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WP EasyCart is a powerful FREE WordPress eCommerce store & WordPress Shopping Cart plugin that installs into new or existing WordPress blogs and websites.

Get a full WordPress eCommerce shopping cart store within minutes! Sell retail products, subscriptions, digital downloadable goods, gift cards, donations, services and more!

Use Stripe payments to sell subscription and recurring billing products as well as offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay as a checkout method to your customers.

Sell your products on social media with Facebook and Instagram premium extension. Market your products across your online WordPress store and Facebook social media.

WP EasyCart offers payment solutions that are SCA compliant (Stripe, Square, and PayPal Express) as well as GDPR compliant options.

ecommerce shopping cart editions

WP EasyCart comes in 3 different shopping cart editions to cover every online store need.

FREE eCommerce Edition – Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders, and sell with PayPal Express, Square, and Stripe.
Professional eCommerce Edition – No Fees, 30+ Additional Payment Gateways, Live Shipping Calculators, Coupons, Promotions, Order Editing, Digital Wallet Payments (Apple Pay & Google Pay), Subscription products, and More!
Premium eCommerce Edition – Everything in the Professional Edition plus apps for Desktop, Tablet, iPhone, and Android plus 10+ Premium Extensions! Facebook & Instragram, ShipStation,, Quickbooks for Desktops, MailChimp, and others!

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ecommerce store for every theme

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will automatically create 3 new pages in WordPress for the store, cart and account. Customize with all our basic design features, utilize multi-currency & multi-language features, even add one of our dozen widgets to a sidebar to help you start selling your products.

Go FREE or Go PRO/Premium

WP EasyCart is a FREE eCommerce plugin that lets you sell unlimited products, manage orders, utilize basic shipping & taxes, and collect payments using PayPal Express as well Square or Stripe!

Upgrade to the Professional or Premium edition and unlock order editing, subscriptions, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, 30+ additional payment processors, coupons, promotions and other marketing material.

With the Premium edition, you get all the great features of a Professional edition, plus access to 10+ extensions.
* Facebook & Instragram Feed
* ShipStation
* Quickbooks for Desktops
* Groupon importer
* Mailchimp
* And many more…

Premium edition users can also use our external apps for PC/Mac computers, iPad/Android tablets, and iPhone/Android phones.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Payment Options

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition comes with PayPal Express, Square, and Stripe to collect payment from nearly any country in the world securely and quickly.

The Professional & Premium editions come with 30+ live payment processors such as Square, Stripe,, FirstData, Payment Express, PayPal Pro, Intuit, and many others.

Professional & Premium users also get Stripe’s extensive payment system which offers subscriptions, Digital Wallet Payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and some of the best fraud protection tools in the industry.

Unlock ALL the payment gateways we offer in either of these popular editions. View a comprehensive list of all free and paid edition payment gateways: All Payment Gateways

Shipping & Taxes

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition comes with extensive table rate shipping for price, weight, quantity and percentage based systems. Setup standard taxes based on states/provinces & countries.

The Professional & Premium shopping cart editions include all our live shipping integrations with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post. For taxes, you can utilize TaxCloud API for accurate city by city tax rates.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Order Management

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition lets you manage orders from within WordPress. Print sales receipts & packaging slips, add shipping notes, email customers, and view order information in one easy location.

The Professional & Premium shopping cart editions allow you to edit every line item, add new line items, and edit all the customers order data for a complete business solution.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions


All EasyCart eCommerce plugins come with SEO editing for every product, menu and category you create to help selling your goods. Social sharing also lets your visitors immediately link to products that you sell.

With the Professional & Premium editions, you unlock all the eCommerce marketing options available in EasyCart; including coupons, promotions, gift cards, and abandoned cart systems.

Connect your store with Facebook and Instagram with our Premium extension. Manage feed info and automatically push latest stock and product information to Facebook and Instagram hourly, daily, or weekly.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Getting Started in eCommerce

Simply install the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, activate, and walk through the settings to start selling your items. Configure PayPal Standar, Square, or Stripe for a quick and easy way to get your eCommerce platform running and sell your items quickly.

Unlock your WordPress shopping cart when you are ready with more powerful features by visting WP EasyCart.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

We have a full eCommerce support center at WP EasyCart including an online users manual, video tutorials, and community forums.

