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A Plugin for Bakers. Makers. Adventure-takers.

Top in tech, speed, and SEO so you can focus on what you do best and CREATE.

Now you can craft multiple Google types using just one plugin.

  • Recipes
  • How-to guides and craft instructions
  • Lists and round-ups
  • More to come!

Now: Automatically calculate nutritional data for your recipes for free.

Create is for…

Recipes — Easily import content from other plugins. Includes free nutrition calculator and video embeds.
Lists and round-ups — Showcase images, links and more in a user-friendly manner.
How-to guides — Display beautiful printable materials lists, instructions and videos for DIYs, crafts and more.

Create by Mediavine was built with the following in mind:

1. Speed
Lightweight, with our strong focus on site speed

2. Optimized for SEO
Full Google Rich Snippet support and one-button schema validation so content is marked up for mobile search carousels

3. Easy to Use
Built for optimal user experience, for you and your readers

4. Top-notch Importers
Easily transfer your content from other recipe plugins

5. Multiple Themes
Five gorgeous themes by Purr Design with more on the way

6. Ad-Ready
Fully monetize your content using the most-ad-optimized themes

7. Matches your site
All themes mimic your site’s unique design so no two look the same

8. Live Preview
See your content how it will appear on your site, in real time, with full Gutenberg support

9. Mobile First
Responsively designed to engage the majority of your audience


  • View all of your cards at a glance in the Create card gallery.
  • Search and sort all of your cards for easy editing.
  • Create SEO-ready Recipe cards in minutes.
  • A published Recipe card using the Hero Image card style.
  • A published Recipe card using the Simple Square card style.
  • Our automatic nutrition calculator saves you time and headaches.
  • Publish beautiful lists and round-ups with the List card type.
  • A published List card using the Big Image layout.
  • A published List card using the Circles layout.
  • How-to cards can be used for any kind of instructional guide.
  • A published How-To card on the Dark Classy Circle card style.
  • A published How-To card on the Hero Image card style.
  • Add recommended products to your Recipe and How-To cards.
  • All card styles adapt to your site's existing design.


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.4.45 or greater (PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Type “Create by Mediavine” in the search field and click “Search Plugins”
  3. Click “Install Now” to install and then click “Activate”
  4. Go to Settings > Create by Mediavine and choose your card style
  5. Register your Create plugin
  6. If using another recipe card plugin and you’d like to import your recipes from that plugin, download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

Manual Installation

  1. Download a copy of the “Create by Mediavine” plugin
  2. Upload mediavine-create to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  4. Go to Settings > Create by Mediavine and choose your card style
  5. Register your Create plugin
  6. If using another recipe card plugin and you’d like to import your recipes from that plugin, download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

For more, please see our help center.


How do I import my existing recipes?

Download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

Which recipe card plugins does the importer support?
  • Cookbook
  • EasyRecipe
  • Meal Planner Pro Recipes
  • Purr Recipe Cards
  • Simple Recipe Pro
  • WP Recipe Maker
  • WP Tasty
  • WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Yummly
  • Zip Recipes
  • ZipList Recipe Plugin
How will the cards display?

Our cards are displayed using a WordPress shortcode.

This means that if the plugin is disabled, the recipes themselves will not display on the front end of a blog post. This is typical behavior for most WordPress plugins.

If the plugin is deactivated, no data will be deleted and reactivating the plugin will restore the original card display.

Will I be able to add nutritional data?

Yes! Nutritional data is an important part of Schema, which search engines love to have for optimal results.

Nutrition facts can be manually entered for a recipe. They will also transfer over if the recipe already contains it.

We also provide automatic nutrition calculation through our partnership with Nutritionix. Learn more about this feature.

How much does it cost?

Create is free to the blogging community at large. You do not need to be a Mediavine publisher to use it. All core functions of the plugin will always remain free.

There may be features in the future that non-Mediavine publishers would need to license for a fee, but the core functionalities will always remain free and supported for everyone — including plugin updates to keep Create in compliance with WordPress releases.


The best recipe plugin for me

All other plugins now look outdated. Convenient visual composer, well-developed advertisement features, ease of use. I like it. P.S. Some new features (as changing number of yields for instance) could be useful.


I have used this plug in since it was born. It has developed into a truly FANTASTIC help for me on my posts. This plug is solving SO many issues for me. Thank you Create Team for the SEO value, VIDEO and Recommended Products features. Optimizing for google is now really easy. It has a LISTS function, CLONE function and my personal favorite, FREE Nutrition app :). I love the looks and layout of this plug and find so much value in it. The support is also fantastic. Have Questions or problems with features? The Create team answers and helps!

