This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Quick Restaurant Menu


Quick Restaurant Menu allows you to create quickly menus for eateries, cafes, bars and restaurants. You can include images, descriptions, sizes and images.

Quick Restaurant Menu Features

Display different menus for each day of the week and also for different hours in the same day. Suppose for example you want to display a menu for lunch and another one for diner, then depending on the hour the visitor access your website it will show a different menu.

The plugin uses default WordPress functionality. Creates two new post types, Menus and Menu Items, which are used to construct the menu. You can create and edit menu items inside the menu post interface, rearrange them with drag and drop, and group them into sections. Then use a shortcode to display it in posts and pages.

  • Unlimited menus and items
  • Menu sections
  • Add header and footer to each menu
  • Menu items with picture, description, sizes and prices
  • Responsive menu layout for mobile viewing
  • Variable menu depending on the week day and the hour
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Insert custom CSS

PRO Features

  • Not only Section, organize your menu with Rows & Columns
  • Powerful Drag & Drop builder
  • Copy / clone menu items from inside the menu
  • Add menu items on the fly from a searchable list
  • Add list with prices with title, normal price and sale price
  • Add nutrition facts and diet tags to each menu item
  • Display with different layouts: expanded, dropdown, horizontal tabbed, vertical tabbed
  • Lightbox with pictures
  • Popup with menu item details
  • Each menu item has it’s own page and is searchable
  • Share your menu items in facebook, google-plus, twitter, pinterest and linkedin
  • Customize your menus with lots of options
  • Select colors and font families
  • Image resolution and size
  • Images with subtle shadow
  • Font size, line heights and margins

Make sure to review the PRO version of Quick Restaurant Menu page for more detailed information.

How to use

Add the shortcode of the menu in any existing post or page:

[erm_menu id=123]

If you want to hide the thumbnails:

[erm_menu id=123 thumb=no]

If you want the price below the description:

[erm_menu id=123 price=bottom]

Define a variable menu combining different menus. Insert the shortcode in the page:

[erm_menu_week id=123]

You can also define thumb and price attributes in the shortcode:

[erm_menu_week id=123 price=bottom thumb=no]



  • Menu Front end. Different device width.
  • List of Menu Items inside Menu
  • Edit Menu Item inside Menu
  • List of Menu Items from admin sidebar
  • Lightbox
  • Variable menu interface


  1. Unzip the plugin and upload it to your site’s wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Activate Quick Restaurant Menu trough the “plugins” area in your WordPress dashboard
  3. A new menu item called “Rest. Menus” will appear in your dashboard navigation. Go there and start creating menus.


How do I create a restaurant menu?

Click on Rest. Menus in your WordPress admin sidebar. Click on Add New to create your first entry and save the post.

You will see a window inside the post editor with two buttons, one to insert new Menu Items, and the other to add Section Headers.

Add the items you want and provide them with a title, picture, description, sizes and prices. Each item has three icons on the right: to hide in the front, to edit the item and to delete the item.

Group your items inserting Section headers, eg. Starters, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Desserts, etc.

How do I display the menu on my website?

After saving your menu post create a new Page. Simply click on Pages -> Add New in your WordPress admin sidebar. Give your new page a title, for example, The Menu.

To display your menu in a simple list, use the shortcode with the id of the menu. You will find the shortcode in the table list of menus or inside the menu editor.

[erm_menu id=123]
How do I create a variable menu?

Click on Rest. Menus Week in your WordPress admin sidebar. Click on Add New to create your first entry and save the post.

Add different schedules and assign a menu to each one.

Reorder the schedules with drag and drop.

Insert the shortcode in some page/post.

The page will display the menu that satisfies the first schedule rule. If no rule is satisfied then no menu will be displayed.

You can create rules for different days and for different hours.

How do I manage currency character?

You don’t need to insert the currency on each price. Just go to Rest. Menus -> Settings, insert your currency and in with position you want it to display: before or after the price.

How do I add custom CSS?

You can customize your template in the front end. Go to Rest. Menus -> Settings, insert your CSS and check Insert Custom CSS.

How do I edit Menu Items?