Watch our Installation Video

Other popular eCommerce videos that we offer:

More videos can be found in our Video Library!


  • Professionally eCommerce shopping cart fits in nearly any theme!
  • Beautiful product detail displays!
  • Tile products in 1,2,3,4 or 5 column layouts!
  • Utilize dark background or light background themes!
  • Use our Widgets in sidebars!
  • Beautiful Storefront displays and related product!
  • Choose from several pre-designed layouts!
  • Manage all of your product details from our administrative console!
  • Responsive Design for mobile, tablet, and desktop!
  • Beautiful Layouts with responsive image areas!
  • Streamlined powerful checkout with 30+ gateways already integrated!
  • Administrative Wizard for 5 step setup process!
  • Manage all your store products with ease!
  • Store order management is easier then ever and very powerful!


Literally install a full WordPress Shopping Cart in less than 5 minutes! Harness the most powerful store for WordPress in a few easy steps!

  1. Install and Activate the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Just log into your wordpress admin, visit plugins -> add new and search for ‘EasyCart’.

  2. Once you Install and Activate, we recommend you walk through our simple 5 step wizard to setup the intial pages, payment, taxes, and shipping. It only takes 1 minute and you can always change these settings via the WP EasyCart -> settings page.

  3. Start adding your store products using the products menu!

Watch our Installation Video

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More videos can be found in our Video Library!

Installation Documentation

We offer full online documentation for every panel and you can see a comprehensive ecommerce store installation guide using our support area. We offer a full support center with online documentation, video library, and community forums for users to utilize and help compliment your shopping cart store.

View our Docs site to learn more: WP EasyCart Documentation


Where can I get documentation or shopping cart demos?

We offer a full service website with online documentation, video tutorials, community support forums as well as demonstration sites running our various templates at WP EasyCart .

Can I use your eCommerce software to display, but not sell products?

Absolutely! If you do not need to sell anything, but would like to leverage our software to display products, please feel free to do just that! You can just put the store into catalog mode and it removes the ability to add to cart the products.

Can I sell my products on Facebook & Instagram?

Yes! With our Premium edition, you can use our Facebook & Instagram feed to publish your products into a Facebook Catalog. This lets you setup a shop on facebook, create compelling carousal ads across social media, and more!

What are the PRO and Premium eCommerce Versions?

FREE version comes from WordPress and offers limited features for you including PayPal standard, manual payments, unlimited products, product variations, order management, and so much more. Features such as coupons, live shipping rates, promotions, and many more are not included in the FREE version. Upgrading to PRO will unlock ALL core features and gets you updates and support for a year. Upgrading to Premium will get you everything in PRO plus access to our extensions and iPad, Android, and Desktop applications.

What extensions are in your Premium Edition?

Facebook & Instagram allows you to sell across social media. Quickbooks offers automated syncing down to your desktop quickbooks version. ShipStation offers order syncing for easy shipping management, labels, and email tracking. allows buying and paying for postage. Groupon, extra tabs, mandrill and mailchimp email, optimal logistics, affiliate WP Rates, and Bluecheck offer a variety of third party integration extensions that you get as part of our premium edition. Visit our website for full Premium benefits, including our mobile apps and push notification systems.

How does an eCommerce license work with your software?

The FREE plugin is the full WordPress eCommerce shopping cart software version; however, the PRO and administrative software that is downloaded from our website is licensed software. The PRO software will add all core features and the Premium version will allow access to our administrative software, apps, and extensions. You may continue to run the FREE WordPress plugin, but must purchase a license to use our PRO or administrative software.
Each license is good for one website URL or WordPress installation. You may transfer a license from a development environment to a production environment at any time; it is your license once you purchase one.
Licensing gives you features such as coupons, promotions, live shipping rate calculators and more. Plus you will receive support from our staff individually rather than through our community open support systems. For more information on licensing, you can view our website.

Do I have to pay monthly?

No, there are no monthly fees to pay with EasyCart. WP EasyCart allows you to utilize the plugin on one WordPress website for 12 months with upgrades and support. The Free edition has 2% EasyCart fees per transaction. The professional/premium edition have 0% EasyCart fees per transaction. *Normal payment processing fees always apply.

