Seraphinite Post .DOCX Source


Save a lot of your time by automatically converting from .DOCX to content with all attributes and in a batch mode as well. See more how to use it.


  • Hyperlinks checking
    • Checks internal links for existence and marks or deletes them.
    • Converts links to another .DOCX documents to site links.
  • Attributes setting
    • Title.
    • Categories and tags.
    • Featured image.
    • Excerpt.
    • SEO title and description.
    • Uses document additional contents marked as a header for other text blocks.
    • Ignores colored word marks.
  • Right media URLs generating
    • Corrects image URLs according to upload image directory.
    • Uses original media filenames.
    • Uploads embedded images.
    • Warns about non-existent media URLs.
  • Final document markup using
    • Works with reviewing documents and always uses final markup content.
  • Compatible with most popular plugins
    • Works with the most of the custom upload directory and human-readable URLs correction plugins.
    • Uses ‘All in One SEO Pack’, ‘SEO Yoast’ and ‘CKEditor’ plugins.
    • Works with ‘WooCommerce’ for products.
  • Batch conversion
    • Converts set of documents with a single click.
    • Available in extended (limited) and premium version.
  • Settings
    • Separate by document types.
    • Remember settings for document types (premium version).

More details.


  • WordPress 3.5 or higher.
  • PHP 5.4 or higher.
  • Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE).

Other plugins compatibility

  • All in One SEO Pack 2.0.9 or higher.
  • Yoast SEO 6.0 or higher.
  • WooCommerce 3.0 or higher.
  • Custom Upload Dir 3.4 or higher.
  • Custom Post Type UI 1.5 or higher.


  • In-place conversion panel in the content editor.
  • Direct\batch posts update page.
  • Settings.


  1. Choose the plugin from the WordPress repository, or choose the plugin’s acrhive file in ‘Upload Plugin’ section in WordPress ‘Plugins\Add New’, or upload and extract the plugin archive to the ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory manually.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. It will appear in the admin UI as shown in the screenshots.


Installation Instructions
  1. Choose the plugin from the WordPress repository, or choose the plugin’s acrhive file in ‘Upload Plugin’ section in WordPress ‘Plugins\Add New’, or upload and extract the plugin archive to the ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory manually.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. It will appear in the admin UI as shown in the screenshots.


works partially

Partially import docx documents. Sometimes it says “Text block xxxx not found.” and then huge parts of the document are missing in the import.
I’m using Chrome latest version, and my docx are generated by Word 2007.
This is a real bug since all the images, even those in the missing parts are imported correctly. Same document imported with Mammoth is processed correctly so it’s not my problem.

Also, same problem as mammoth’s: images are named “imageXX” instead of “title – xx” or something more relevant. This renders media management completely impossible. You will end up with a ton of images named “imageXX” so it’s impossible to sort or use the search bar to insert those images in another post. That’s just messy.

3 stars over whole because they clearly worked on this plugin, but ending up with such a bug is not serious, considering it’s been claimed to be tested with WordPress 4.9.4. Even without this bug, I would give 4 stars only because of the (absent) naming convention for embedded images.


Now i can convert easely a lot writers” materials for my journal.
Thanks Seraphinite Solutions for this!

Как пользоваться???

Я конечно понимаю, что разработчик знает как работать со своим творением, но раз уж выкладываете плагин на всеобщее обозрение, то и мануал по работе надо подготовить, интерфейс перевести. Ведь разработчик из России.

По описанию плагин мощный, а как пользоваться – совершенно непонятно.

Хотелось бы гибкости. Для ссылок, к примеру, задавать nofollow и target blank при парсинге. Теги для wordpress, дескрипшен и ключевые слова для all to seo pack (да, кто-то ещё пользуется ключевыми словами). Очень бы хотелось задавать их в самом тексте, к примеру, отступив пару строк вниз после основного текста. А для того, чтобы определять что это теги, ключевые слова и т.д. можно обозначать их стилями (а может обрамляющими тегами какими нить) в самом MS Word и при парсинге через этот плагин они будут добавляться в соответствующие формы.

А в самом тексте хотелось бы задавать заголовки с параметрами (class, id)
И по части картинок и других объектов, хотелоcь бы тоже гибкость в парсинге: задать alt картинки, class, а в некоторых случаях и style для отдельных картинок и т.д. Причём не импортировать саму картинку, а просто указать её код. А уже её саму потом заливать через тот же FTP.

