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Customizable WordPress Gallery Plugin – Modula Image Gallery

Customizable WordPress Gallery Plugin – Modula Image Gallery


With Modula, it’s easier than ever to build stunning lightbox galleries, masonry grids, custom grids and more in no more than a few clicks right from the WordPress dashboard.

Modula is the best WordPress gallery plugin for adding custom, unique and responsive galleries to your website. There is a free version of Modula available (Modula Lite) and a premium version (Modula Pro) both of which will allow you to add amazing, fast-loading galleries to your website.


Free gallery features in Modula Lite:

  • Create image galleries
  • 100% Gutenberg compatible
  • Image metadata: Title, alt text, caption
  • Add URLs to images
  • Integrations with most popular website builders: Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi Builder
  • Three gallery types: Creative, Custom grid, Masonry
  • Image and gallery settings: gutter size, width, image size, height, border size, border radius, border color, shadow size, shadow color
  • Shuffle: Show images in random order in gallery
  • Open images in lightbox
  • Show/hide image title, show/hide image caption, change caption color and font size
  • Social buttons for image sharing: Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email. See demo for social sharing
  • Zoom-in/zoom-out loading effects
  • Mobile responsive galleries
  • Import/Export tool: really great for moving your galleries to another site without jumping through hoops.
  • Custom CSS personalization

Premium features only available in Modula PRO:

Learn more about Modula Pro.


To insert a gallery onto a WordPress post/page all you need to do is copy the shortcode from your Modula gallery edit page.

Your shortcode will look just like this:

[Modula id=”1192″]

How to create an simple image gallery (FREE feature)

How to create a video gallery (PRO feature)

How to build a custom grid gallery (FREE feature)

How to create a masonry gallery (FREE feature)

How to add a galley slider (PRO feature)

Mobile responsive gallery (FREE feature)

How to create a filterable gallery (PRO feature)

How to password protect a gallery (PRO feature)

How to add pagination to a gallery (PRO feature)

How to create a gallery with hover effects (PRO feature)

  • Modula plugin comes with more than 40 stunning and creative hover effects built in. All hover effects are unique and can feature a title, short description and social icons, resulting in unique and contemporary galleries. The effects are designed to be cross-browser compatible and with the use of modern techniques like CSS3 animations, the effects work perfectly on mobile devices too.
  • Demo example of hover effect
  • Refer to our documentation to learn the settings for applying hover effects and see the demos for all hover effects available

How to organize galleries in albums (PRO feature)


  • Search our extensive knowledge base for documentation about installing the plugin/the extensions, available settings and how to use them.
  • Browse Modula’s WordPress forum to find answers to your queries or create a new topic.
  • Contact us directly for support.

Do you have galleries already created in NextGen, Envira, Final Tiles Grid Gallery or FooGallery and want to migrate them to Modula?
Use our dedicated tools:
Migrate away from NextGEN Gallery
Migrate away from FooGallery
Migrate away from Envira Gallery
Migrate away from Final Tiles
Migrate away from Photoblocks Gallery

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3rd party or external service disclaimer

The plugin connects to our website through an API call (https://wp-modula.com/wp-json/mt/v1/get-all-extensions) in order to request a list of available extensions.


Our privacy policy can be found at this URL https://wp-modula.com/privacy-policy/


  • Custom Grid – Freely resize images
  • Custom Grid – Helper Grid
  • Back-end Options UI Walkthrough
  • Responsive galleries created with Modula


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Modula Gallery


For automatic installation:

The simplest way to install is to click on \’Plugins\’ then \’Add\’ and type \’Modula\’ in the search field.

For manual installation 1:

  1. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Under Install Plugins, click the Upload link.
  4. Select the plugin zip file (modula.x.x.x.zip) from your computer then click the Install Now button.
  5. You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully.
  6. Click the Activate Plugin link.