Will it work in my Theme?

Yes! EasyCart works on 3 WordPress pages, which are automatically created on installation. Our installer walks you through the steps quickly and if you have any theme issues, your theme developer or our staff can assist.

What Ecommerce payment gateways do you have?

We offer over 30 different gateways. Popular ones include Square, SquareUp, PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayPal Payflow,,, FirstData, eWay, Payment Express, Sagepay, 2Checkout, Dwolla, Nets Nexaxept, Payfort, Realex, Redsys, Skrill, beanstream, braintree, Chronopay, Virtual merchant, Geomerchant, intuit, MIGS, Moneris Canada, Moneris US, NMI, Payline, Paypoint, Secure Pay, WorldPay and others. Check our documentation for a full up to date listing.


September 30, 2020
- Excellent intuitive user interface - Easy to customize compared to Woocommerce - Multiple payment gateways included in free plugin - Excellent documentation and support knowledgebase - Pretty incredible capability for a free plugin
September 7, 2020
Very disappointing after sales service. Very disappointing plug-in. Support wants unrestricted admin access to the WordPress dashboard to diagnose problems. I had multiple issues with this plug-in, the latest being a problem with tax settings and the coupon system doesn’t function effectively to support store promotions for downloadable product items ... there is absolutely no point having a two for the price of one sale on a downloadable file! Very limited options to cross-promote the way I need to cross-promote on my products. Also told that my downloads folder is automatically secured by the main WordPress .htaccess file and that that is sufficient despite the fact that my products for sale were able to be directly downloaded via the files permalink URL ... I had to secure that folder manually. With taxes if a customer uses a 100% off coupon the cart spits out a remaining amount the equivalent of the GST on the checkout page ... customers are abandoning the cart at that point. I am very upset because I could have spent my money elsewhere and had a properly functioning cart and happy customers. Ten thousand thumbs down on this one.
August 30, 2020
I got sucked into a promotion for a hosted store for a one time $17. It didn't take long for it to go wheels up, with no way to fix it. So I looked for a WP plugin. EasyCart has amazed me with the features you get in the free version. I had thought running a store would be just too complicated, but it is coming together nicely. Best of all, I can customize things in my child CSS file to have things displayed just how I want. If I make a mess, I can just restore my last backup and try again. There was a steep learning curve for me and there are a lot of settings to be managed. But I'm getting used to them now. I find new features every day and EasyCart can handle everything I've thrown at it. It doesn't slow the site down, especially if you use an Asset Manager and Cache plugins. The store loads very quickly. The free version does everything I need and I may or may not need the $69 version. And being WP, I can add other pages for news, testimonials, FAQ's etc, which you can't do with most hosted stores. The developers have produced a real gem of a plugin, almost a CMS within a CMS. I don't think I've ever used a more professional and powerful plugin. If you want to start a store, then don't go hosted - use EasyCart!
August 19, 2020
Ich bin gerade dabei, einen kleinen Laden aufzumachen und habe anfangs eien andere Shoplösung benutzt. Ich hatte große Schwierigkeiten, meinen Shop so zu gestalten, wie ich ihn mir vorgestellt hatte. Dann entdeckte ich WP easycart. Die kostenlose Version ist unglaublich leistungsstark, und dennoch hatte ich nicht das Gefühl, mit einem Monolithen zu kämpfen. So intuitiv. So einfach zu modifizieren, sobald man sich mit den Einstellungen vertraut gemacht hat. Fantastische Tutorials auf YouTube, die die Dinge wunderbar erklären. Auch eine großartige Dokumentation. Ich habe jetzt die Anfänge eines Shops, der wirklich schön aussieht, mit schönen Roll-Overs, schnellen Ansichten usw. usw. Die Implementierung ist ein Kinderspiel.
July 21, 2020
When we are evaluating an ecommerce plugin to migrate from Shopify (which was clunky because each product required a manual code paste, since Shopify no longer had a dedicated plugin of their own), we evaluated quite a few, and shortlisted Woocommerce and WP EasyCart. However, WP Easycart won due to its comprehensive and comparable feature set with other ecommerce plugin heavyweights, at a price any small business can afford. We went straight to their premium version of their plugin as we wanted the premium features. During implementation at a website, the tech support team from WP Easycart was exemplary in working with us step by step, making good suggestions for us, and we managed to make the transition fairly smoothly. Great customer-centric team, and a solid product worth recommending for small (and large) businesses alike.
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Contributors & Developers