The plugin uses two types of custom posts, one for Menus and other for Menu Items. You can edit your Menu Item from inside de Menu Editor, but you can also edit it from the Menu Item post editor.

The Rest. Menu Items menu is hidden in your admin sidebar, but you can show it from the settings. Go to Rest. Menus -> Settings to unhide it.

Now you will see a new Rest. Menu Items menu in your admin sidebar. You can also edit you Menu Item from here, but you need to add your new items from the Menu Editor.

I have some feature requests, feedback, or questions about the plugin…

You can use the support tab here, or visit the plugin website.


December 14, 2020
I get why they stopped with this plugin.. Simple things such as changing a font are not an option, removig menu items in 1 menu makes them dissappear in any other menu with the same items as well.. Images are blurry no matter how high the resolution is.. I can go on..
September 17, 2020
A good plugin that do its job. Free version installed and used with WP 5.5.1 and Enfold-child theme (Enfold under php 7.3 (hosting with SSL and Wordfence plugin installed) No issues or bugs found for now. Don't know if Pro version works as well as Free. 😉
May 12, 2019
This plugin keeps deleting content from itself as well as all my media library thumbnails and events from an event calendar. I tried to get support but had zero response, and here I am a week later dealing with my content deleting because I add a new menu item.
November 27, 2018
I want to say that this module is perfect for displaying restaurant menus in an elegant, nice and easy way. Super easy to add menus and dishes, and also very easy to style look the way you want with a little basic CSS knowledge. 🙂 I really love this plugin, and are already using it on three of my customers websites! <3 Loveley!
November 7, 2018
Hello. I would like to express my thanks for this great and easy-to-use plugin. I installed the free version on 16 Oct and everything worked well. When I tried to add menu today, I realized that the 'Menu Items' section is missing from the page and I am unable to add any more items. I am using WordPress Version 4.9.8. Any help will be appreciated.
March 21, 2018
Overall, I have found this plugin easy to use and the layout, aside from the klunky typography is easy to read. There are a few areas that need some work: 1. This plugin does not allow you to have the same menu items on 2 different menus with different prices. For example, many restaurants list their dinner items on their lunch menu with reduced prices. I got a very unpleasant surprise when I set up my client's lunch menu and changed the prices, only to discover that the reduced prices were now also on the dinner menu. I could have changed the names of the lunch dishes, but that's not how my client sets up their paper menus and they want consistency from what the customer sees in the restaurant and on the web. 2. Another unpleasant surprise I got was finding that when I deleted any menu items from one menu, they were also removed from all menus in which that menu item appeared. This created additional work where I had to repair the other menus where menu items were deleted. 3. All menu items are added to a list in the "Rest. Menus" section of the dashboard sidebar when they are created, but there is no way to add them to other menus from that list. Your only option is to re-input all the same information. 4. As mentioned above, the typography for the menu layout is a bit klunky, but the custom CSS allowed me to fix the appearance.
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Contributors & Developers

“Quick Restaurant Menu” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Menu items new loop
  • New hooks added to the menu template
  • Menu items does not have a front-end template
  • Small fixes


Added new translation to Norwegian


  • New setting: optional rewrite menu slug from qr_menu
  • Admin modal window ready for translation
  • Google fonts url changed to //


  • Fixed menu item visible bug
  • Menu item is searchable and has it’s own page


  • Added new class to menu
  • Added ID to menu
  • Fixed bug with screen options button
  • Fixed bug when saving creating new menu item
  • Product description allows shortcodes
  • Minor bugs


  • Each Menu has it’s own url now
  • Bug with Yoast SEO fixed
  • Changed dashboard menus


  • Interface for editing menu item changed


  • Fixed small bug in template for section


  • Fixed small bug in template


  • Fixed bug with prices
  • Shortcode allow hide thumbnails
  • Shortcode allow prices position (top, bottom)


  • Fixed bug with WP 4.3
  • New setting for select image size
  • If some menu item has no image columns will not break
  • If all menu items has no image then column image is not displayed
  • Footer text now saves html tags
  • Fixed bug in shortcode, now don’t break main query
  • Fixed bug in week shortcode, now returns html


  • Removed anonymous functions for PHP 5.2
  • Added Spanish translation


  • Added variable menus.


  • Plugin released.