For manual installation 2:

  1. You should have access to the server where WordPress is installed. If you don\’t, see your system administrator.
  2. Copy the plugin zip file (modula.x.x.x.zip) up to your server and unzip it somewhere on the file system.
  3. Copy the \”modula-lite\” folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.
  4. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  5. Look for \”Modula\” and click Activate.


How to add a Modula gallery to posts and pages?

Check out this article to find out how easy it is to add Modula galleries to WordPress posts and pages

Can I migrate galleries created with other plugins?

YES! Whether you have galleries created with NextGEN, FooGallery, Envira Gallery, Final Tiles or Photoblocks, you can transform them into Modula galleries on the spot, with our migrator plugins available in the WordPress repository:
Migrate away from NextGEN Gallery
Migrate away from FooGallery
Migrate away from Envira Gallery
Migrate away from Final Tiles
Migrate away from Photoblocks Gallery

The layout doesn’t look correct

Check the console of the browser and look if you see any error like: “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function”
This errors means that the browser doesn’t know the Modula JavaScript plugin, most of the time the problem is caused by a wrong jQuery inclusion by the theme or another plugin.

Why does some image look blurry ?

If you get blurry and pixellated images then you need to raise the “Minimum image width” parameter inside the “General” section.

How can I get support?

Free support is included only with a PRO licence: Buy Modula PRO

How can I say thanks?

  • Give us 5 stars on WordPress
  • Just recommend our plugin to your friends! or
  • Follow us on Twitter


June 20, 2024
The free version convinced me to buy the plug-in but that didn’t work on my self made theme. The Modula support was really great! They helped me to find and fix the error in my theme. I didn’t expect this kind of help – it wasn’t there fault it was mine! The plug-in is wonderfully simple and effective, I’m thrilled!There’s just one small improvement I’d love to see: That defaults were included with every purchased version. Big thank you to the great work of the modula team! 🙂
June 17, 2024 1 reply
After the new update, unfortunately different functions were no longer present, I took the liberty to notify the support with the exact information (Screenshots and Video) of the problem. However, I had no luck, because the support staff did not want to find a solution, every time I tried to explain where exactly is the problem, I received answers that were not related to my requests. However, I must admit that Support reacted very quickly, maximum 2/3 hours and that is very Positive. With great surprise after a week finally a solution, the Support correspondences started to work with incredible speed and the functions that had disappeared were implemented again. I must say that I am thrilled with this company and I will continue to use the Plugin which for me is the best on the market. Thanks to the CEO and all the crew for the great work.
June 5, 2024 1 reply
It’s a great plugin. Easy to work with and yet very feature rich. The lightbox is the best I’ve seen and perfect for museum websites. Excellent responsive support too.
May 20, 2024 1 reply
I have only just started using Modula and so far I am impressed. I have yet to read up on paid versions. Ideally I would like to be able to add a link under each individual image in the gallery. Not sure if that is possible.
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2.8.12 – 13.06.2024

Added: Options to change lightbox transition and slide animation
Fixed: Modula Albums compatibility function resets album js config settings. ( #975 )

2.8.11 – 11.06.2024

Fixed: Elements floating on top of Lightbox ( #965 )

2.8.10 – 11.06.204

Fixed: CSS Issues for logged in users
Added: Support for thumbnail positions (Modula PRO)

2.8.8 – 07.06.2024

Fixed: Scoped CSS classes for modula (fixes conflicting themes/plugins for third party libs)

2.8.7 – 06.06.2024

Fixed: Reset fancybox image styles (v3 compatibility fix)

2.8.6 – 04.06.2024

Fixed: JS was not minimized in prev. version

2.8.5 – 03.06.2024

Fixed: Lightbox swiping does not work ( compatibility with Modula PRO ) ( #965 )
Changed: Added a “Do not show this notice again” button in the tracking notice.