“Shopping Cart & eCommerce Store” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New Feature – Manage Google Merchant Fields within the product for small adjustments.
  • Bug Fix – Subscriptions, log in failed message missing when cart caching prevention enabled.
  • Bug Fix – Conflict with login for pricing options with our Quickbooks extension.
  • Bug Fix – Login for pricing was not hiding volume pricing options.
  • Bug Fix – Changing VAT rate not saving as a float, cutting off decimals.
  • Bug Fix – Inquiry mode, validate email addresses.


  • New Feature – Enable tips / gratuity for checkout. Offer default percentages as well as custom tip amounts.
  • New Feature – Add custom order statuses. This should help with custom pickup statuses like Pizza Cooking and Ready for Pickup.
  • New Feature – Use the bulk action drop down to send out multiple order shipped emails at once.
  • New Feature – VAT by country allows for B2B VAT to be enabled/disabled based on country regulations.
  • New Feature – Import and update categories using the product importer and a comma separated ID list of categories.
  • New Feature – VAT rounding now available in cases where tax is rounded to the nearest five cents, for example.
  • Improvement – Quickly switch accounts for PayPal, Stripe, and Square without disconnecting first.
  • Improvement – Reviews now store a reviewer name rather than relying on the customer name in their account (only applies if review name showing option is turned on).
  • Improvement – Reviews from a logged in user are connected to an account, which can now be changed in the admin.
  • Improvement – VAT rate showing during the checkout process.
  • Improvement – Stripe subscription length limits were not being validated by the cart on product setup, it now shows an error to prevent problems.
  • Improvement – Database validation tool improved with ability to repair databases in cases where the changes fail to happen between versions.
  • Bug Fix – Subscription load issue for Stripe when using cart caching feature fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Some payment paths could lead to duplicate removal from stock in the admin, if added back and removed again at some point.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard downloads list was not respecting the order status.
  • Bug Fix – Product details classic editor, if set to text, reloading would show line break characters by mistake.
  • Bug Fix – Quantities for line items are whole integers only, but the admin was allowing you to enter any value.
  • Bug Fix – Product duplicate and delete under the product title was no longer working.
  • Bug Fix – Fedex with small product sizes now compiles correct box sizes (as close as possible), previously minimum 1 for length, width, and height, creating weird totals in some cases.
  • Bug Fix – Gift card images were not sending correctly from the admin.


  • Bug Fix – Canada Post response has changed slightly, updated to process correctly.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscriptions with collection of shipping address had issue.
  • Bug Fix – Square importer handles timeout and curl errors.
  • Bug Fix – Subscriptions with default country were not setting the default state/division type.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express setting for checkout first page missing after update.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard stats upgraded for improved consistency.
  • Bug Fix – Setting up quantity tracking for a product wasn’t requiring all options all the time.


  • New Feature – Edit a download in the order details and update to a new download item.
  • Bug Fix – Fix for download key issue on checkout.


  • New Feature – Colorize your EasyCart panel in the design settings, under store colors OR in the top right of the admin from any admin page!
  • New Feature – Product level, shipping options, exclude an item frmo shipping calculation, while still collecting shipping data.
  • New Feature – Phone can be set to required or not required.
  • Improvement – If order has been refunded or partially refunded, order receipts will show the refund total.
  • Improvement – Product level, settings boxes now expanded by bar instead of just icon.
  • Bug Fix – TaxCloud verify address functionality fixed in some random cases.
  • Bug Fix – Using UPS negotiated live rates now working.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard totals adjusted to subtract discounts from totals shown.
  • Bug Fix – Shipping live rates with promotional discounts fixed.


  • New Feature – Quick edit for products now available in the admin.
  • Improvement – Admin item titles link to the details more consistently.
  • Improvement – When adding live shipping rates, more information shown on connection issues.
  • Improvement – Enabling live shipping types will automatically enable the most common live rate options.
  • Bug Fix – Google Captcha with cart cache prevention now working together.
  • Bug Fix – Subscription upgrade and downgrade fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Resend gift card fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Square token improvement to prevent issues.
  • Bug Fix – Minimum cart totals with wallet payments or cart caching prevention had issues.