An amazing product by an amazing company

Create is amazing. It is so easy to use and their support is BEYOND incredible. They are responsive, friendly, and soooo helpful. They seem to be constantly thinking about how to improve on things. When I didn't think they had anything to improve on, they added "Lists" which makes creating roundups a breeze. They keep hinting that there is even more to come! They are not just thinking about how it looks or how easy it is to use, they are packing it full of SEO goodness. If you want your recipes, how-to's, round-ups, packing lists, crafts, places..... all fully optimized, Create has you covered!

Oh my gosh… just keeps getting better!

I LOVE this plugin so much! While it is great for recipes, I use the How To and Lists parts. You can make a printable instruction sheet with the How To and do a huge roundup post in minutes instead of the hours it used to take. The developers are super responsive and helpful AND they are updating it with new features... awesome!
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Contributors & Developers

“Create by Mediavine” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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ENHANCEMENT: Add JSON-LD schema toggle to How-To cards
ENHANCEMENT: Add contentUrl property to video schema
FIX: Zero cook and prep times should no longer give Google Search Console errors


ENHANCEMENT: Add stepped instructions to JSON-LD
FIX: Link Parsing in Ingredients
FIX: Some creations weren’t mapping to canonical posts
FIX: Restore Ads on Print pages


FIX: Fix missing thumbnails for list items in admin UI
FIX: Prevent conflicts with other plugins using common function names


FIX: Fix activation error with certain versions of MySQL
FIX: Fix issue where pre-0.3 recipes could not be cloned


ENHANCEMENT: Cards no longer can be cloned when using modal editor
ENHANCEMENT: Add new hook to print card output
FIX: Fixes occasional databases errors when saving cards
FIX: Only external list cards open in a new window


FIX: Fixes issue with list URLs


ENHANCEMENT: Setting added to adjust H1s in cards to H2s
ENHANCEMENT: JSON-LD schema now only displays on canonical post
FIX: Prevents nutrition and products from incorrectly being linked to lists
FIX: Pinterest buttons in lists respect “off” setting
FIX: Prevents Social Warfare from affecting related product images
FIX: Prevents Chicory from appearing on How To cards
FIX: Fixes issue where nofollow attribute wasn’t always saving on supplies
FIX: Lists now output proper URL for all internal items
FIX: JSON-LD validation test button works again
FIX: Better data management of associated posts


FIX: Fixes issue where previously created instructions may not properly display within the editor


FIX: Better conversion of shortcodes into Gutenberg
FIX: Pinterest button no longer attached to top of list when rendering after another card
FIX: Fixes issue where a MySQL error appeared on some server environments
FIX: Prevent Chrome autocomplete when adding cuisine or category to card
FIX: More reliable WYSIWYG component


FIX: Aggressive Buttons setting now applies to Lists
FIX: Prevents a PHP error when a card is added after a List
FIX: Fixes issue where time UI wasn’t visible


FIX: Prevent List descriptions from being tiny
FIX: Amazon images will display in dropdown
FIX: Prevent misordered ingredients from detailed editor
FIX: Prevent multiple List JSON-LDs from outputting
FIX: Prevent a bug where typing in time inputs will insert “minutes” sporadically
FIX: Improve performance of image rendering in instructions preview
FIX: Buttons in lists will sync with theme
FIX: Add missing “Cost” field to front-end HowTo renders


ENHANCEMENT: Create List items manually
ENHANCEMENT: Improved Error Messages for user timeouts
ENHANCEMENT: Make Notices for API Registration dismissible
FIX: Output alt text in images
FIX: Prevent activations for incompatible PHP and WP
FIX: Conflict with Jetpack YouTube embeds
FIX: User validation in secondary UIs
FIX: TinyMCE state reset
FIX: Multipage Print Margins
FIX: Print Image sizes
FIX: Display of No Follow state for Lists
FIX: Photo Credit layout styles
FIX: Moving between internal and external links
FIX: Remove image if Pinterest is turned off


FIX: Prevents duplicate images within Lists
FIX: Duplicate List item prevention
FIX: Properly saves List thumbnail images


FIX: Fix bug in List Drag and Drop functionality
FIX: Improve relationship mapping in Clone tool
FIX: Check for pre v1.7.7 of Mediavine Control Panel


FEATURE: Improves UX and speed of List search
FEATURE: Add a setting to disable JSON-LD output for individual posts
FEATURE: Add mv_create_card_before_render and mv_create_card_after_render hooks
FEATURE: Adds support for Amazon links as List items
FIX: Prevents output of JSON-LD markup in RSS feeds
FIX: Removes duplicate ad hints when rendering a List after a recipe card in a single post
FIX: Fixes error in List render
FIX: Prevents display of special characters as HTML entities in List search
ENHANCEMENT: Protect client-side resources from caching plugins
ENHANCEMENT: Refactor client-side JavaScript to optimize page load