2.8.4 – 31.05.2024

Fixed: Thumbnail navigation showing at the bottom of the lightbox.
Changed: Social icons buttons popup. ( #946 )
Fixed: Social settings buttons getting stuck if disabled and enabled. ( #956 )
Fixed: Removed extra comma triggering “Syntax error” on php < 7.3 ( #953 )
Fixed: Guttenberg galleries fatal error ( #958 )
Added: fancybox-image element width and height ( #955 )
Fixed: Divi Builder compatibility ( #962 )

2.8.3 – 28.05.2024

Fixed: Close button not showing in lightbox

2.8.2 – 27.05.2024

Fixed: Fatal error in some systems because the “`” was used instead of “‘”

2.8.1 – 27.05.2024

Changed: Plugin analytics and tracking moved to plugin settings
Changed: Improved analytics notice text

2.8.0 – 27.05.2024

Changed: Save gallery settings with the right format. ( #868 )
Changed: Hover effects cursor not changing in previewer. ( #852 )
Fixed: Troubleshooting scripts not being enqueued. ( #877 )
Changed: Lightbox & links settings – overhaul. ( #885 )
Fixed: Welcome page header flex properly spaced. ( #880 )
Changed: Removed feedback notification. ( #880 )
Changed: Upgraded lightbox to Fancybox 5. ( #894 )
Changed: Improved publish metabox. ( #290 )
Added: Focusable images using “Tab” key and selecting images using “Enter” key for ADA Compliance. ( #299 )
Fixed: ADA compliance issues. ( #708 )
Added: Made lightbox strings translatable. ( #301 )
Added: Backwards compatibility to update Modula Speedup cdn. ( #909 )
Changed: Social shares now share the page and added Rich View Snippets for social shares. ( #945 )

2.7.95 – 17.04.2024

Changed: Change image attribution license selection from radio to select input ( #930 )
Fixed: Accesibility fix for aria-label when lightbox display is used. ( #884 )
Fixed: Direct documentation link for each plugin setting tab. ( #931 )

2.7.94 – 03.04.2024

Fixed: Divi Theme & WP 6.5 compatibility. ( #926 )

2.7.93 – 27.02.2024

Fixed: Warning undefined array key “enable_optimization” ( #915 )

2.7.92 – 23.02.2024

Fixed: Extensions -> Last reload date. ( #907 )

2.7.91 – 29.01.2024

Changed: Save gallery settings with the right format. ( #868 )
Changed: Hover effects cursor not changing in previewer. ( #852 )
Fixed: Troubleshooting scripts not being enqueued. ( #877 )
Changed: Lightbox & links settings – overhaul. ( #885 )
Fixed: Welcome page header flex properly spaced. ( #880 )
Changed: Removed feedback notification. ( #880 )
Added: Modula Image Licensing addon upsells. ( #899 )
Changed: Restored edit view title and “Add new” button. ( #886 )
Changed: Lightbox’s thumbnails aria-label attribute inserts unencoded html chars ( #902 )
Fixed: Setting value lost when setting’s parent is disabled and the gallery is updated. ( #903 )

2.7.9 – 21.11.2023

Added: Upsells seasonal offers.

2.7.8 – 23.10.2023

Fixed: Addons in “Partners” page not updating their install status. ( #845 )
Changed: Custom post type name from “Galleries” to “Modula Galleries” to avoid confusion between other galleries. ( #706 )
Added: Placeholder for text settings inputs and placeholders for image dimensions. ( #814 )
Changed: Gallery image changes are now saved on post update not every time an image was edited. ( #474 )
Changed: Updated enqueue methods for css & js ( #846 )
Changed: Active hover effect on top of list. ( #864 )
Fixed: Compatibility with Photograph theme. ( #865 )
Fixed: Ui-Slider setting input type value should not be outside the min-max values. ( #867 )

2.7.7 – 14.09.2023

Changed: Hidden “Debug gallery” meta box by default.( #839 )
Fixed: Image attribution when “none” is selected ( #840 )

