Shield Security for WordPress


Powerful Security for WordPress doesn’t need to be hard

There’s no good reason for WordPress security plugins to be so complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Shield is the easiest security plugin to setup – you simply activate it. Then a beautiful, step-by-step wizard will walk you through the basic configuration.

And you can dig deeper, any time you’re ready.

Trust: Shield Does Exactly What It Says It Will Do

You’ve probably been let down in the past, but Shield is the WordPress Security solution that does what it says it’ll do – Protect Your Site.

Constant notifications are not okay. You’re already busy!

Receiving constant alerts from your security plugins isn’t “security”. It’s just noise. By the time you receive a notification and respond to it, it’s already too late.

Instead, Shield Security does it what it needs to do, and alerts you if and when you need to informed.

Shield is your Silent Guardian. It doesn’t squawk at you every time a visitor presses against your defenses.

It’ll do its job without moaning at you, and leave you in peace to get on with your job.

You’re not alone, and there’s no risk to test it out.

You can try out Shield alongside any other security plugins, and it comes highly recommended
– it has the highest average rating for any WP Security plugin.

Easy-to-setup, but powerful protection blocks attacks and suspicious activity, but won’t lock you out.

Shield is the must-have, free Security Solution for all your WordPress sites.

Shield Features You’ll Absolutely Love

  • Beautiful, Easy-To-Use Guided Wizards – help you configure Shield and run scans like a Pro
  • Limit Login Attempts / Block Automatic Brute-Force Bots – all automatically
  • Powerful Core File Scanners – automatically detects malicious file changes and hacks you’d never see
  • Automatic IP Black List – no need for you to manage IPs!
  • 2-Factor Authentication – including Google Authenticator and Email
  • Block 100% Automated Comments SPAM
  • Audit Trail & User Activity Logging
  • Firewall
  • Security Admin Users
  • Block REST API / XML-RPC
  • HTTP Headers
  • Automatic Updates Control
  • and much, much more…

Don’t Leave Your Site At Risk
If your site is vulnerable to attack, you’re putting your business and your reputation at serious risk. Getting hacked can mean you’re locked out of your site, client data stolen, your website defaced or offline, and Google will penalise you.

Why take the risk?

Download and install Shield now for FREE so that you have the most powerful WordPress security system working for you and protecting your site.

The New Shield Pro

From November 2017, Shield Security now has a Pro version for those that need to take their Security to the next level.

The Pro Extras:

  1. Exclusive customer email support.
  2. Plugin Vulnerability Scanner.
  3. Plugin / Themes Hack Detection Scanner.
  4. More Frequent Scans – as often as every hour.
  5. Protection for your WooCommerce customers (incl. Easy Digital Downloads & BuddyPress)
  6. Remember-Me 2-Factor Authentication.
  7. Powerful Password Policies.
  8. Import/Export of options across sites.
  9. Improved Audit Trail logging
  10. Exclusive early access to new security features
  11. Text customisations for your visitors.
  12. No manual Pro plugin downloads – we handle this all for you automatically.
  13. No license keys to manage – it’s all automatic!
  14. (coming soon) White Labelling
  15. (coming soon) Statistics and Reporting
  16. (coming soon) Select individual automatic plugin updates

Dedicated Premium Support

The Shield Security team prioritises email technical support over the forums.
Individual, dedicated technical support is only available to customers who have purchased Shield Pro.

Learn more on going Pro at our One Dollar Plugin store.

Our Mission

All the great features of how Shield protects your sites and your customers data are set out below in detail, but there are a few things about us, that you should know first:

  • We’re on a mission to liberate people who manage websites from unnecessarily repetitive work, and by 2022 we want to
    be saving our clients over 62.5 million hours per year (and we’d love you to join us in our quest)
  • We have three rules that apply to everything we do, and you’ll see these when you use our products or contact us for help:
  1. We make everything as simple and easy-to-use as possible (and no simpler!).
  2. We’re reliable – we make sure our products do what they promise.
  3. We take ownership for resolving problems – we will solve the problem, or point you towards the solution.

So, read on for the detail, or start protecting yourself, your clients and your clients’ customers immediately by
downloading and installing Shield now

What makes the Shield different?

