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Printify for WooCommerce


Printify makes Print-on-Demand Simple and Profitable.

With over two million active merchants, Printify is a leading all-in-one solution for modern print-on-demand needs. Any merchant can make a new customized product in seconds โ€” then have those items automatically synced to an online store. All the back-end logistics are handled by our experts, including printing, sourcing, and shipping. This makes your business, truly your business.

What Do You Get with Printify?

  • Over 700 customizable products.
  • Arguably the best product costs on the market
  • Simple creation process for new items
  • A comprehensive network of 80 print providers. This means faster global fulfillment, better prices, and more creative options for merchants.
  • Automatic syncing. All products can be swapped over to an eCommerce platform or marketplace in moments.

How Does Printify Work?

  • Click the “Add app” button.
  • Create an account with Printify or sign in with your existing account.
  • Choose a product and a print provider.
  • Upload a design file to the Mockup Generator.
  • Publish your product. It will automatically sync with your store.
  • Sell those now-viable products. Printify will take care of all fulfillment and shipping.

About Printify

We’re passionate about changing lives for the better. Our aim is to break down the overcomplicated global printing industry. This way, everyone gets a fair chance to create great products, drive sales, and run their own businesses.

For a full tutorial please visit: How to setup WooCommerce

Known Limitations

  • Works with WooCommerce 2.1 and up



  1. Upload ‘printify’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. (optional) Enable shipping rate calculation in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Printify Shipping tab


May 30, 2023
The Printify plugin is superb. If you follow instructions it does everything you could want from a POD plug-in. And the customer service is great even if you don't get the answer you want
March 26, 2023 3 replies
If you have any intensions of filtering products, DO NOT USE THIS POD provider!I built a website and then spent 4 days dialing in automations with Make(dot)com to create and send products to Woocommerce.This plugin and Printify will create products and send them to Woocommerce without a problem. It will even create and send a variable product.2 Major problems, One of them I could've gotten around with a manual bulk edit. The other problem not a dang thing you can do.1. It puts Everything you create into the uncategorized category. There is no way to categorize anything, but that's not the real problem.The REAL problem is... 2. It doesn't create ANY attributes. None! There is absolutely NO WAY to FILTER anything you create with Printify. NONE!I went round and round trying to figure out what was wrong with my filter plugin. Tried 3 different ones and then thought, "Hmmm, I'll look at the attributes." THERE AREN'T ANY!Then I got on with support at Printify. All we send to WooCommerce is the product information like the variant names and SKUs, we canโ€™t guarantee that all products of our products will be compatible with the plugins on WooCommerce. Unfortunately, this is a technical limitation. Printify tech support That makes no sense. I've set this up on a dev site with ONLY Woocommerce and a default theme. Printful works perfectly fine Me We do not send those attributes to WooCommerce at all. Sadly, we will not be able to provide that information to our products automatically. You may only try adding them manually after publishing. Printify tech support Wow... Really.... How in the @#$% are you even working with Woo? Unbelievable. You MUST be sending them because you are creating products that are variable Me We send SKU numbers for each product variant and some other data but not those attributes that you are looking for. Printify support It also creates a variable product Me If you wish I can escalate this to our technical team but they will very likely provide the same answer. Sorry to bring the bad news. Printify support Unfreaking believable. Me
February 15, 2023
If you follow all the (hard to find) instructions, the plugin works fine and syncs / imports the products without issue.Or at least - no matter what I do and how often I unselect the mockups, they keep getting imported. Not a huge deal, but it does add manual work to clean up the media files after every import.It also makes use of the basic attributes setting per product, so I have to add them manually to the Products > Attributes page *and* link them all manually at Printify. With all the colors and sizes, this takes a *lot* of time. But this way, I can use Swatches and make the shop look a whole lot better. Would be nice if the plugin did more than the absolute minimum, and if anyone knows how to actually prevent the mockups from importing, I'm all ears ๐Ÿ™‚
September 3, 2022
I can deal with any technical issue but the customer service is unreal at this company. First off, there are 90 other companies that do what they do and have people that work there that care. They use this as part of their menial 15 minutes of fame with this odd sense of power to not be helpful. I assume its impossible to defend the indefensible and when you have an on-demand print platform that does not publish to web sites and ecommerce platforms, its a problem. its the a, b and c's of what they need to do. But again, that customer service was exhausting. They were playing games. They did not want to help. They even tried blaming something that made zero sense. You need to provide a working product. You need to provide a product that publishes to web sites. You need to have the ability to delete anything. Most of all, customer service should solve things and not make it worse. These guys took a bad situation and made it worse. Well, they do not care is the real problem.
November 7, 2022
I got this plugin because of the youtube video and so far all is working well maybe the yotube video should be easier to find
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