2.7.6 – 12.09.2023

Fixed: Lazyload and srcset bug

2.7.5 – 11.09.2023

Fixed: Lazy load not working properly ( #688 )
Fixed: data-src attribute now contains the link to the original image instead of the scaled WP image. ( #795 )
Changed: Removed tracking ( #798 )
Fixed: Compatibility with Elementor popup. ( #804 )
Fixed: Security issue ( #789 )
Fixed: Parenthesis in Gutenberg pull-down choice menu wrongly spaced. ( #797 )
Fixed: PHP warning: Undefined property ( #796 )
Fixed: Fix type for $parent_slug ( #805 )
Changed: Documentation link ( #803 )
Fixed: Shuffle Images setting disabled for Masonry gallery type ( #813 )
Fixed: Fatal error if “grid_type” is not properly set. ( #816 )
Changed: Removed upsell from “General” tab. ( #827 )
Changed: Removed Modula Defaults upsell from single gallery view (edit) metabox. ( #826 )
Changed: Removed “Get in Touch” link. ( #825 )
Changed: Removed “About us” & “Contact us for Support” links. ( #824 )
Changed: Removed “About” page. ( #823 )
Changed: Removed settings sidebar upseells & added Whitelabel upsell tab. ( #822 )
Changed: Removed “Powered By Modula” meta option. ( #820 )
Changed: Removed “Earn Money” tab. ( #819 )
Fixed: “Save Gallery” text should be “Publish Gallery” if gallery is a draft. ( #712 )
Fixed: Show changes to image’s alignment in backend ( #663 )
Added: “Dashboard” page. ( #800 )
Changed: Reorganised admin menu ( #633 )
Changed: Removed title from image links ( #786 )
Added: Image Attribution functionality.( #830 )
Fixed: Headers already sent warning with Divi theme. ( #832 )
Fixed: Do not add srcset and sizes if image is cropped ( #817 )
Changed: Migrate closing lightbox with Esc button functionality from PRO to LITE ( #808 )
Changed: New gallery Guttenberg block ( #812 )

2.7.4 – 28.03.2023

Fixed: Undefined index if default value for gallery setting input fields not set ( #788 )
Fixed: Lightbox error if image caption has ‘”‘ and thumbnails navigation on ( #787 )

2.7.3 – 15.03.2023

Fixed: No content in lightbox ( #783 )

2.7.2 – 13.03.2023

Fixed: Enqueue welcome banner assets only on the welcome page ( #716 )
Fixed: Issue preventing the display of texts according to the user language ( #719 )
Changed: Removed “href” attribute from the image’s tag. ( #770 )
Changed: “Not installed” badge if Slider addon is included in license ( #774 )
Added: New hover effect “Centered Bottom” ( #773 )
Added: Check user capabilities when addong/removing images from a gallery. ( #779 )
Fixed: Widths and Heights are empty when changing gallery types. ( #767 )
Fixed: Only having private galleries shows “Create your first gallery” page. ( #720 )
Fixed: Private galleries won’t display for non logged-in users. ( #720 )
Fixed: Error when triggering file deletion ( #721 )
Fixed: Gallery type icons coloring ( #713 )

2.7.1 – 15.12.2022

Fixed: Incorrect placement of ‘ ( #715 )

2.7.0 – 12.12.2022

Changed: Custom icons for Modula Settings ( #679 )
Fixed: Fancybox error ( #678 )
Changed: Modula uninstall process – proper target the inputs with js ( #673 )
Fixed: jQuery .load() deprecated warning ( #669 )
Added: Create new gallery welcome screen ( #650 )
Fixed: WP Core galleries migration ( #694 )
Fixed: Issue preventing gallery status change in gallery edit ( #703 )
Fixed: Screen options not working when editing a gallery ( #700 )
Fixed: Empty blocks in admin custom grid gallery edit ( #709 )

2.6.92 – 24.10.2022

-Changed: Responsive tab settings no longer collapse on setting disabling.
-Fixed: Misc settings nonce bug.

2.6.91 – 20.10.2022

Changed: Metabox Accordeons no longer collapse on setting disabling.
Fixed: Show only image size that is in effect on “Image Size” admin setting.
Added: Nonce verification and admin user validation for troubleshooting options.

