WordPress Book List


Finally, an easy way to record and categorize your entire library for all the internet to see!

UPDATE: Now includes full WooCommerce Integration with the StoreFront Extension!

Check out a working demo here.

How does WPBookList work?

Simply plug in the ISBN or ASIN number of your book and let WordPress Book List scour the internet for all information possible about the title, including:

  • Cover Images
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Editor’s Description
  • Category
  • Links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, iTunes Books
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • Similar titles

Additionally, WPBookList allows you to record your own thoughts and opinions on each title for all your visitors to see!

Some additional features include:

Extensions Make WPBookList Even Better!

Get your WPBookList Extensions today to add additional functionality to your WPBookList plugin. Popular Extensions include:

What are these StylePak things I keep hearing about?

StylePaks are additional $2 add-ons that instantly change the look-and-feel of WPBookList. Check out some demos below:

What are these Template Pak things I keep hearing about?

Like StylePaks, Template Paks are additional $2 add-ons that instantly change the look-and-feel of your WPBookList Pages and Posts. Check ‘em out below:

Try out WordPress Book List right now!


  • How your books will appear on your website. WPBookList uses most of the default styling of your currently active theme, but WPBookList StylePaks allow you to further customize WPBookList styling to better suite your website.
  • Another shot of the same website - note the review stars!
  • This is how your books will appear when you click on a title or cover image.
  • This is how WPBookList can look with the StoreFront Extension activated - notice the prices and the ‘Buy’ image for each title. The StoreFront Extension lets you set your own ‘Buy’ image.
  • How individual books can look with the StoreFront Extension’ - here you see several purchase links and the price displayed, and you’ll notice that the ‘Finished’, ‘Signed’, and ‘First Edition’ text is hidden.
  • An example of how the Amazon Reviews look for each title.
  • A screenshot of the ‘Description’ and ‘Notes’ section for each title, both of which are fully editable.
  • Another example of a different book.
  • A screenshot of the options page in the WordPress Dashboard. Here you can control which elements actually get displayed on the page you’ve placed your library on.
  • Here you can create additional libraries, for example, you could create a ‘Currently Reading’ library, a ‘Fiction’ library, a ‘Fantasy’ library, or whatever else you can think of!
  • With the Affiliates Extension, you can add your Amazon & iTunes Affiliate ID to each book, giving you credit each time a visitor clicks on and/or purchases a title.
  • Here’s a screenshot of where you can upload your WPBookList StylePaks, changing the look and feel of WPBookList.
  • The Amazon Localization options, allowing you to set your Amazon reviews and links based on country.
  • A screenshot of the iOS version of the Official WPBookList companion app. Scan your book’s barcode instead of entering the ISBN numbers manually. Only available with the WPBookList Mobile App Extension.
  • A second screenshot of the companion app. All that’s required is to input the address of your WPBookList library and you can start scanning books! Only available with the WPBookList Mobile App Extension.


Method 1) Simply drop this folder (unzipped) into your WordPress plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins).

Method 2) In the WordPress admin dashboard, click on ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘Add New’ towards the very top of the page, click on ‘Upload Plugin’, and upload the ‘wpbooklist.zip’ file you downloaded.

Method 3) In the WordPress admin dashboard, click on ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘Add New’ towards the very top of the page, search for ‘wpbooklist’, and then click ‘Install Now’.

USAGE: Simply paste this shortcode on the page or post you’d like to display your library: [wpbooklist_shortcode], visit that page or post on the front-end (like a visitor to your website would do), and look for the “Add a Book” link. Click on it, enter the ISBN number of the book you’d like to add, fill out the other fields (if you’d like, the only required field is the ISBN number), and click ‘Add Book!’

Smartphone App Setup (with the Mobile App Extension)

1) Download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

2) Open the WPBookList app on your smartphone, press ‘Configure Settings’, and input the address of the page you’ve placed your WPBookList library on.

3) Press ‘Add a Book Now!’, scan your book’s barcode, and watch it appear on your website!


How do I add a book? – On the WordPress Dashboard, click on the ‘WPBookList’ link on the left-hand side (marked by a circular icon outlined in orange). Fill out the form, click ‘Add Book’, and that’s it! If you choose to gather book info from Amazon, the only required field is the ISBN/ASIN number.