  • Powerful free security protection.
  • Easy-To-Setup User Interface.
  • It won’t break your website – you’ll never get that horrible,
    pit-of-your stomach feeling you get with other security plugins when your website doesn’t load anymore.
  • Super Admin Security – the only WordPress Security Plugin that protects against tampering.
  • Exclusive membership to a private security group where you can learn more about WordPress security.

Super Admin Security Protection

The only WordPress security plugin with a WordPress-independent security key to protect itself. more info

Audit Trail Activity Monitor

With the Audit Trail you can review all major actions that have taken place on your WordPress site, by all users.

Firewall Protection

Blocks all web requests to the site that violate the firewall security rules! more info

Brute Force Login Guard and Two-Factor Authentication

Provides effective security against Brute Force Hacking and email based Two-Factor Authenticated login. more info

Comment SPAM (Full replacement and upgrade from Akismet)

Blocks ALL automatic Bot-SPAM, and catches Human Comments SPAM without sending data to 3rd parties or charging subscription fees. more info

FABLE – Fully Automatic Black Listing Engine

No more manual IP Black lists. This plugin handles the blocking of IP addresses for hosts that are naughty.

WordPress Lock Down

Numerous security and protection mechanisms to lock down your WordPress admin area, such as blocking file edits and enforcing SSL.

Automatic Updates

Take back control of your WordPress Automatic Updates.

Login and Identity Security Protection – Stops Brute Force Attacks

Note: Login Guard is a completely independent feature to the Firewall.

With the Login Guard this plugin will single-handedly prevent brute force login attacks on all your WordPress sites.

It doesn’t need IP Address Ban Lists (which are actually useless anyway), and instead puts hard limits on your WordPress site,
and force users to verify themselves when they login.

Three core security features provide layers to protect the WordPress Login system.

  1. Email-based 2-Factor Login Authentication based on IP address! (prevents brute force login attacks)
  2. Login Cooldown Interval – WordPress will only process 1 login per interval in seconds (prevents brute force login attacks)
  3. GASP Anti-Bot Login Form Protection – Adds 2 protection checks for all WordPress login attempts (prevents brute force login attacks using Bots)

These options alone will protect and secure your WordPress sites from nearly all forms of Brute Force login attacks.

And you hardly need to configure anything! Simply check the options to turn them on, set a cooldown interval and you’re instantly protected.

SPAM and Comments Filtering

As of version 1.6, this plugin integrates GASP Spambot Protection.

We have taken this functionality a level further and added the concept of unique, per-page visit, Comment Tokens.

Comment Tokens are unique keys that are created every time a page loads and they are uniquely generated based on 3 factors:

  1. The visitors IP address.
  2. The Page they are viewing
  3. A unique, random number, generated at the time the page is loaded.

This is all handle automatically and your users will not be affected – they’ll still just have a checkbox like the original GASP plugin.

These comment tokens are then embedded in the comment form and must be presented to your WordPress site when a comment is posted. The plugin
will then examine the token, the IP address from which the comment is coming, and page upon which the comment is being posted. They must
all match before the comment is accepted.

Furthermore, we place a cooldown (i.e. you must wait X seconds before you can post using that token) and an expiration on these comment tokens.
The reasons for this are:

  1. Cooldown means that a spambot cannot load a page, read the unique comment token and immediately re-post a comment to that page. It must wait
    a while. This has the effect of slowing down the spambots, and, if the spambots get it wrong, they’ve wasted that token – as tokens can only
    be used once.
  2. Expirations mean that a spambot cannot get the token and use it whenever it likes, it must use it within the specfied time.

This all combines to make it much more difficult for spambots (and also human spammers as they have to now wait) to work their dirty magic 🙂


Note: When you enable the plugin, the firewall is not automatically turned on. This plugin contains various different sections of
protection for your site and you should choose which you need based on your own requirements.

Why do we do this? It’s simple: performance and optimization – there is no reason to automatically turn on features for people that don’t
need it as each site and set of requirements is different.

This plugin should install as any other respository plugin.

  1. Browse to Plugins -> Add Plugin
  2. Search: Shield
  3. Click Install
  4. Click to Activate.

A new menu item will appear on the left-hand side called ‘Shield’.


Please see the dedicated help centre for details on features and some FAQs.

How does the Shield compare with other WordPress Security Plugins?