2.6.9 – 18.10.2022

Fixed: Error preventing the opening of lightbox when “Lazy Load” is turned off.

2.6.8 – 18.10.2022

Changed: Modula won’t query for Modula Galleries if Divi Builder is not in edit mode.
Fixed: Warnings if images could not be resized.
Changed: Deactivation survey visual Enhancement.
Added: A setting to remove srcset from images.
Fixed: Preventing the addition of custom image size if it’s the same as the original.
Changed: Removed “Open image in a lightbox” tooltip when hovering over an gallery image.
Added: Metabox accordions.
Changed: WCAG compliance.

2.6.7 – 08.06.2020

Fixed: Sanitization & escapes.
Fixed: Medicare WP theme compatibility.
Fixed: Gallery titles with messy display names in Gutenberg.
Added: Possibility to exclude certain images from the lightbox.

2.6.6 – 02.05.2020

Fixed: Sanitization not showing quotation marks in image title.
Changed: Last image arrow in lightbox is now hidden.

2.6.5 – 04.04.2022

Added: Migrate away from PhotoBlocks Gallery
Changed: Modified the About page.

2.6.4 – 28.03.2022

Changed: Added Modula Envira Migrator & Final Tiles Migrator to free extensions.

2.6.3 – 21.03.2022

Fixed: Sanitization and preparation for WP Core galleries import.
Fixed: Metaboxes forever opened and arrows hidden.
Fixed: Custom Posts Gutenberg block – now available everywhere Gutenberg is.
Fixed: React warnings.
Fixed: Blank links in accessibility reports.

2.6.2 – 22.02.2022

Fixed: Mime type giving error if no file_path.
Fixed: Gallery width when using Full Site Editing.

2.6.1 – 18.02.2022

Fixed – array_merge error.

2.6.0 – 18.02.2022

Fixed: Modula gallery display in tabs/accordions.
Changed: Gallery title html element (from h2 to div),css as the selector is not longer h2.
Changed: Default “Hide Title” setting value to ON.
Fixed: Modula metabox return to default position if previously moved into the sidebar and further prevent dragging the metabox.
Fixed: Get proper mime type.
Fixed: Added tracking db options to uninstall process.
Fixed: Unset link image attribute when importing from NextGEN.
Fixed: Error when trying to get images that were not imported correctly / do not exist as entries in db.
Changed: Lazy load setting default ON.
Changed: Updated CPT settings conditions.
Changed: Grid Automatic default Row Height from 150 to 250.
Changed: Update settings texts.
Changed: Last 5 galleries now appear in selectize without searching.
Fixed: Incompatibility with Gutenberg block and widgets.
Fixed: Modula Widget before and after args.
Fixed: Sharing on LinkedIn.
Changed: Import/Export page received a new design.
Added: Link to Modula’s about page in the plugin’s branding header.
Added: Upsell to Modula PRO in plugins page.
Fixed: Migration from NextGEN galleries replacement for [nggallery id=”xx″] shortcode format.
Fixed: JavaScript error when Syntax Highlighting is disabled.
Fixed: Don’t enqueue scripts/styles when not needed.
Fixed: Mobile/table gutter not working correctly.
Fixed: Set a default widht of 100% when there is no value.
Changed: Improved Upsells
Fixed: Notice placing in settings.
Fixed: Compatibility issue with Meow Lightbox.
Added: Mobile Gallery Height setting.

2.5.5 – 04.10.2021

Fixed: WP Cron fatal error.

2.5.4 – 14.09.2021

Changed: Upsells update
Fixed: Image cropping based on image alignment

2.5.3 – 26.07.2021

Fixed: Method assignment for upsells
Fixed: Screen option button

2.5.2 – 14.07.2021

Fixed: Added data-srcset and data-sizes attributes for lazy load functionality
Changed: Albums upsell
Changed: Free vs Premium page and Upsells integration

2.5.1 – 05.04.2021

Fixed: Gutter for mobile and tablet after Modula update from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0. Setting was displaying OK in backend but on frontend change wasn’t displayed correctly
Fixed: Backwards compatibility for custom grid image size after Modula update from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0. Setting showed same value although in frontend the setting worked
Fixed: srcset generated a nonexistent image.

