Canadian English PTE Requests

Hi all, this page is for you WordPress Dev {putyourusernamehere}.

Yes YOU who spent hours and hours coding your theme(s) and/or plugin(s) and now we want them to be fully translated into Canadian English, Eh!

We have a few rules we’re using for P(roject) T(ranslation) E(ditor) requests.

  1. If you as a Dev want to become a PTE, we follow the WordPress meta handbook for translations recommendations. We’ll not accept such a request if you don’t speak (or know the locale differences of) Canadian English.
  2. If you speak Canadian English or have previous Canadian English translators working on your translations and knowing your product, you’re most welcome to join us by following theses steps:
    • Translate some strings as a Contributor.
    • Get in touch on Slack with the #en-ca tag.
    • We review the translations.
    • We give you or your translators feedback.
    • Then you’ll get PTE access to you Theme or Plugin.

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Why we are using this method:

  • We want to give YOUR project the best Canadian English Translations.
  • It helps us to create a community of Canadian English translators through getting to know each other.
  • We believe in a globally and consistent style across all Projects.
  • We stop “wrong” translations from spreading across all projects and at the same time save us all a lot of revisions.

The best example we give to developers;

« As a Dev on GitHub, do you give all access to another dev that wants to participate to your project. No, right! You ask him first to fork it and create a Pull Request. »

So it’s the same around here, all Pull Requests are more than welcome. We’ll review and accept all of them. And if everything is fine we’ll be happy to let you in. We’re also spending hours on Your translations.

Hope everything is clear, if not you know where to catch us! Slack.

(Most of this has been adopted based on the model used by the French WordPress community.)

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