  • New Feature – Editing an order, assign or change account assignment for an order.
  • Bug Fix – Cart caching prevent feature, various details corrected.
  • Bug Fix – Multiple product details on a single page, fix for review pagination
  • Bug Fix – Handle email exists error in account registration
  • Bug Fix – Subscription issue with cart caching and no customer name fixed
  • Bug Fix – Order quick view was not including company name
  • Bug Fix – Payment formatting with various gateways fixed when using cart caching feature


  • New Feature – BOGO promotions and coupons now available.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with checkout and default country and dynamic cart (cache prevention) fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed additional Email Encoder plugin compatibility with Stripe and Square.


  • Bug Fix – Account shortcode, redirect on failed login improved to current page.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with forgot password and dynamic cart (cache prevention) fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with subscriptions and dynamic cart (cache prevention) fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with SSL and dynamic cart (cache prevention) fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with cart editor slide out and dynamic cart (cache prevention) fixed.


  • Bug Fix – Stripe Google pay fixed to address data format change.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express with caching cart prevention fix.
  • Bug Fix – USPS First Class Mail has multiple types now available. Select specific USPS First Class Type in your shipping rates area.
  • Conflict Fix – Email Encoder plugin with Square and Stripe conflict fixed.
  • New Feature – Square processor now inserts orders into your system
  • New Feature – Square processor now includes Apple and Google Pay.
  • New Feature – Allow dynmic cart and accounts for caching pages and speed increases (optional).


  • Bug Fix – SG Optimizer plugin conflict with Stripe payment option resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscriptions with free trial used with various other options fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe small payments error now disallows a user from checking out with a bad total.
  • Bug Fix – USPS First Class pricing fix for small items.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with MIME types and importing products resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Various other small issues resovled.


  • Bug Fix – Stripe improvements for standard and subscription products
  • Bug Fix – USPS updates for minor improvements.


  • Bug Fix – Stripe standard possible issues with payment intent.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe standard create customer on checkout upgraded.


  • Bug Fix – Pricing option saving issue resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe javascript in shortcodes were getting paragraph tags added on specific themes.


  • SCA Compatibility – Square + Stripe + PayPal Express are now all SCA ready!
  • Responsive Shopping Cart – Mobile cart now transforms the table display into a responsive display.
  • Stripe Improvements – Upgraded API.
  • Stripe Improvements – major improvements to subscriptions and features including tax, promotions, option item basic pricing adjustments, and much more.
  • Stripe Improvements – Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay (if enabled and setup)
  • Stripe Improvements – Dynamic payment submission using latest fraud protection for Stripe.
  • SquareUp Improvements – Upgraded API.
  • SquareUp Improvements – SCA compatibility upgrade.
  • SquareUp Improvements – Upgraded oAuth connection.
  • Intuit Improvements – Upgraded connection to prevent failure on some systems.
  • Login for Pricing Feature – Login and user level requirements to view pricing as well as custom text per button. Allows for login for pricing type stores. Enable on product level.
  • Added Hooks – is_wpec_cart to be used with autopmize feature.
  • Language Upgrades – Added new language that was hard coded as well as new language packages.
  • Customer Reviews – Upgraded to include pagination, less confusing upon submission, and admin notification by email of new reviews. You can also approve via the product reviews list.
  • New Permalink Tools – Included in the store status for troubleshooting and fixing possible permalink errors.
  • Categories View Button – Added to the category display in the admin.
  • Bug Fix – Default values on text and number inputs now work.
  • Bug Fix – Various improvements to the WooCommerce importer.
  • Bug Fix – Adding multiple donations now updates appropriately based on total donation added to cart.
  • Bug Fix – Square payments invalid card was not showing error.
  • Bug Fix – Text was incorrect in the checkout settings
  • Bug Fix – Free coupon showing error instead of success.
  • Bug Fix – Setup wizard with Canada tax now adding correct values.
  • Bug Fix – Saving VAT options, custom vat rate number was not saving.
  • Bug Fix – Pagination in the admin lists for EasyCart then searching was causing problems with the display.


