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Vik Booking for WordPress

The famous Booking Engine and PMS online software for accommodations is now available also for WordPress as a Native Plugin!

If you are looking for a reliable reservation system for a Hotel, B&B, Villa, Apartments, Hostel or any similar accommodation, then you have found the right plugin. In fact, Vik Booking is a PCI-DSS Compliant Hotel Booking Engine used by thousands of properties every day.

Vik Booking was born in 2010 for a different web-software (CMS) than WordPress, and that’s how it became famous. The same powerful framework is now at the service of all webmasters, designers and web-agencies that work with WordPress. It’s definitely the hotel reservation plugin that you, or your client, were looking for.

This is the free version of the plugin, but you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time from your wp-admin section. Experience the power of a true and internal Booking Engine that competes with the best ones of the world!

Visit for more details.

Some of the unique features

  • Custom Rate Plans (Refundable, Flexible, Non Refundable rates)
  • Rooms, Room Types and Sub-Units management functions
  • Availability Calendars and Occupancy Overview
  • Bookings Management made right
  • Feature-rich Back-end section
  • Front-end customizable booking process
  • 8 different Views for the front-end (8 Types of Shortcode for your pages)
  • Compliant with any Pricing Model: Per Occupancy, Per Day, By LOS etc..
  • Housekeeping features with Tableaux, festivities and room-day notes
  • Permissions/ACL Management functions for the various WP Users Roles
  • Multi-language support with built-in translation functions
  • Channel Manager compatible. We are a Certified Channel Manager Provider

Some of Pro version features

  • Seasonal Rates and Rates Calendar with 1-click modification
  • Booking Restrictions: Min, Max LOS, CTA/CTD, Forced Arrival/Departure days
  • Custom Payment Gateways (over 60 available on
  • SMS Gateways for automated notifications
  • Custom Cron Jobs Scheduling for automated tasks (reminders, invoices)
  • Customers Management functions, sales channels and commissions
  • Graphs and Statistics
  • Custom Options, Extra Services, Extra Fees
  • Add, Remove or Switch rooms from existing bookings
  • PMS Reports with extendable Framework
  • Registration functions: check-in, check-out, no-show
  • Pretty much anything a hotelier needs

Interested in, curious about the Pro version?

You should take a look with your own eyes at the demo website to see what you can do with Vik Booking. Do not stop at the front-end though, make sure to visit the wp-admin section too.

  1. Front-end Demo Website
  2. Admin Demo Website


  • Bookings List: reservations from your website and any other channel.
  • Booking Details: a neat, complete and user-friendly interface.
  • Dashboard for Receptionists: check-ins and check-outs under control.
  • Availability Overview: calendars showing the rooms allocated.
  • Rates Overview Pricing Calendar: set or change rates with one click.
  • Direct Reservations from your website: online payments via credit card.
  • Booking Suggestions: in case of no availability, the system will suggest the closest solutions.
  • PMS Reports: an extendable framework to export financial data.
  • A smart Widget only for those who also use the complementary plugin Vik Channel Manager.
  • Tableaux for housekeeping with festivities and room-day notes to highlight bookings and hot dates.


This plugin provides 1 block.

VikBooking Hotel Booking Engine & PMS


Installation through the WordPress Plugins Browser

  • Search for “Vik Booking” in the Add Plugin section of your website back-end
  • Install the Plugin by clicking on the apposite button
  • Activate the Plugin by using the apposite activation button
  • A link to access and configure Vik Booking will be visible in the left-menu
  • Enjoy it

Alternative Installation Method

You can only install the free version of Vik Booking, not the Pro version. If for some reasons the WordPress Repository installation won’t work, you can contact us to receive the zip installer file and upload it via FTP onto your server.

  • Download the installer zip file from
  • Unzip the archive on your computer’s local drive
  • Upload via FTP the unzipped folder vikbooking onto your /wp-content/plugins directory
  • Log in to your wp-admin section and activate the plugin


Is upgrading to Pro mandatory?

No, not at all. However, it took our company 8 years to build the Pro version and we are willing to spend a lot more years of work on this software. We encourage you to evaluate the free version first, and then upgrade to Pro to unlock its potential.

Why some functions are not available in the free version?

