managing multiple WordPress websites for synchronization: IP Blacklist Cloud Server –

How Does it Work

  1. If you want to block an IP manually, you can do this by providing IP in admin menu “IP Blacklist->Add IP to Blacklist”.

  2. If any visitor or spamming bot post comment on your posts, by visiting “Comments” menu you can view IP and details on or blacklist the IP.

For example:

  1. Once you black list the IP address, the visitor will not be able to view any content of your website and also post your website link and name on IP Finder cloud.

  2. You can delete any IP from blacklist by visiting admin menu “IP Blacklist->Blacklist” and it will also remove your site link and name from the list of websites which have blocked that specific IP.

  3. You can leave comments on IP Cloud (example: ) so that other users can get the idea why this IP have been blocked by your site.


Note: Before downloading and installing plugin, you must accept that plugin sends your website url (using site_url()), website name (using get_bloginfo(‘name’)) automatically when you blacklist any IP to and show this on relative blacklisted IP. (Example:

SpamChecker sends comments data (Name, Email, URL and Comment) to check Spam Percentages based on our database.

  1. Upload ‘ip_blacklist_cloud’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Q1. What data does this plugin submits to
Ans: * This plugin submits your WordPress site url and site name.
* Version 1.1 sends pending comment to and find the same comment if it was posted on any other WordPress websites who have installed this plugin.
* Sending comment details to cloud requires user action and it is not automatic.

Q2. Why does it sends WordPress site url and site name?
Ans: In order to build this IP Cloud valuable to all the users, save site name and site url only for specific IP (when you block it) so that it gives the attention to other users that this IP could be dangerous for their website.

Q3. How and when does it sends data to
Ans: Plugin sends the data only on two conditions:

  1. When you blacklist any IP on your website, it saves the data on and add your site to the list of websites who have blocked that specific IP.
  2. When you delete any IP from blacklist, it sends request to to remove your site from the list of websites who have blocked that specific IP.
  3. When you request to check Spam Percentage of any comment.

Q4. If we block any IP, can they access or still post comments?
Ans: NO! This is the main reason why this plugin has been built to avoid spamming on WordPress based websites. you can test this on demo server (Please see Demo section below)

Q6. What data does it sends for checking spam percentage of a comment?
Ans: It sends Name, Email, URL and the contents of the comments.

Q7. What data do you keep in your database?
Ans: We keep details of

* Blacklist IPs
* Blacklisted Usernames
* Websites' names and URLs who have blocked that specific IP address
* Comments details on which users have doubt that they are SPAM.


January 12, 2022
This seemed to work great a few years ago, now it locks up my admin panel. Given that this hasn't been updated in 2 years it may now be a dead plugin.


November 23, 2021
Plugin needs to be updated to use all lower case table names. This will allow the plugin to work in more environments. MySQL/MariaDB is often configured to force table names to lowercase. For the sake of speed and consistency I would recommend doing a find and replace to convert IPBLC to ipblc
March 29, 2017
A must have! The number of times hackers/spammers/people are trying to log into my admin panel is crazy... I'm very thankful this slows them down!
February 5, 2017
Great and useful plugin. The developer is very helpful and helps you at a very friendly manner, once you face an issue with the plugin. But most importantly, it keeps those spammers out from my website. And that is what I appreciate the most!!
September 8, 2016
I have been using IP Blacklist Cloud for awhile now and I love it. I can recommend springing to get the server version of this free plugin and also the extra scripts checkIP.php & customMessage.php. The server version makes it really nice if you are running multiple websites like I am. (about 15+) And the CheckIP.php & CustomMessage.php are a major bonus add in and is fully explained inside the "IP Blacklist Cloud Server" plugin. The developer of this plugin is extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all of your questions. It's always refreshing to find someone willing to help you out. Keep up the good work brother. I will be a customer for life.
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  • Minor updates and tested on WordPress 5.4.1
  • Multisite support has been added in this version. Each website on Network will share tables created by this plugin to avoid extra usage of database space.


  • No updates in this version. Tested on WordPress 4.7.5


  • A notification will appear if your IP is not in whitelist. (Suggestion by @nonewwars)
  • You can now add ranges of IPs to whitelist (IPv4 only)
  • Fix: Changed a variable for failed login attempts from TEXT to varchar(512) for less space in database. (Suggestion by @nonewwars)
  • Fix: To avoid white screen issue if you have a lot of failed login attempts, notification will only show ’50+’ on menu.
  • Fix: Auto fixes tables if you were using older version of plugin and removed ‘Fixes’ Sub-menu. (Suggestion by @scrybbler)
  • Fix: Avoid duplicate entries of blacklisted IPs in database when there are multiple failed login attempts. (Suggestion by to @nonewwars)
  • Changed requests from http:// to https://


  • Check if hosting allows to send data to


  • Added Block IP Range option. Note: This will not support Standalone Script (explained in Extra Security menu)


  • Quick Fix – Auto block usernames and whitelist single line problem fixed.


