WordPress Gallery Exporter – Export your NextGen, Envira and FooGallery galleries to your computer


This free plugin can be used to easily export your photos from NextGen, Envira, and FooGallery plugins to your computer.

How to use

Install this plugin and select the content you wish to export from NextGen, Envira, or FooGallery. The plugin will automatically create a ZIP file containing the original photos (organized in to subfolders) which you can then download to your computer.


The installation follows standard WordPress plugin installations:

  1. Go to your admin area and select Plugins > Add new from the menu.
  2. Search for “WP Gallery Exporter”.
  3. Click install.
  4. Click activate.


Will this tool modify my existing WordPress site?

This plugin will NOT make any changes to your existing WordPress site and/or any of the galleries you have created with these other plugins. It is only a read-only utility for exporting your current galleries and photos to your computer. It only creates a ZIP file containing your galleries and their photos (organized in to subfolders) so that you can download it to you computer. The ZIP file can then be deleted from your server after you’ve downloaded the file.

I have thousands of photos in my NextGen, FooGallery or Envira plugin. Can I still use this plugin?

We’ve tested this tool with thousands of large sized photos totalling 5GB+ of data on a typical WordPress hosting server and its worked fine. However, its possible your WordPress server is not powerful enough or have enough resources or storage space and the ZIP archive can not be created. In this case, you can alway export your galleries in smaller segments (by selecting a few galleries at a time) instead of attempting to create a full archive.

Why would I ever export my galleries?

Perhaps you simply need to create a backup of your photos, or need to export your photos for import in to another service? It’s your data after all and you should be able to easily take it with you where you like without being locked-in to the plugin you are using.

Is this plugin free?

Yes, there is no cost to use this plugin and there are no limits to the number of exports. Use it as often as you like without any restrictions to export your galleries and photos to your computer. We created this free plugin to support the WordPress community.

How can I get support?

This plugin is so easy to use that we’re confident 99% of you won’t need any extra help, but feel free to email us at support@wpcloudgallery.com if you have any questions about this service. Free unlimited support is available to all our valued users.


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