I’m an author and/or publishing company – can I link to Author’s Websites? – You sure can! If you’ve purchased the StoreFront Extension, then when adding a book, you’ll be given the option to input the Author’s URL, and you’ll then see a link to that URL when viewing that title.

Can I use WPBookList to sell my books? You can with the StoreFront Extension! While WPBookList doesn’t sell books directly, it can be used to link to wherever your books are sold, and display that link, and the price of the title, to your visitors, both in the Library view and the individual Book view. This is only possible with the StoreFront Extension. Check out the StoreFront demo here.

Can I add my own Amazon Affiliate ID to all my books in WPBookList? – Absolutely, but only with the Affiliates Extension.

I’m a publisher/author looking for unique advertising opportunities – do you offer advertising space in WPBookList? I do! I’m currently looking to populate WPBookList with some ‘default’ titles that will come pre-installed when the user first activates WPBookList, and I also have a method of pushing out books to individual websites for all to see. Feel free to reach out at Advertising@WPBookList.com for more info.

Why can’t WPBookList find my book? – While WPBookList will have no problem finding the vast majority of books by their ISBN/ASIN numbers alone, occasionally WPBookList will come across a title that it simply can’t find information for. WPBookList searches through the databases of Amazon, Google, iTunes, and more for information about a title, so the general rule of thumb is that if it can’t be found at amazon.com or Google Books, WPBookList will not be able to automatically pull information for your title.

Does it matter which ISBN number I use? – Nope, WPBookList can find titles using both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13, although using the ISBN-13 number is recommended. You can also leave dashes in the ISBN number when you’re adding a book (for example, if you copy/paste from a different website).

Can I upload my GoodReads library into WPBookList? – You sure can, but only with the Goodreads Extension.

Why does it take so long to upload my Goodreads export? – WPBookList is doing a ton of behind-the-scenes number-crunching for each title, reaching out to several different locations to gather all info possible about each title. As such, this can end up taking quite a while if your export is large… rest assured however that eventually, your entire Goodreads export will be uploaded!

Why shouldn’t I open my Goodreads export file before uploading it to WordPress Book List? – To ensure that nothing goes wrong with the upload process, the Goodreads export file must be in a ‘perfect state’ so to speak… sometimes, on some computers, simply opening the file can make modifications to it, depending on the operating system, the program used to open the file, etc. It’s just a much better idea to never open your Goodreads export and instead upload it straight to WordPress Book List.

Do you provide support for WPBookList? – Absolutely! If there’s something just not right about your WPBookList experience, shoot me an e-mail at TechSupport@WPBookList.com.

How do these StylePak things work? – StylePaks are additional $2 add-ons for WPBookList that change the look and feel of WPBookList. Check out the StylePak Demos Here:

How do these Template Pak things work? – Like StylePaks, Template Paks are additional $2 add-ons for WPBookList that change the look and feel of your WPBookList Pages and Posts. Check ‘em out Here:

What are all of the Shortcode Options for displaying a Cover Image? – To display the cover image of a book that links to it’s Amazon page, simply place this shortcode on page or post: [showbookcover]. The available options are as follows:

  • Specify a book: isbn=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
  • Set placement: align=”left” or align=”right”
  • Specify Library: table=”nameoflibrary”
  • Set the size: width=”100″

So, for example, to display a book from a library you created named “fictionlibrary”, on the left side of a page or post, with a size of 100, this shortcode would do the trick:

[showbookcover isbn=”123456789912″ align=”left” width=”100″ table=”fictionlibrary”]

Simply leave out the table option to use the default library.

If all options are left out of the [showbookcover] shortcode, by default WPBookList will display the first book from your default library, aligned to the left, with a size of 100.

How Can I Translate WPBookList Into My Language Of Choice?

So here’s the kinda-sorta official way to translate WPBookList:

Head to this link: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/wpbooklist

Scroll through the list to find the language and locale/dialect you want to translate WPBookList into, and click on the name. On the next page (which should look something like https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/de/formal/wp-plugins/wpbooklist) click on the “Stable (latest release)”, and simply work your way down the list, translating string by string into whatever language you’re working with. You’ll have to be sure to be logged in (log in here: https://login.wordpress.org/?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Ftranslate.wordpress.org%2Fprojects%2Fwp-plugins%2Fwpbooklist%2Fstable%2Fde%2Fformal&locale=en_US) before you can provide a translation.