  • Quick Fix – Fixed CSV import vulnerability found by g0blin


  • Quick Fix – Fixed mysql_real_escape_string() warning


  • Fixed security exploits found by Mika Epstein


  • Fixed security exploits found by Mika Epstein


  • Fixed minor PHP Errors
  • Fixed auto blacklist if “spam” link is clicked for single comment.
  • Protected with IP Blacklist Cloud will be displayed with comment form (no more ON / OFF settings).


  • Automatically Blacklist mulitple IP addresses for spam comments (mark as spam from dropdown)
  • Fixed PHP and Database Errors.
  • Run fix on database for avoiding slow queries.
  • Faster Spam Calculator (cURL is required).


  • Fixed Security Exploit in plugin.


  • Fixes for small bugs.
  • Add a range of IP address for whitelist.
  • Auto Block any IP for specific user login (set list of usernames).
  • Check blacklisted IP addresses that did not attack in last 90 days.


  • Quick Fix for 406 error while connecting to


  • Sub-menu added to fix tables (create indexes). NEW – IMPORTANT!
  • Blacklist IP now shows last attack (attack after blocking).
  • Sends Failed Login attempts details of last 5 attempts in email.
  • Blacklist IP page now shows 50 IP addresses per page.
  • Failed Login page now shows 50 IP addresses per page.


  • Sub-menu added to fix tables (create indexes). IMPORTANT!


  • Changed site_url() to get_bloginfo(‘url’) for AJAX call. site_url() was having problem for those who set WordPress URL and Website URL different.


  • Allow you to connect with IP Blacklist Cloud Server (Premium Software)


  • Shows details of Failed login attempts for single IP if attempts are less than or equals to 3. For 4 or above attempts, view details on each IP on separate page.
  • Check / Uncheck All failed login attempts and blacklist multiple IPs with one click.
  • Whitelist menu added for those who blacklist themselves by mistake.


  • Fixed “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by….” error.


  • Throws 404 Response to blacklisted IP addresses.
  • Search option added for blacklisted IP addresses.
  • Delete Multiple blacklisted IP addresses by check/uncheck all option.
  • EXTRA SECURITY menu added.


  • Settings to allow “Sort by IP status” in failed login page. By setting it to yes, you can sort Failed Login by IP Status (Neutral/Blacklisted).


  • Fixes for “Details Page” of failed login IP.


  • Failed login table shows each IP one time with number of attempts. Details of each IP are also available on single click.
  • Settings added for auto blacklisting IP for “x” number of failed attempts within given “y” time.
  • Receive email (optional) on auto blacklisting IP based on failed login attempts.


  • Added “Failed Logins” sub-menu which shows details of IP, user agent and POST query variables.
  • Shows counter while importing CSV (Updating Database… x of xx).
  • Fixed Tables of Blacklisted IP addresses and Usernames.
  • Removed annoying “Rate IP Blacklist” message.


  • Reduced server connection time.
  • Disabled auto submission of Comments for spam check. You must “Calculate” it manually from now.


  • Cloud Account (Premium) function has been disabled due to problems in connecting with our server.
  • Import / Export option added in Settings page.
  • Ajax blacklist function for IP and Username added on Comments page. Page will not refresh anymore.
  • Sorting option added on IP Blacklist and Username Blacklist page. You can now check Blacklisted IP or Usernames visits after they are blocked.
  • Fixed Auto posting of comments to our server for spam check.


  • Fixed Cloud Account functions for directory based WordPress websites.


  • Fixed “Delete IP” function on IP Blacklist page.
  • Blacklist Usernames to avoid spamming from same user on your website.
  • Visit counter for both IP and Usernames has been added on their respective menu pages.
  • PREMIUM SERVICE option has been added on settings pages of IP Blacklist plugin. (See details at: )


  • Spam Checker bugs fixed for posting comments to IP Blacklist Cloud.
  • Auto submit comment to IP Blacklist Cloud when visitor post any comment to your website (You can turn off this feature).


  • Blacklist statistics page added in Admin Panel.


  • Fixed Blacklist option on “Comments” Page for non-subdomain WordPress websites.


  • Find Spam Pecentage of any pending comment by posting details to


  • Initial Release