2.5.0 – 01.04.2021

Added: Only allow certain users to the Extensions page.
Added: Responsive gutters.
Added: Srcset and sizes for galleries images for both declared sizes and custom sizes.
Added: Custom size and WordPress image sizes selection for galleries grid thumbnail.
Added: FREE vs Premium page
Added: Added debug info using WordPress’ Site Health + added an export option to export single galleries, used for both debugging and export/import operations.
Fixed: Powered by links appear 2 times.
Fixed: Gutenberg alignment issue when trying to make full width.
Fixed: Elementor compatibility.
Fixed: Selecting a gallery with no images in Gutenberg.
Fixed: Modula’s galleries not being displayed properly in preview in Gutenberg.
Fixed: Modula’s gallery selector not being displayed properly in it’s Gutenberg’s block.
Fixed: Avada theme compatibility issue regarding color pickers.
Fixed: Multiple same gallery in page issue.
Fixed: JS error in admin when cycling through gallery’s images.
Fixed: Lazy load incompatibility with Site Ground Optimizer plugin and Avada lazy loading.
Fixed: Conflict where ResizeSensor was declared as global. Now it has been personalized.
Fixed: Incompatibility with some themes, where the resize reset of Modula wasn’t working correctly.
Fixed: Modula’s instance not being reset on tab switch.
Fixed: Custom CSS’s tab editor was not showing correctly if the last tab was the Custom CSS tab.
Changed: Extensions page and how it works
Changed: Hover effects tab had been given an UI update.
Changed: Social share now gives image URL instead of page URL and title/caption of image.

2.4.1 – 14.12.2020

Fixed gallery right margin when on full width container
Fixed hover effect Pufrobo transition when using Divi builder
Fixed Uninstall message appearing on Network Plugins when using Multisite
Added Galleries and Suggest a feature tab on Extensions page and updated the extensions page UI. Also added the Suggest a feature tab to galleries list view
Fixed Feedback form getting out of view
Fixed overwriting lightbox CSS when using multiple galleries on page

2.4.0 – 30.10.2020

Fixed some typos
Update migration function to use AJAX so that the PHP time limit won’t be an issue
Fix incompatibility with certain themes – targeted CSS so that element design won’t be overwritten
Removed Lightbox Upgrade Notice
Added a default title to gallery on Gutenberg Modula block
Fixed FooGallery grid type selection on migration
Added Filter for Whitelabel
Fixed cursor availability
Fixed previewer jumping when changing from custom grid to columns
Added powered by option
Removed “Add new gallery” from the menu
Improvements and fixes for lazy loading
Added an “edit gallery” link below the gallery
Added functionality to remember metabox tab on gallery update/switch
Fixed Elementor widget.
Preparation for Modula Defaults
Fixed notice not disappearing
Added a block for the Divi Builder
Fixed migration for WP Core Galleries

2.3.7 – 27.08.2020

Fixed Elementor widget.

2.3.6 – 18.08.2020

Fixed compatibility with WordPress 5.5 and Elementor plugin – thanks to @CRdeGraaf
Fixed WP Core galleries migrate when there are multiple atts to WP Core Gallery

2.3.5 – 11.08.2020

WordPress 5.5 compatibility fixes
Small fixes

2.3.4 – 11.08.2020

Small fixes

2.3.3 – 17.06.2020

Fixed Importing Envira Galleries image size, custom dimensions and gutter.
Social icons are now disabled by default when creating a new gallery.
Added auto-suggest URL to image URL field.
Added share via Email.
Added “Save gallery”/”Update gallery” shortcut CTRL/CMD + S.
Fixed copy shortcode button going under text
Fixed JS error when trying to lazy load hidden items.
Preparing Modula for Modula Download, Modula Exif and Modula Zoom add-ons.
Added functionality to migrate FooGallery plugin galleries.
Added CSS for 3rd level child setting
Fix for lazy load columns
Translation fixes

