WordPress Simple SMTP


Adds a simple, no-fuss SMTP settings to your WordPress installation that lets you define custom settings, which is especially useful for hosts with no control over the php mail functionality.

The log & resend functionality currently does not support attachments.

Environment and constant overriding (optional)

This plugin will prefer environmental and constant-stored values over the plugin-saved equivalent settings, making it easier to use this plugin via deployment.

These can be either stored in your systems env setup, or in wp-config.php as define( 'SEE_BELOW', 'your_value_here' );.

Accepted Parameters

  • SMTP_HOST (string) Mail server hostname.
  • SMTP_PORT (integer) Port address (usually 25, 465 or 587).
  • SMTP_AUTH (integer, 1 or 0) Pass below credentials to your mail server.
  • SMTP_USER (string) The mail username for this account.
  • SMTP_PASS (string) The password for the mailer account.
  • SMTP_NOVERIFYSSL (boolean) Disable validation of the SMTP server certificate (not recommended).
  • SMTP_LOG (boolean) Controls the logging capability and visibility.

    SMTP_PASS is stored as plaintext! Where you wish to store it depends on your configuration, but as a minimum it is recommended to store at least SMTP_PASS in your wp-config.php file (with the correct file permissions set).


One or more of the settings are greyed out

This plugin supports being overridden by DEFINE, so please check to see that you are not setting a define for a WP Simple SMTP option. These are most commonly stored in the wp-config.php file.

How is the SMTP password stored?

The SMTP password is saved into the database plaintext. The more recommended way of storing the password is to define SMTP_PASS in your wp-config.php file, which should already be locked and inaccessible from the front-end.

Can I report an issue, or contribute to development?

Yes! Please see our GitHub repository here for writing issues and/or making pull requests.


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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress Simple SMTP” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Confirmed working with WordPress 5.5.1.
  • Added option to disable SSL verification.
  • Multiple emails can be used in the test functionality.


  • Independent log tables deprecated for CPT.


  • Changed display format of email log.
  • Limit resent emails to hourly.


  • Table is created or deleted upon plugin state change.


  • Changes to test emails.
  • Log view changed depending on header.


  • SMTP error logging.
  • View and resend emails.
  • Test email settings.


  • SMTP configuration handling (overrides mail()).
  • Optional SMTP logging (basic functionality).