ENHANCEMENT: Adds ability to no-follow external List items
ENHANCEMENT: Optimize the ad hint used for Mediavine publishers
ENHANCEMENT: Adds a setting to override the author for all cards with default Copyright Attribution
FIX: Prevents Social Warfare and Pinterest browser extension from targeting List images for which we already include a Pinterest button
FIX: Prevents issue where List items would sometimes display in incorrect order
FIX: Fix an issue where adding previously-added products without thumbnails would result in the thumbnail not being re-scraped
FIX: Fixes issue where including Recipe and List in the same post would sometimes result in duplicate descriptions
FIX: Fixes an issue where Cards used as List items would link to incorrect page
FIX: Center ads used in Lists
FIX: Prevents an issue where backspacing immediately after clicking a card would create an error when re-inserting the card
FIX: Prevents issues where editor would sometimes load with empty content
FIX: Improves size of images used by Grid layouts
FIX: Prevents an error when global affiliate notice has not been set
CHANGE: Changes the “Save” notice on the Settings page to be more visible
CHANGE: List JSON-LD will only display in the canonical post for that link


FIX: Change ad target for Mediavine publishers
FIX: Fix missing Pinterest buttons
FIX: CSS improvements for circle List layouts
FIX: Grid layouts will display ads for Mediavine publishers in a separate row
FIX: Regenerate images for List items if they don’t exist
CHANGE: Change “Duplicate” button to “Clone” button


New Content Type: Lists!
* The new “List” content type allows you to create curated link roundups of your other Create Cards, other posts on your site, or external URLs
* Lists support four beautiful layouts:
* Hero – includes a large, Pinterest-friendly image
* Grid – displays in a two-across grid
* Numbered – includes a large number, great for “X Best _______” lists
* Circles – displays images in a circle, looks great with the Classy Circle card theme!
* Links to Create cards can reference data from that card, for instance, cook time for a List of quick meals, calories for a List of diet-friendly recipes, or difficulty for a List of around-the-home projects
* Lists correspond to the Google’s “Carousel” structured data type:
* All Lists include built-in content hints for Mediavine ads, including a setting to control frequency

Features & Enhancements
* Creating content on the run? The Create dashboard will look better on your phone or tablet
* Want to use one card as a base to make another? Cards now include a “Duplicate” button to save you from tedious copying and pasting
* Using a shortcode-friendly page builder instead of TinyMCE or Gutenberg? Cards now include shortcode snippet for you to copy and paste
* Never going to make a recipe or a how-to and overwhelmed by choice? We’ve added a setting to limit the types of content to choose from
* Support for dashboard internationalization
* Navigating to another page of cards will scroll you to the top of the new page
* Fixes an issue where the “Select Existing” UI in Gutenberg would display the wrong content type when multiple types of cards are added to a single post

* Cards without an author will use the default copyright attribution setting as the author
* Printed cards will include a URL back to the original post
* Icons in the Gutenberg block selector are now under their own heading and have a new and lovely splash of teal


  • FIX: Restored card editor to last published data.


  • FIX: Fix issue with scrolling breaking upon modal close
  • FIX: Fix issues with editing images in posts


  • FIX: Fix issue with taxonomy dropdowns sometimes not updating on click
  • FIX: Fix issue where scheduled posts wouldn’t create card associations necessary for canonical posts or review syncing


  • ENHANCEMENT: Print button compatibility with security plugins that strip \<form> tags from post content
  • FIX: Prevent pinning of print pages
  • FIX: Yield displays on Centered card themes when times have not been provided
  • FIX: Fix issue where bulk ingredients would display as blank field during importing


  • FIX: Fixes dropdowns like author and category in Gutenberg
  • FIX: Provides a button to register with a different email address
  • FIX: Prevents a nutrition notice from displaying when it shouldn’t
  • FIX: Fixes a bug in Mediavine Control Panel preventing videos from being deleted from posts


  • Adds an upgrade notice for upcoming changes in the 1.3.0 release
  • FIX: Fixes error on single Product pages
  • FIX: Correctly disables card hero images from being targeted by Pinterest browser extension
  • FIX: Fixes issue that was causing infinite loops with themes or plugins using the ‘save_post’ hook
  • FIX: Provides backwards compatibility for custom card templates that used ‘disable_nutrition’ and ‘disable_reviews’ settings


  • FIX: Add support for block tags
  • FIX: Duplicate post association issues


  • ENHANCEMENT: Improve UX around calculate button
  • ENHANCEMENT: Add global nutrition disclaimer setting
  • FIX: Fix issue with PHP 5.4 conflict
  • COSMETIC: Better UI render on low-DPR screens