2.3.2 – 03.06.2020

Fixed images dimensions
Removed @getimagesize

2.3.1 – 21.05.2020

Fixed Fancybox always opening, not depending on lightbox & links type
Fixed lazyload for masonry columns
Fixed layout rebuild on device orientation change

2.3.0 – 18.05.2020

Replaced packery & masonry scripts with isotope script
Changed lightbox to FancyBox from Lightbox2
Modula admin UI improvements and updates
Update conditional fields
Fix hover effects
Added in-view load functionality
Added new gallery type – columns
Fix for elementor opening another lightbox
Overflowing admin bar fix
Modula image files upload/select improvement
Fix classic editor popup for no galleries
Fix selecting a gallery in Elementor widget
Added ALT text for the image inside the lightbox

2.2.8 – 27.03.2020

Fixed undefined error

2.2.7 – 09.03.2020

Fixed incompatibility with isotope.js
Renamed our registered files name
Fixed title/caption font size to reflect theme default
Fixed scroll to top when opening lightbox
If Title/Caption is hidden then hide settings also
Hide settings if toggle is OFF for custom responsiveness
Added Migrate functionality. Now it’s easier to migrate from another gallery to Modula
Improved social media icons in preview
Delete resized images when deleting attachment
Added Import/Export sub-menu entry and tutorial

2.2.6 – 18.02.2020

Improved Custom CSS textarea
Improved how the lightbox closes
Fixed Custom Gallery with gutter 0
Removed feature box from extensions
Changed font size settings

2.2.5 – 13.02.2020

Fixed Captions
Fixed security issue

2.2.4 – 05.02.2020

Added ‘What’s new’ page
Added Uninstall options to remove data entries from DB
Added troubleshooting options to enqueue CSS and JS files everywhere
Added support for WebP files
Added WhatsApp as social icon
Added numbers to hover effects
Added cursor controls
Added social icons size and gutter
Fix max-width issue with Twenty Twenty theme
Fix menu entry colouring bug
Fix modula-item background
Fixed copy shortcode button design bug
Re-worded “Update” button
Removed settings for default title and caption

2.2.3 – 06.01.2020

Fixed Autoptimize HTML code optimization bug
Fix warning for no uploaded image

2.2.2 – 31.12.2019

Fixed rate pop-up

2.2.1 – 31.12.2019

Fixed Gutenberg block

2.2.0 – 19.12.2019

Added schema-data to gallery code
Added image limit view to gallery list
Fix Title and Caption for images inserted from Media Library
Encode in Base64 prev, next and close .png icons
Added a Modula Gallery insert button in classic editor
Changed cursor icon to magnifying glass instead of a hand icon
Added a Master Toggle in social settings panel that can disable all the social links from one toggle.
More fixed issues here: : https://github.com/MachoThemes/modula-lite/milestone/11?closed=1

2.1.6 – 13.09.2019

Added option for mobile caption and title font size
Added Beaver Builder Block
Added SiteOrigin builder widget
Fixed Elementor block
Added “Copy Shortcode” option

2.1.5 – 25.07.2019

Fixed lazy load.

2.1.4 – 24.07.2019

Change modula CSS classes
Fixed hover effects ( https://github.com/MachoThemes/modula-lite/issues/201 )
Fixed how we calculate image height
Added more hooks

2.1.3 – 10.07.2019

Fixed show array instead of modula’s images

2.1.2 – 10.07.2019

Added more hooks
Fixed swipe navigation on lightbox
Fixed “Duplicate Gallery” showing on all post types.