We are a software development company listed as a certified Channel Manager Provider by the major OTAs of the world. We work to deliver a full software solution for CMS and Web Software like WordPress as a valid alternative to the same proprietary systems. We make money by selling licenses of the Pro version.

Is it worth upgrading to Pro?

Vik Booking is not a one-page plugin. You can build websites worth a lot of money with this plugin. You don’t need anything else to deliver a complete website, if not a Theme and some experience with WordPress.

Can I build a portal of multiple properties/apartments?

No, you can’t! Vik Booking was designed specifically for single properties, or multiple properties managed by the same company. Basically, you cannot build a portal with multiple vendors where certain users should access and manage only their rooms and reservations. Vik Booking is a true booking engine for Hotels, B&Bs, Apartments, Villas and Hostels. It should be installed on the website of the accommodation. Even though permissions for receptionists and managers can be set up, the logic of the software remains single-vendor.
If you are looking for a solution for a real-estate agency (for example) that manages multiple properties on its own, then it’s still fine as long as you don’t need specific users/owners to see or manage their own data because this is not supported.

Can I use Vik Booking with my preferred Theme?

Yes, of course. You are free to install Vik Booking on your website with your own Theme. The plugin will adjust to it thanks to its own CSS framework. It is also possible to work on a custom CSS file to adjust some layouts.


July 20, 2020
Très bon module, rien à dire. Si vous voulez un module pour gérer des réservations, c'est celui qu'il vous faut. J'ai utilisé le module sur un thème custom et je n'ai eu aucun problème. Gros point positif, le support est compétent et répond super vite ! J'avais des problème pour synchroniser mes chambres, le support s'est occupé de tout ! Je recommande !
April 17, 2020
I have been using Vik Booking plugin with Vik Channel Manager for my motel with 17 studio’s and 3 apartments for one year now. The main reason for going with this plugin was the Channel Manager which allowed me to automatically sync my site with Initially I had selected and setup a different plugin with ical based integration. However that wasn’t compatible with as I use multiple price profiles for a room. The plugin’s functionality is very good at the front-end as well as back-end. For the front end I have also installed the seasons theme which all works seamless together. The back-end is also easy to use especially useful on my mobile phone to answer availability request and reservations on the fly. For the price you pay you get top notch support. Over the last year I raised about 14 support tickets. In the beginning it was more related to how to accomplish certain setup, image sizing, translations, etc. Answers came every time same or latest next day, even during weekends. Answers were every time detailed, to the point and helpful to get moving again. I have had a few issues, once caused by myself by trying to improve performance by configuring caching incompatible with the plugin, and recently an issue where the plugin didn’t handle a database max text field length restriction. In both cases support resolved these cases same day. Conclusion: amazing value for money!
March 27, 2020
Thank you to the team behind this plugin. I own a small B&B and a holiday cottage, and I'm just starting up. Boy, did I pick a time to get into tourism and leisure! My main issues are environmental health, fire regulations, and now worrying about getting customers while the UK is on lockdown. I didn't ever want to have to worry about maintaining multiple booking calendars over a wide range of different booking systems as well so I'm delighted I chose VikWP. I looked around for ages for a plugin that would help me with my bookings, work with the likes of Expedia and etc. and also allow me to maintain the relationship with my guests. This plugin does that, and it's great. The support team at VikWP have answered a lot of what must have been annoying questions from me over the last few months, and they answered them with detail and patience. Sometimes too much detail for my tiny brain to cope with but it's there for when I need it! lol Recently, they released an update which has made the plugin even better. It looks so smart now, it has even more functionality, and the layout appears much more in sync with workflow. Unfortunately, I had a problem with it and so reached out to the support team for help. Despite the team being from Italy and suffering the devastating effects of Covid-19, these guys are still providing support from home and doing it well! I gave them plenty of information to go on, and Marco came to the rescue and logged in to my site to investigate. Guess what? It was a local caching issue at my end, but the point was, he went that extra mile to help. When I look for a plugin, I don't just look for the functionality it provides me. I look for the quality of support that's given too. I can't fault these guys. If your looking for a booking plugin for WP and want to have confidence in the support, then this is the one for you.
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Release date – 8th July 2020

  • Automatic creation of new pages with Shortcodes.
  • Improvements to search suggestions and alternative booking solutions.
  • Global restrictions overrides with priority to newer rules.

Earlier versions

For further details about older versions, please refer to the file of the plugin.