  • FIX: Fix local storage conflict with nutrition calculation auth


  • FEATURE: Free automatic nutrition calculation with simple plugin registration
  • FEATURE: Option to have traditional nutrition label display
  • FEATURE: Preview Google Rich Snippet with one click
  • FEATURE: Full Gutenberg support
  • FEATURE: Disable thumbnails in print cards
  • FEATURE: List view of Create Cards
  • FEATURE: Classic Editor button to access Create Card editor without scrolling


  • FIX: Fix a bug with Pinterest not picking up Pinterest image


  • FIX: Fix a bug with adding recommended products


  • FIX: Provide ability to translate plural time units (e.g. “minutes”)
  • FIX: Fix issues with recommended product search
  • FIX: Fix front-end JavaScript errors in IE11
  • FIX: Fix “Add New” URL in sites running in subdirectories
  • FIX: Print card style will always be default style


  • FIX: Highest resolution image check only pulls from available sizes
  • FIX: ShortPixel will no longer re-optimize images after card publish


  • FEATURE: Track new ratings from Comment Rating Field pro
  • FIX: Prevent TinyMCE application from mounting on the wrong editor


  • FIX: Prevent app crash when adding multiple cards to a Gutenberg post
  • FIX: Prevent error when filtering JSON-LD by unique image
  • FIX: Prevent warning when rendering cards with no thumbnail images


  • FIX: Adhere to recommendations for JSON-LD image sizes


  • ENHANCEMENT: More reliable JSON-LD object for Google
  • FIX: Remove unnecessary Autoptimize clear on activate and deactivate
  • FIX: More reliable category and cuisine term names in JSON-LD
  • FIX: Fixes issue where MCP videos would use mv_create shortcode
  • FIX: Featured image displays properly in Gutenberg


  • FIX: Make Pinterest description available to browser extension
  • FIX: Fix display of thumbnail editor
  • FIX: Improve rendered card styles for small phones
  • FIX: Better display of images in card instructions
  • FIX: Fix issue with print view on some servers
  • FIX: Prevent Autoptimize from aggregating script localizations
  • FIX: Prevent mv_create post types from creating redirects


  • FIX: Improve responsive image size for recommended products
  • FIX: Allow for default localization of time labels
  • FIX: Improve Gutenberg integration


  • ENHANCEMENT: Add .pot with plugin so users can generate translations (note: at the moment, translations will only appear on the front-end of the site. Back-end support is coming in a future release!)
  • FIX: Prevent re-saving posts extraneously, fixing issues with tags being stripped and pingbacks being triggered
  • FIX: Resolve issue where deleting content from Instructions or Notes fields would leave remaining content
  • FIX: Prevent admin CSS and JS from being cached
  • COSMETIC: Various improvements for admin CSS and copy


  • FEATURE: Remove tooltip from Instructions WYSIWYG
  • FEATURE: Adding async to front-end javascript tag
  • FEATURE: Track active filters when page is refreshed
  • FIX: Eliminate Duplicate DB Call
  • FIX: Prevent error with undefined properties field
  • COSMETIC: Adding namespaces to admin CSS
  • COSMETIC: Increase base font size to 16px on rendered cards


  • FEATURE: Add support for registering custom fields to cards
  • FEATURE: Add support for videos from YouTube
  • FEATURE: Add button to settings to clear Create data from browser cache
  • FEATURE: Add support for adding custom CSS classes on a per-card basis
  • FEATURE: Add support for custom affiliate link notices, globally and on a per-card basis
  • FIX: Correctly output JSON-LD schema for HowTo content
  • FIX: Fix conflict with The SEO Framework when adding a new card to a post with an assigned category
  • FIX: Limit size of data stored in browser cache
  • FIX: Prevent issue where card preview in WYSIWYG sometimes render as broken if certain tags were stripped
  • FIX: Big hero theme respects “disable ratings” setting
  • FIX: Improves query time when searching site for content within cards
  • COSMETIC: Change instances of “Skin” to “Card Style”
  • COSMETIC: .mv-create-skin-{CARD-STYLE} is now being replaced with .mv-create-card-style-{CARD-STYLE}


  • FEATURE: Allow \<strong>, \<em>, and \<a> tags in description field
  • FEATURE: Add setting to disable product link scraping
  • FEATURE: Automatically display an affiliate link notice on the front end for recommend products
  • FIX: Prevent issue where cached recipes wouldn’t show recent changes
  • FIX: Remove unused sw.js file on the front-end of cards
  • FIX: Fix strange cursor behavior when adding line breaks to instructions and notes fields
  • FIX: Prevent crashes in IE11


  • Initial release