И дополнительно к примеру, обрамлять тегом “закомментировать” какие то элементы, на случай, если они ещё не готовы, а текст сам уже надо размещать. Ту же картинку, к примеру.

Не стоит думать что это сильно усложняет написание в самом MS Word – ведь макросами можно быстро задавать обрамление тегами необходимого текста и прочее, и это делать куда удобнее, чем в том же редакторе WordPress, когда после каждого нажатия при форматировании текста он сдвигается в окне редактора. Это неимоверно бесит.

Очень хочется всех этих гибких возможностей.

Очень надеюсь, что пожелания в конечном итоге будут реализованы.


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Contributors & Developers

“Seraphinite Post .DOCX Source” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.





  • Table width is supported.
  • Custom attributes saving in a batch mode.
  • Bundle minimization.


  • Custom attributes sometimes are filled with paragraphs.
  • Slashes ‘\’ are erased in batch mode.
  • Hyperlinks on images aren’t converted.
  • Error when ‘In-place attributes’ block isn’t found.
  • Aligment of not paragraph blocks isn’t applied.
  • Tag ‘tbody’ in tables is not added.
  • Hyperlinks target isn’t applied.
  • Hyperlinks blocks aren’t read correctly with long names.



  • Remember settings for document types.
  • File dialog filter for DOCX.
  • Support information.
  • Work speed incrase.


  • Title form ‘title’ always override from body.
  • Related documents links don’t depend on permalinks last slash.
  • ‘Media URL base’ is not applied after manual change.



  • Content load perfomance incrase.


  • Fail if no title.
  • Fail if there are apostrophs in content.



  • Save license info.



  • Load images speed incrased.


  • Load error – syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ – low version PHP incompatibility.
  • Post AJAX request errors on some sites.



  • Settings: Content types.


  • Unable to switch to another plugin version.
  • After activation there are error messages.
  • Internal error in log: Can’t get id property of ‘undefined’.
  • Unable to set YoastSEO data if it’s not active.
  • License activation might fail.



  • ‘SEO Yoast’ support.
  • Check existance of not only site URLs.
  • Full excerpt support.
  • Check not only internal links.
  • Incrase perfomance.
  • Flexible properties sources.
  • Multisite binding.


  • Links checking is not only on body section.
  • Categories and slug aren’t processed first to apply post’s depended path.
  • Synchronous link checking and slug processing.
  • ‘Featured image’ option is always active.
  • No warning if Featured image declared by URL is not found.



  • Set categories by id.
  • Embeded featured image.
  • Featured image in inline editor.


  • Slug is not based on site’s logic.
  • Additional text blocks are not imported.



  • Description.
  • Rate Us.


  • Old browsers JavaScript don’t support ‘includes’.
  • Paragraph with manual CRLF is converted to divided by double
  • Tags isn’t processed.



  • Help icons.



  • Inplace documentation links.
  • Print OK in log if success.


  • ‘Media URL base’ depends on featured image.
  • Options for categories and tags didn’t work when extended attributes are used.



  • Categorieas as slugs.
  • Document’s name as post’s slug.


  • Scripts ans styles don’t work after plugin update.



  • The first small documentation.


  • Links with % symbols are double encoded.
  • Categories parse error.



  • If categories aren’t set the warning for not found empty category will be shown.
  • Process ‘mailto:’ as nonexistent links.
  • External links to DOCX is processed as internal.



  • Contents marked by header for text blocks can be used for SEO title, SEO description, tags, categories and featured image.
  • Batch mode conversion.


  • Comments are not available after converting.
  • Batch mode: pages were stored as posts.



  • Plugin initialize error at lower versions of PHP



  • Some type of hyperlinks are not processed correctly
  • Associated images with external URL aren’t left as is



  • Sub categories are supported



  • Paragraphs in list items are not always included
  • Doesn’t use image floating attributes



  • Support document additional contents marked by header for other text blocks
  • Support product post types
  • Support categories


  • Paragraphs in list items are not always included
  • Unneeded space is included after text is inserted
  • Check final URLs always ‘on’



  • Check media final URLs
  • One log event for one not existing hyperlink
  • Check local hashtags
  • Scroll to meta-box back after update
  • JS size minimized


  • Progress ends before whole process finishes
  • Inner single content in list item looses line break
  • Not first Header1 is used



  • Paragraphs in list items are supported
  • Post image path is generated from featured image or from upload directory
  • Embeded document media upload supported
  • New post upload media warning
  • Dynamic standart progress indicator


  • DOCX hyperlink path
  • Media URL base


  • Initial release