  • Improvement – Inserting category, checks for existing post and creates one if not to prevent permalink failure.
  • Improvement – Category details in admin now have a view on site button for easier access to the category on front end.
  • Improvement – WooCommerce importer upgraded to use image direct url, less errors.
  • Improvement – Store status now offers tool to repair permalinks for various items in the store, use in case of having issues.
  • Improvement – Various hooks and filters added to the product pricing display for upcoming extension release.


  • Bug Fix – Duplicating product now duplicates conditional logic
  • Bug Fix – Updating plugin now properly attempts to add new language if applicable.
  • Bug Fix – Model number validation provides more accurate error message
  • Bug Fix – Subscription insertion when creating a subscription product from the product slide out.
  • Bug Fix – Conditional login any/all was not displaying correctly on page reload.
  • Bug Fix – Missing css on next, previous, first, and last buttons on tables.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard graphs now properly adjusts time to local time, which matches the order display.
  • Bug Fix – Left stats in admin now match up with orders by adjusting to local time.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard and left stats now remove discounts and refunds from totals for more accurate statistics.
  • Bug Fix – Deleting a product was leaving data in database for option items, properly cleaning up now.
  • Bug Fix – Various validation improvements.
  • New Hooks – Lots of various hooks and filters added to the cart for easier customization by developers.


  • New Feature – New Promotion type discount applies when x number of products in cart.
  • New Feature – Recaptcha, if implemented in account settings, applies now to the inquiry product form.
  • New Feature – Notification that coupon does not apply to cart items when coupon applied.
  • Improvement – In the admin, if a product has unlimited stock quantity, now shows the infinite symbol for clarity.
  • Improvement – Now update your email for your license in the registration page/
  • Improvement – Email receipt for admin has user’s email as the reply to email address
  • Bug Fix – In the admin, editing a user, changing user email address without actually changing it was throwing error.


  • New Feature – Stock notification email subscribers now available.
  • New Feature – Advanced option conditional logic, make some options appear or hide based on other options (advanced only).
  • New Feature – Page restrictions now allows for successful login and access or no access redirects. Create a login, selling page, and content page with this feature.
  • Bug Fix – Small recaptcha validation issue
  • Bug Fix – Admin was not accepting all email addresses when creating a new user.
  • Bug Fix – Max filesize for uploads expanded to use the server settings.
  • Bug Fix – Customer uploads were not deleting on removal from the cart.
  • Bug Fix – Google data was including zero value even when it shouldn’t show up at all (no reviews).
  • Bug Fix – Stripe double click could double submit order if done fast enough.


  • Bug Fix – SquareUp Australia version removes postal code due to request from Square.
  • Bug Fix – Payfast API change, adjustments made.
  • Bug Fix – Quantity within subscriptions plus button fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Tax within subscriptions shown prior to submitting payment, updated as address changes.
  • Bug Fix – Gutenberg blocks were missing in some cases, updated to show in all cases.
  • Bug Fix – Downloads list in admin sorted by order id.
  • Bug Fix – Space before search query in admin caused issues
  • Improvement – Search in admin now matches more specifically for better, quality search results.
  • Improvement – Sign up for newsletter feature may now show on final checkout page.


  • New Feature – Facebook and Instagram product feed extension in our premium software coming this week.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscriptions, update credit card information bug fix.
  • Bug Fix – Goals in admin were not subtracting discounts from sales total.
  • Bug Fix – Some links within the live editor were incorrect.


  • Bug Fix – No quantity tracking issue with plus button on details page.
  • New Feature – Stock tracking in cart can be set to seconds, minutes, or hours to hold items for a customer during checkout.


  • New Feature – Turn on stock tracking in which adding an item to the cart removes the item from stock for a set number of hours.
  • New Feature – Set the number of hours to keep items out of stock in the cart. After that expiration time items are available to new customers to purchase again.
  • New Feature – Force all pages to SSL secure for your entire site with a single option in the checkout settings. You must have an SSL to use this feature.
  • New Feature – Promotions now have the option to give free shipping on a single product, category of products, or manufacturer.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe refunding fixed for the connect method.
  • Bug Fix – Virtual Merchant possible bug fixed.