Easy – we’re just better! 😉

Firstly, we don’t modify a single core WordPress or web hosting file. This is important and explains why randomly you upgrade your security plugin and your site dies.

Ideally you shouldn’t use this along side other Anti-SPAM plugins or security plugins. If there is a feature you need, please feel free to suggest it in the support forums.

My server has a firewall, why do I need this plugin?

This plugin is an application layer firewall, not a server/network firewall. It is designed to interpret web calls to your site to
look for attempts to circumvent it and gain unauthorized access.

Your network firewall is designed to restrict access to your server based on certain types of network traffic. The Shield
is designed to restrict access to your site, based on certain type of web calls.

How does the IP Whitelist work?

Any IP address that is on the whitelist will not be subject to any of the firewall processing. This setting takes priority over all other settings.

Does the IP Whitelist support IP ranges?

Yes. To specify a range you use CIDR notation. E.g. ABC.DEF.GHJ.KMP/16

I want to black list an IP address, where can I do that?

You can’t. The plugin runs an automatic black list IP system so you don’t need to maintain any manual lists.

I’ve locked myself out from my own site!

This happens when any the following 3 conditions are met:

  • you have added your IP address to the firewall blacklist,
  • you have enabled 2 factor authentication and email doesn’t work on your site (and you haven’t chosen the override option)

You can completely turn OFF (and ON) the Shield by creating a special file in the plugin folder.

Here’s how:

  1. Open up an FTP connection to your site, browse to the plugin folder /wp-content/plugins/wp-simple-firewall/
  2. Create a new file in here called: “forceOff”.
  3. Load any page on your WordPress site.
  4. After this, you’ll find your Shield has been switched off.

If you want to turn the firewall on in the same way, create a file called “forceOn”.

Remember: If you leave one of these files on the server, it will override your on/off settings, so you should delete it when you no longer need it.

Which takes precedence… whitelist or blacklist?

Whitelist. So if you have the same address in both lists, it’ll be whitelisted and allowed to pass before the blacklist comes into effect.

What changes go into each version?

The changelog outlines the main changes for each release. We group changes by minor release “Series”. Changes in smaller “point” releases are highlighted
using (v.1) notation. So for example, version 4.4.1 will have changelog items appended with (v.1)

Can I assist with development?

Yes! We actively develop our plugin on Github and the best thing you can do is submit pull request and bug reports which we’ll review.

How does the pages/parameters whitelist work?

It is a comma-separated list of pages and parameters. A NEW LINE should be taken for each new page name and its associated parameters.

The first entry on each line (before the first comma) is the page name. The rest of the items on the line are the parameters.

The following are some simple examples to illustrate:

edit.php, featured

On the edit.php page, the parameter with the name ‘featured’ will be ignored.

admin.php, url, param01, password

Any parameters that are passed to the page ending in ‘admin.php’ with the names ‘url’, ‘param01’ and ‘password’ will
be excluded from the firewall processing.

*, url, param, password

Putting a star first means that these exclusions apply to all pages. So for every page that is accessed, all the parameters
that are url, param and password will be ignored by the firewall.

How does the login cooldown work?

When enabled the plugin will prevent more than 1 login attempt to your site every “so-many” seconds. So if you enable a login cooldown
of 60 seconds, only 1 login attempt will be processed every 60 seconds. If you login incorrectly, you wont be able to attempt another
login for a further 60 seconds.

More Info:

How does the GASP Login Guard work?

This is best described on the blog

How does the 2-factor authentication work?

2-Factor Authentication is best described here.

I’m getting an update message although I have auto update enabled?

The Automatic (Background) WordPress updates happens on a WordPress schedule – it doesn’t happen immediately when an update is detected.
You can either manually upgrade, or WordPress will handle it in due course.

How can I remove the WordPress admin footer message that displays my IP address?

You can add some custom code to your functions.php exactly as the following:

add_filter( 'icwp_wpsf_print_admin_ip_footer', '__return_false' );
How can I change the text/html in the Plugin Badge?

Use the following filter and return the HTML/Text you wish to display:

add_filter( 'icwp_shield_plugin_badge_text', 'your_function_to_return_text' );
How can I change the roles for login notification emails?