Now when you add these translations, they’ll be saved, and an official member of the WordPress translation team will have to ‘approve’ each one of these translations individually, and it’s usually a first-come-first-served-type thing, meaning it could take quite a while. Luckily, you yourself can apply to be one of these “Official Translators”, with the ability to approve your own translations.

In order to become one of these “Official Translators”, I’ll need to know your official username (the one you used to log in at https://login.wordpress.org/?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Ftranslate.wordpress.org%2Fprojects%2Fwp-plugins%2Fwpbooklist%2Fstable%2Fde%2Fformal&locale=en_US) and which specific language/dialect you’re wanting to be an “Official Translator” of, and then I can send in a request. E-mail me those two bits of information to general@wpbooklist.com.


November 20, 2019
I had near constant errors. Wrote numerous times via his website and email addresses asking for assistance but never once got even got a courtesy response. Total waste of money and time, don't bother using these.
November 11, 2019
Doesn't work for me when I tried to add books using Amazon ISBN or ASIN codes. No book information was returned. Hope this gets fixed.
July 21, 2019
Annoying advertising on every page No real backup, only ISBNs Cumbersome book entry (e.g. moving over "?" brings up help dialogs which always have to be closed first) Data is not stored, or doubled Amazon not working etc. etc.
June 17, 2019
This plugin never worked as described in the documentation. Even though I purchased "Ultimate Bundle III" with "Priority tech support", my emails and support requests went unanswered. I am at the point of demanding a refund through PayPal because the vendor absolutely will not respond and I cannot use the product. Truly a terrible experience.
May 28, 2019
I'm sorry to say I am extremely disappointed in this plugin and Jake. I loved it at first, thought it was amazing for my needs so much so that I hired him to do custom work with it for a client. We thought everything was great and he was paid. Then things started to go wrong and he completely disappeared. Zero responses. No settings would save, we changes could be made. We had to abandon the plugin and go to another solution.
April 18, 2019
I have had this extention for a while now and experienced problems. It has been a month since i sent a support request and have not gotten any response. Very dissapointed
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“WordPress Book List” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“WordPress Book List” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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v1.0.0 – Initial Release of The New WPBookList.

v5.0.1 – Fixed a bug that prevented some titles from being edited – lines 1486 and 1622 were modified – changed the string ‘sep’ to ‘–sep-seperator-sep–’.

v5.0.3 – Modified the Pages & Posts classes to add post excerpts and featured images. Fixed bug that prevented the sharing icons from displaying on Pages & Posts properly. Added additional Post & Page Styling to better accommodate mobile devices. Added top margin to library container. Modified the Post & Page names to ensure uniqueness and compatibility with permalink. Fixed bug that resulted in only one ‘Similar Title’ being displayed in Colorbox. Fixed bug that left slashes in book title.

v5.0.4 – Fixed link to the API tab, introduced code to reload page after saving API Keys, introduced StylePak Advertisement Page, added the Extensions Bundle tile to the Extensions page, fixed positioning of the drop-down on all admin pages, removed the z-index from the book title, fixed misspelling of ‘Available’ in Colorbox class, added margin to bottom of purchase titles on pages/posts, removed the CSS Reset for Phrase tags in the Colorbox CSS file to ensure HTML in the Descriptions and Notes sections displays as expected, fixed a bug that prevented any HTML found in the Description & Notes fields from displaying properly in Colorbox after being edited, fixed bug that prevented some Similar Titles in Colorbox from being displayed properly.

v5.0.5 – Modified class-wpbooklist-book.php to make Amazon API call region-specific, fixed typo that prevented the ‘UK’ localization option being checked. Fixed bug that prevented some https links from forming properly in the colorbox.php file. Fixed bug that prevented the ‘Read More’ link on WPBookList Posts from operating properly. Converted the Page and Post ‘StylePaks’ to ‘Templates’. Fixed bug that called the old ‘colors’ function in the colobox.php file. Fixed bug that prevented some pages and posts from displaying their appropriate template. Fixed bug that prevented uploaded zipped Library StylePaks from being used on some websites.