  • New Feature – Force reset of a user’s password from the admin and the user list bulk actions screen.
  • Improvement – Sessions permanently removed from the cart.
  • Improvement – If coupon code used on checkout, it will show in the email receipt.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard stats at the beginning of the year had missing data in specific cases.
  • Bug Fix – Backorder with max quantity combination had display issues.


  • New Feature – Integrated shortcode creator with Gutenberg editor.
  • Bug Fix – Order date and time fixed to adjust to your local WordPress timezone.
  • Bug Fix – Compatibility fix with Elementor editor.
  • Bug Fix – Manage subscriptions missing from account in some instances.


  • Bug Fix – Version skip to fix order date display issue in the admin on some systems.
  • New Feature – Set the main store page status (featured or not) when creating the product.
  • New Feature – The option to show a free in store pickup works for all rate types now.
  • New Feature – Order date displays with time now, set to the local date and time of the order for the blog.
  • Bug Fix – Promotional date fixed to start at midnight of start date and end at 11:59PM on the end date selected.
  • Bug Fix – Promotions free shipping option (or discount) was not updating display of the shipping rate cost.
  • Bug Fix – USPS, UPS, and FedEx now prevents errors by having zero weight on a shippable item.
  • Bug Fix – USPS, UPS, and FedEx now prevents invalid calculations on carts with mixed shippable and non-shippable items.
  • Bug Fix – Admin, categories limit feature would not let the user update the number to display per page.
  • Bug Fix – Various pricing issues with combinations of handling fees, free shipping, expedited shipping, etc…


  • Bug Fix – Continue shopping custom link now applies to cart, empty cart, and cart success page.
  • Bug Fix – If store page gets set to WordPress front page, EasyCart tries to automatically fix this.
  • Bug Fix – Static shipping method was requiring a weight on products to show shipping page, but unnecessary for this type. Switched to checking for number of shippable products.
  • Bug Fix – Billing/Shipping address was not loading into the cart variables when logging into EasyCart account.
  • Bug Fix – Guest order print receipt link could fail if session lost, corrected with guest key.
  • Bug Fix – Gift card resend email was not showing a loader in admin on click.
  • Bug Fix – Print gift card print in account was not working.
  • Bug Fix – Print gift card in guest order in email receipt link was not working.
  • Bug Fix – Duplicating an order item sets the sort order to last to make for more consistent ordering on front-end.
  • Bug Fix – Specific option types switching between was not working.
  • Bug Fix – Advanced option set sorting on a product was not working on the front-end.
  • Bug Fix – Multiples of the same advanced option added to a product would not allow a customer to select a different value on the front-end.
  • Bug Fix – Dimensions option type was not displaying on the cart.
  • Bug Fix – Small cost items with a promotion could cause a rounding error on the unit price, effecting only the display.
  • Bug Fix – Promotions were not working with one-time price adjustment option items.
  • Bug Fix – Tax Cloud was not handing one-time price adjustments, now sending that information to Tax Cloud as its own line item.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal eChecks were setting order to completed immediately, when they should be pending until it clears and the webhook triggers to apporove the order.
  • Bug Fix – Large stores have a search box for products on orders, this now allows a search of either the SKU or the product id.
  • Bug Fix – Date picker was missing jQuery UI css for most sites.
  • Bug Fix – Date picker for promotions start and end date was not formatting output consistently, varied based on WP settings.


  • New Feature – Now can add products to cart with options using direct linking and option set url variables.
  • New Feature – Coupons can have minimum purchase amounts required. E.g. get 25% off when you buy 2 items.
  • New Feature – Order quick view now includes a quick list of products in the order.
  • New Feature – Customize the return to store URL with a new setting in checkout settings. Default is the store main page.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon was not applying first time when directly added via URL on the cart page.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon action rows in admin were disappearing on smaller devices.
  • Bug Fix – Deleting a coupon was not removing the custom post type, causing duplicate naming issues in permalinks.
  • Bug Fix – Square Importer, redirection issue corrected.
  • Bug Fix – Square Importer, fixed variants and variant pricing.
  • Improvement – Added service product types to list of product types in the product creation panel.
  • Improvement – Classic retail product type sets to shippable by default.
  • Improvement – Updated SagePay US to Paya
  • Improvement – Escaped title for Google Analytics and Facebook JS.
  • Improvement – Notice showing on product details if product is not activated OR not available on main store page.