Use the following filter and return the role in the function:

add_filter( 'icwp_wpsf-login-notification-email-role', 'your_function_to_return_role' );

Possible options are: network_admin, administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber


The best security plugin in my view

I take website security seriously. I have moved all of our websites over to Shield Security for WordPress - it is easy to use and understand, provides comprehensive security measures and has not incurred the same kinds of issues that other security plugins have produced. Some plugins are disastrous - be aware. Shield Security is the best, most secure WO plugin by far.

Simply my favorite security plugin

Simply my favorite security plugin. I use it for all my sites. I upgraded one already and will eventually upgrade to pro on all my sites. I can't afford not to. Security is very important online. Everyone knows that.

Best Plugin

I am searching like this plugin for last 2 days. Finally I found this. This plugin really offers very good features in free plan also. It proves they are customer concerned. I will soon upgrade to premium once I get enough money.

So Far So Good

I've been using this for 3 weeks and I am happy with it so far. Decided to upgrade to premium as it seems to be a good deal with people working on it who are dedicated to maintaining it and building it. I would like to see a better user interface. This one is a bit clunky. Otherwise, so far so good!

WP Shield Plugin

Hello, Every One...!! This is Ajay for Indore. I really love WP Sheild Plugin in this plugin have more security feature which can full fill your security requirement.
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** IMPORTANT ** : Shield Security v7+ will support only PHP versions 5.4 and above.

Shield Pro brings exclusive features to the serious webmaster to maximise site security.
You’ll also have access to our email technical support team.

You will always be able to use Shield Security and its free features in-full.

Go Pro for just $1/month.

6.10.9 – Current Release

Released: 7th December, 2018Release Notes

  • (v.9) FIXED: Admin notices displaying to non-admins.
  • (v.7) ADDED: [PRO] New option to specify usernames for Security Admin role.
  • (v.7) IMPROVED: Idle user detection.
  • (v.7) IMPROVED: Support for redirect/cancel URLs in 2FA login page.
  • (v.7) CHANGED: Final release before Shield v7. Small warning shown on plugins page if PHP < 5.4

6.10 – Series

Released: 15th October, 2018Release Notes

  • (v.6) ADDED: New option to control plugin automatic updates.
  • (v.6) IMPROVED: Enhancements to the experimental bot JS.
  • (v.6) IMPROVED: Support for Easy Digital Downloads forms.
  • (v.5) Release skipped.
  • (v.4) FIXED: Couldn’t deactivate plugin.
  • (v.3) ADDED: Support for Ultimate Member forms
  • (v.3) ADDED: Support for LearnPress login/registration forms
  • (v.3) FIXED: Security Admin now correctly honours the WordPress Options zone setting.
  • (v.3) IMPROVED: Distinguish which sub-site (sub-domain) for WPMS installations on Traffic Watcher.
  • (v.3) IMPROVED: Server’s own IP lookup is only attempted once.
  • (v.3) ADDED: Experimental feature to help with some custom 3rd party login/registration forms
  • (v.2) IMPROVED: Visitor IP address detection
  • (v.2) IMPROVED: Automatic whitelisting of Manage WP IP addresses
  • (v.2) IMPROVED: SPAM Comments code enhanced and optimised
  • (v.2) IMPROVED: IP Whitelisting code enhanced and optimised
  • (v.2) IMPROVED: Code cleaning and refactoring.
  • (v.1) FIXED: Googlebot PHP error notice.
  • (v.0) NEW: [PRO] 2FA Login Backup Codes – all users can create a backup login code in-case their MFA factors are temporarily unavailable.
  • (v.0) NEW: [PRO] White Label – you can now specify custom image for 2FA login screen.
  • (v.0) ADDED: [PRO] Custom Exclusion Rules for Traffic Watcher so you can exclude certain User Agents and request paths.
  • (v.0) ADDED: Detection of official spiders/bots for Google, Bing, Apple and Yandex – these visitors will never get blacklisted.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Two-Factor Authentication system much improved (+ critical bug fix).
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Audit Trail entries for 2FA login factors.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Fixes for Two-Factor Authentication wizard UX.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Traffic Watcher now honours the IP Whitelist.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Security Admin restriction for creating/editing/deleting Administrator users is much improved.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: All Shield cookies are SSL-only by default for HTTPS sites.
  • (v.0) FIXED: GASP checkbox Javascript breaking in a particular scenario.
  • (v.0) ADDED: Optional plugin deactivation survey.

Full Changelog