v5.0.6 – Modified Post & Page default styling. Modified the post-template-default.php and page-template-default.php files to better accommodate the StoreFront extension. Modified functions.php file to better accommodate the ‘Similar Titles’ sections of the WPBookList Post & Pages.Modified the class-wpbooklist-book.php file to add a secondary way to search for titles on itunes/ibooks. Modified the class-wpbooklist-book.php file to change how Amazon reviews are refreshed if expired. Added a filter to check the max key length of db, and modify if needed

v5.0.7 – Added support for the new Kindle Preview Extension

v5.0.8 – Added new purchase links & images (Books-A-Million and Kobo). Fixed a bug that showed the ‘Purchase This Book At:’ text even when all purchase links were hidden. Added the new ‘Kindle Preview’ and ‘TimeSaver Bundle’ extensions to the ‘Extensions’ page. Added function to download a CSV file of ISBN/ASIN numbers on the ‘Backup’ tab of the ‘Settings’ page. Added additional shortcode functionality to display books in a variety of news ways, such as with an excerpt or as a link to the ‘Book View’ colorbox. Fixed a bug that prevented Book View from opening if the Australian Amazon Localization setting was checked. Fixed a bug that prevented custom library settings from saving on some sites. Added some Mobile styling for the Extensions tab. Began adding support for the upcoming WPBookList BookSwapper Extension.

v5.0.9 – Fixed a bug that prevented books from being added on some sites.

5.0.10 – Fixed a few styling issues with the display=“excerpt” shortcode argument. Fixed a bug that prevented some libraries from being displayed if the table name is capitalized. Fixed a bug the prevented the clicking of the ‘Signed’ No checkbox. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the review stars from being displayed on WPBookList Posts and Pages. Fixed a bug that sometimes incorrectly lists a book as ‘Finished’ on the WPBookList posts and pages. Fixed the colorbox styling to reduce the blank space between the goodreads widget and the rest of the sections below. Fixed a bug that made all spinners active when editing a book. Fixed a bug that prevented the correct display of Page and Post options when certain checkboxes are checked. Fixed a bug on the ‘Display Options’ page that checked the ‘hide title’ checkbox when the ‘review stars’ checkbox was checked. Added ability to use the ‘action’ argument in the default WPBookList shortcode to link to merchant sites instead of displaying the color box Book View.

5.0.11 – Added additional support for translations

5.0.12 – Modified the Pagination feature to only display if there is a second page, and to only display the book number once if only one title is on page.Added an admin message with links to Extensions and StylePaks. Added additional Translation strings.

5.1.0 – Introduced check in the class-wpbooklist-book.php file for Amazon reviews refresh. Added stripslashes function in colorbox.php file for Publisher field. Fixed bug that prevented some Storefront icons from displaying properly in colorbox window. Added StoreFront WooCommerce Support.

5.2.0 – Introduced support for Page and Post templates. Added the ‘Templates’ Submenu Page.

5.3.0 – Introduced support for the new BookFinder Extension.

5.3.0 – Introduced support for the new BookFinder Extension, and introduced the book ‘Reordering’ feature.

5.3.1 – Bug fixes for the ‘Reordering’ feature, the link to view a book after immediately adding it, and a UI fix for the ‘Edit & Delete Books’ tab.

5.3.2 – Added unique ids to some elements in the Book View for compatibility with the new Stylizer Extension. Added class name to the Book View Stats area. Modified the StylePak function to increase reliability. Removed success condition for resetting mouse movements after re-ordering books. Changed the ‘Add Book’ submission to better accommodate all browsers. Modified styling on ‘Edit & Delete Books’ tab. Removed unneeded event handler. Changed styling on ‘Library StylePak’ page. Changed styling on ‘Custom Libraries & Shortcodes’ page. Modified the ‘Ultimate Bundle’ advertisement to reflect the new price. Added Template Pak Image. Removed the color modifications within Colorbox upon completion. Added advertisement for the Stylizer Extension. Added Facebook link. Added support for Holiday StylePaks.

5.3.3 – Fixed a bug that prevented the addition of new books to libraries.