  • New Feature – Optional, single click trial sign-ups for pro now available.
  • New Feature – SquareUp product importer added.
  • Improvement – Choose product type on product creation (donation, download, subscription, etc…)
  • Bug Fix – PayPal express fix for those using mmenu for jQuery (various themes and plugins use to power their menu).
  • Bug Fix – Store status duplicate view corrected, cleanup of information as well.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon existence check for Stripe fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Free item coupon with subscriptions fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Min quantity on advanced quantity grid fixed to allow zero of some items, still require one total.


  • New Feature – Enable/Disable product quick add features.
  • New Feature – Quick add product now add stock, shipping, and tax options through the quick editor slide-out.
  • New Feature – You can now display pricing as a range, e.g. $50-$99.
  • New Feature – Abandoned cart emails can now be set to any range of days, default is to send email reminder after 3 days.
  • New Feature – Braintree now allows refunds from the admin.
  • New Feature – Currency can now be switched by adding, for example, ?eccurrency=USD in the URL.
  • Improvement – Braintree updated to latest API, uses their JS system to load credit card fields via an iframe for a more secure card processing system.
  • Improvement – UPS updated to the latest API requirements.
  • Improvement – On invalid login, including forgot password link in the error message.
  • Improvement – External apps and external app services updated and bug fixes added.
  • Improvement – Coupon code duration options updated to add clarity.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon duration in months was not working properly with Stripe.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon creation was missing some validation.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon cannot have an expiration more than 5 years in the future (Stripe requirement).
  • Bug Fix – Advanced quantity grid option was not displaying properly to the admin in the order details.
  • Bug Fix – Customer review submit language was missing for German, French, and Spanish.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon expiration issues retained on page refresh, rather than showing a valid coupon.
  • Bug Fix – Currency conversion fix for converted currency and dynamic pricing loading in cart.
  • Bug Fix – Elementor notice can now be hidden.


  • New Feature – Now the ability to log in as a user from the admin, this allows for quick admin troubleshooting for customers.
  • Improvement – Minimum and maximum quantities now apply to the quantity grid option set.
  • Improvement – Order status now showing on order list display in the user’s account.
  • Improvement – Stats feature added to the product list display, hover to see all time views. Plans to expand this feature in the future.
  • Improvement – If using a subscription duration, it is now showing as $xxx.xx/mo for x months.
  • Improvement – Can now remove the email logo, delete button added.
  • Bug Fix – Option item quantity tracking display issue fixed for swatches option set two.
  • Bug Fix – Currency display with comma in place of decimal caused incorrect sub and grand total.
  • Bug Fix – Subscriptions with initial fee now allow coupons to be applied to that fee.
  • Bug Fix – Compatibility fix for facebook meta where width and height do not properly generate from image.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscription renewals next and last charge date now correct.
  • Bug FIx – Currency radix symbol fixed for previous price display.


  • Patch – DB upgrade issues with 4.1.0.
  • New Feature – iDEAL payments now available with Stripe (Selling in Euros only)
  • New Feature – Google Recaptcha now available in the account settings to require valid users only on login or registration in the account page.
  • New Feature – Option items can have custom download products, which override the product’s download file.
  • New Feature – Option items can have a custom download added to the final purchase (multiple downloads available).
  • New Feature – Export/Import of products now includes advanced options so that you can quickly link up advanced options to lots of products.
  • New Feature – Option in shipping settings to hide the shipping rate from users on the initial cart page.
  • Improvement – Option ID now visible in the option list in the admin.
  • Improvement – Sorting by SKU available in the product list.
  • Improvement – Design settings now allow you to square off corners in the cart.
  • Improvement – Design settings now allow you to change the font shopping cart wide.
  • Improvement – If missing a DB table for the cart there is an alert in the admin.
  • Bug Fix – Quick product edit link now available for basic product linking with model number in url.
  • Bug Fix – Category list in Internet Explorer design fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Subscriber note in the admin was mis-labeled.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal fixed for orders below 0.50.