2.1.1 – 25.06.2019

Added Elementor Widget
Added option to duplicate gallery
Fixed issue with lightbox ( https://github.com/MachoThemes/modula-lite/issues/193 )
Fixed Range Slider UI ( https://github.com/MachoThemes/modula-lite/issues/179 )
Minor Dashboard UI improvements ( https://github.com/MachoThemes/modula-lite/issues/176 , https://github.com/MachoThemes/modula-lite/issues/178 )

2.1.0 – 03.06.2019

Admin design improvements
Fixed missing image
Added sorting upsell

2.0.9 – 27.05.2019

Fixed Extension menu color css
Fixed PHP Notice
Fixed undefined object javascript
Removed random id

2.0.8 – 24.05.2019

Added more options to the gutter’s settings
Fixed galleries import/export
Added option to change the color of an image’s title
Removed Google+
Added LinkedIn
Fixed the issue when the gutter was big and the gallery not centered
Added compatibility with Flatsome
Fixed title and caption showing html
Minor css backend improvements
Added the option to dismiss feedback form

2.0.7 – 13.03.2019

Improved save sistem
Added Lazy Load function
Fixed XSS issue
Fixed minor CSS isues

2.0.6 – 13.03.2019

Changed how we save images
Change some strings
Fixed “scroll issue”
Added shortcode column
Fixed error on IE
Fixed random images with max count issue
Added Filter tab as upsell
Added option to hide/show lightbox arrow on desktop/mobile
Fixed Custom responsiveness issue
Added Gutenberg block

2.0.5 – 14.01.2019

Added responsive options for custom grid
Compatibility with WP Real Media Library( https://matthias-web.com/wordpress/real-media-library/ )
Fixed shuffle on custom grid
Added swipe functionality on mobile for lightbox
Enhanced Modula Media Library

2.0.4 – 01.01.2019

Fixed defaults ( Causing an issue on modula pro with filters )
Fixed translations
Prepared for Modula Speed Up
Changed the checkboxes’ design
Fixed Facebook share link

2.0.3 – 25.12.2018

All issues from here : https://github.com/MachoThemes/modula-lite/milestone/5?closed=1
Added a new button ( Save & Close ) in edit image modal ( James Leesley recommendation )
Renamed “Description” with “Caption” ( James Leesley recommendation )
Fixed error on resize
Fixed Shuffle
Generated .po file

2.0.2 – 20.12.2018

Changed strings
Fixed open new tab checkbox
Fixed caption color
Fixed caption & title size
Fixed custom grid layout

2.0.1 – 12.17.2018

Major Update
Build Custom Grids – Take full control of your galleries.
New Admin Interface – For a more intuitive user interface, we’ve blended Modula right into WordPress.
Drag & Drop to Upload Images
Guidelines to Help You Make the Perfect Gallery
Preview your Gallery Without the Hassle* Removed Modula Survey by Diego Imbriani
* Re-worked the “Upgrade” page.
* Removed the “languages” folder. We’ll be using GlotPress to handle these
* Fixed an issue with WPML plugin


  • Enhanced lightbox compatibility


  • Enhancement in backend UI


  • Minor change in backend UI


  • Fixed broken css for backends under SSL


  • Tool to fix broken images after version 1.1.0


  • Bug fix (impossible to select effect “None”)


  • Fixed issue on admin panel when images are too tall


  • Changed CSS icon prefix to avoid conflicts


  • Fixed bug (linked images opening in lightbox)


  • Fixed social icons bug


  • Bug fix


  • New image management
  • Import tool for Envira galleries
  • Import tool for NextGen galleries


  • Added link to ShortPixel plugin for image optimization


  • Minor bug fix: fixed missing preview effect image


  • Bug fix: now Lightbox opens image at full size


  • Fixed url to upgrade


  • Fixed url to upgrade


  • Changed call to action for the survey


  • Fixed CSS issue with Lightbox and some themes. New page in admin panel to show other gallery plugins. Enhancements of the UI of admin panel.


  • Added handy links on plugins page


  • Updated pot file for translations


  • Bug fix: now images can be sorted also in the “Add gallery” wizard


  • Added link to survey to help us making a better plugin


  • Fixed issue when activating the plugin


  • This is the launch version. No changes yet.