5.3.4 – Added stripslashes to the book’s title of the Post & Page templates. Added advertisement for the Carousel Extension.

5.4.0 – Added ability to specify a ‘post’ or ‘page’ action argument in the WPBookList shortcode, to have the book cover link to it’s associated Page or Post, if it exists. Added code to decode html entities on the Edit Book form. Added a check for existing tables when plugins activates. Added advertisement for the new Categories Extension.

5.5.0. – Added ability to specify the purchase links for Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo and Books-a-million when editing a book. Added modification to the class-frontend-library-ui.php file to account for and adjust database tables whose prefixes must be capitalized or all lowercase. Added in brand-new ‘Subject’ and ‘Country’ fields for each book. Added support for the new Google Preview Extension. Added the brand-new ‘Filter Panel’ on the front-end Library view. Added new options within the ‘Sort By…’ drop-down box on the front-end Library view.

5.5.1 – Added check for the Google global variable to prevent Javascript error. Fixed a bug that prevented the settings tables from updating to include the new fields introduced in version 5.5.0. Fixed a bug that prevented the new display options from remaining checked. Fixed a bug that prevented images sizes from displaying properly with the [showbookcover] shortcode. Fixed a bug that prevents proper image size from being detected with the getimagesize function on some servers.

5.5.2 – Fixed a bug that prevents some db tables from displaying their contents. Fixed a bug in IE that prevented the pagination of libraries from working correctly. Fixed a bug that prevented some multi-site WordPress installs from displaying Extension UIs properly. Fixed a bug that prevented StylePaks on some secure sites from being loaded.

5.5.3 – Added an Exit Survey to WPBookList in an attempt to gather information about why a potential user decides to not use WPBookList.

5.5.4 – Changed the default Admin message. Made a change to the class-frontend-library-ui-php file, lines 993-1005 to use the user’s API key and tag for links if provided. Modified the class-show-book-in-colorbox.php file, lines 130-148, to better detect if StoreFront extension is active, especially in multisite installs. Modified the ‘wpbooklist_library_pagination_action_javascript’ and the ‘wpbooklist_library_sort_select_action_javascript’ functions and their callback functions to better accommodate the new front-end filter options introduced in 5.5.0. Made change to the class-frontend-library-ui.php file, lines 51, 59, 904, and 974, that allows better functioning of the front-end ‘Sort by’ option and the default ‘Sort By’ option. Fixed an errant typo in the class-page.php file, line 80, that prevented pages from being created. Modified class-frontend-library-ui.php file, lines 178-203 and line 210, to prevent a bug from occurring when sorting & searching. Modified wpbooklist.php, line 36, to build the ‘ROOT_DIR’ PHP constant with the plugin_dir_path() function instead of ABSPATH.

5.5.5 – Made modifications to the Exit Survey, removed unnecessary files from Colorbox, and removed the Colorbox border images within the css.

5.6.0 – Added support for the new WPBookList Branding Extension.

5.6.1 – Fixed a bug that displayed a broken image within the Book View on some sites that are not using the Branding Extension. Also fixed a bug that prevented some user’s Affiliate IDs from being applied to their links.

5.6.2 – Added advertisement for WPGameList, and switched Amazon Lookup to cloud server.

5.6.3 – Modified the wpdb->prepare statements in the wpbooklist_new_lib_shortcode_action_callback function of ajaxfunctions.php to prevent bug that kept users from deleting custom libraries.

5.7.0 – Introduced StoryTime.

5.7.1 – Fixed a bug that caused APIs to be called twice.

5.8.0 – Made many improvements to code quality, efficiency, execution speed, etc. Fixed bug that prevented the retrieval of OpenLibrary Data. Added new database columns for Author’s First name and Author’s last name, better enabling the ‘Sort Alphabetically (Author’s Last Name)’ options. Re-worked the output of the [WPBookList] shortcode, introducing a new pagination system and more robust functionality for the search/sort/filter options. Fixed a bug that interfered with the correct functioning of the Book Deletion and Reordering functions. Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of Pages and Posts when using the Bulk-Upload Extension. Removed several unused assets. Added a Privacy tab to the Settings page. Also added checks to load JavaScript and CSS files on just the pages that require them, if applicable.

5.8.1 – Eased restriction on how/when .css and .js files get loaded, adding an automatic load if is_home or is_front_page is true, and if the word ‘WPBookList’ appears in Content.

5.8.2 – Added arguments to the wp_register_script() and wp_enqueue_script() functions in functions.php for readmore.min.js, colorbox-min.js, and addthis.js to be loaded in the footer.

5.8.3 – Added additional Quotes.

5.8.4 – Added additional Quotes.

6.0.0 – Massive changes to WPBookList, including a new WPBookList Users System, additional fields for each book, speed/caching improvements, support for upcoming Extensions, and more!

6.1.0 – Added the Comments Extension on the Extensions page, added a ‘Clear WPBookList Cache’ button on the 4 WPBookList Settings pages, improved the Stats area on the front-end to report the values for an entire Library and not just which page the user is viewing, various other code improvements.

6.1.1 – Fixed the Similar Titles Section – If the user has specifed Similar Titles when adding a book, those titles will be displayed, as opposed to similar titles found from Amazon. The titles will link to various location in this order of importance: An existing WPBookList Post, An existing WPBookList Page, Amazon, or no link. Also fixed several bugs in the Showing/Hiding of items within the Book View.

6.1.2 – Removed the ‘Filter_var’ function call inside of the ‘Empty’ construct on line 1145 of class-wpbooklist-general-functions.php file.

6.1.3 – Introduced a new area in the Book View that displays the Additional Images that are specified when a book is added. Fixed quite a few bugs and other errors, including, but not limited to: An error with the WPBookList Cache not saving with the correct prefix, a bug preventing the editing of some fields, the inclusion of the ‘Enable Storefront’ Options on the ‘Pages’ and ‘Posts’ Display Options Pages, inclusion of a new function to deactivate all WPBookList Extensions when the Core WPBookList Plugin is deactivated, to prevent any possible PHP errors, A bug that sometimes caused a book to be edited and/or added into the wrong Library, a bug that prevented the addition of exisitng Custom Fields into a newly-created Custom Library, removed the ‘Set Default Sorting’ area in the Book View Display Options pages, and various other Translation additions/modifications and other code improvements.

6.1.4 – Introduced code to clear WPBookList cache on any and all Display Option database changes. Introduced code to create seperate Transients for the displaying of the Stats area, as websites with Libraries in the thousands had performance issues. Introduced new translations for various upcoming WPBookList Extensions.

6.1.5 – Added text that displays the total number of books in a Library on the ‘Edit & Delete Books’ tab, along with improved Pagination, including the ability to jump to a particular page of book results. Also fixed bug that prevented the Apple iBooks link from appearing in Colorbox.

6.1.6 – Bug fixes for Library and Book View Display Options, as well as bug fixes for the displaying of Cover Images on the default Posts and Pages Templates. Change the wpuserid column in the Users table to accomodate large WP User IDs on WordPress.com sites.

6.1.7 – Prevented the Pagination tools from appearing on the front-end if multiple pages of books do not exist (Github Issue #75). Introduced check in class-wpbooklist-frontend-library-ui.php file, lines 1387-1392, that prevents attempting to grab a quote using an undefined array index key. Also modified the quotation display to not have the closing quotation mark bolded. (Github Issue #98). Added in translations for the new Submissions Extension (Github Issue #100). Modify the IDs of the field values in the ‘Book Form’ HTML (Github Issue #101). Modified the ‘Class-book.php’ file to suite the Submissions Extension (Github Issue #102). Modified the “wpbooklist_dashboard_add_book_action_callback” function to return found book info for the Submissions Extension (Github Issue #103). Added in Advertisment for the new E-Books Extension on the Extensions Menu Page (Github Issue #104). Added in some translations for the WPBookList Search Extension (Github Issue #105).

6.1.8 – Made change to Amazon API calls to reflect the new Product API Guidelines. Amazon has removed current access to their Product Advertising API for WPBookList, as sufficient revenue wasn’t being generated.

6.1.9 – WordPress 5.2 Compat update.

6.2.0 – Various misc. typo fixes and code cleanup.

6.2.1 – Various misc. typo fixes and code cleanup.