WP Compress – Image Optimizer [All-In-One]


WP Compress is an image optimization plugin for WordPress that automatically optimizes your images to shrink file sizes, improve load times and help boost your conversions.

Load Faster, Rank Higher & Convert Better on Autopilot

Simply link your website and you’re good to go – with no maintenance required after setup.

It’s really that easy.


Not only is the plugin great for speeding up individual websites, but it’s fully loaded with industry leading Agency features such as:

  • Monthly Client Quotas
  • Centralized Management Portal
  • Detailed Client Reporting
  • Remote Configuration & Optimization
  • Bulk Website Linking

Think of it as a fully managed solution, where you get to take the credit for faster loading client websites!


WP Compress is an all-in-one image optimization and delivery solution, and you may use any or all components as you desire.

Local Image Optimization is the traditional method, allowing you to compress your media library and image thumbnails as well as generate additional image formats such as Next-Gen WebP.

Live Image Optimization is the next-generation of image compression, plus the ability to serve the perfect image every time.

It pairs real-time compression with:
Adaptive Images (by device)
Next-Gen WebP images
Retina Device Support
Image Lazy Loading

… and our Lightning-Fast Hybrid CDN from Google Cloud and BunnyCDN to serve your images in just milliseconds across the entire globe.

No matter which mode you choose, WP Compress will speed up your images which can significantly lower your bounce rate and increase conversions, leading to increased website ROI.

You can even use both, to save local space but also reap the incredible benefits of live image optimization.

Much more than just compression

Traditionally, image optimization has been reducing image quality in turn for file-size savings, with the concept that smaller images load faster. That’s no longer the case with WP Compress v5!

We’ve found an incredible solution that speeds up your images, without visible loss in quality, then serves the properly sized and formatted images through our ultra-premium infrastructure for load times as fast as 7ms.


It’s much more than just image compression, true image optimization power comes from the trifecta of image sizes and formats that we generate in real time.

Next-Gen WebP Images:

We’ll convert and generate WebP images then we’ll automatically serve WebP images to supported browsers for higher quality images with even smaller file sizes and even faster load times.

Adaptive Images (By Device):

Based on the incoming visitors device and screen size we’ll adapt your images to be the right size every time. This allows for massive file size savings and faster images, with no visible quality differences to the human eye.

Retina Support:

We’ll generate retina images when possible and serve retina images to supported devices for a high resolution experience on even the sharpest of screens.

Example 1: William is visiting your website on a 27in 5K iMac in Google Chrome, he’ll be served a WebP image that’s perfectly sized based on the container you’ve put it in, then doubled for retina support to look absolutely brilliant on his screen.

Example 2: If he then decides to check back on Safari, he’ll automatically get a retina .png or .jpg for the same image as the browser does not support WebP images.

Example 3: He loves your website’s images and fast load time so much, he then sends it to his wife who checks on her mobile device, she’ll be served the same image at say a 480px width, saving precious file-size and data needed to load the image over mobile – without sacrificing the clarity to the human eye!


It’s no secret that global is the new standard. The beauty of having a website is that anyone can access your site anywhere in the world, anytime of the day or night.

For that to happen, your website files have to be transferred from your web-server then downloaded to the end users device.

That was fine when it was html and text based websites, but with the emergence of rich content and higher resolution imagery, transferring unnecessarily large image files across the world can take a few seconds each.

Think about it… It’s nearly 17,000 Kilometers (or 10,500+ Miles) from your hosting server in London to Sydney, Australia… a standard image can take 5s to load over that distance.

But now we’re loading that image in as little as 7 milliseconds …that’s faster than you can even blink.

After the trifecta of Adaptive Images, WebP Support and Lazy Loading, the finishing touches come from our hybrid Content Delivery Network or CDN for short.

The CDN is the final step of an already magnificent optimization process, delivering your images faster than you can ever imagine.

Your website visitors will no longer be stuck waiting for the heavy files to load, better yet you’re starting the relationship out on the right foot.

Live Image Optimization with the CDN is recommended; however not required and can be toggled off with the local image optimization mode.


You’ll be good to go the moment you paste your access key into the WP Compress plugin. It comes pre-configured in live mode with what we think are the optimal and most supported settings – but feel free to play around!

For Example:
– If you want to optimize your images using local mode then switch back to live mode you can in one click.

  • If you want to try out WebP, Retina or Adaptive Images you can do each in one click.

  • If you want to use Lazy Load from a third party, you can toggle ours off in one click.

It’s really that simple and built for compatibility.

With millions of possible combinations, there are vast differences in environment from one WordPress website to the next. Whether it be plugins, themes, hosting permissions or server specifications – there’s a lot of variability.

That’s the beauty of a toggle system, you can simply turn something on and if there are ever any conflicts or issues, simply toggle it off and everything will revert back to how it was.

We offer industry leading live chat support, simply reach out and we’ll be happy to help if any plugin, theme or other conflict arises.


  • Live Image Optimization (Real-Time)
    -Local Image Optimization (Media Library)
  • Lossless, Intelligent & Ultra Compression Modes
  • Adaptive Images (per device)
  • Serve Next-Generation WebP Images
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Retina Device Support
  • Over-Compression Prevention
  • Serve via Hybrid CDN
  • Serve SVG via CDN
  • External URLs (Amazon S3 etc)
  • Automated Image Resize
  • Single Image Compression
  • Single Image Restore from Cloud
  • One-Click Bulk Optimization
  • One-Click Bulk Restore
  • Preserve EXIF Data
  • Frequent Updates
  • Live Chat Support


  • Centralized Management Portal
  • Monthly Quotas for Clients
  • Remote Optimization
  • Detailed Statistics (Per Site)
  • Agency Statistics (Overview)
  • Detailed Compression Reports
  • Downloadable PDF Reports
  • Send Monthly Email Reports
  • MainWP Bulk Linking Extension
  • Hide from WordPress*
  • Custom Branded Reports*
  • Serve CSS Assets via CDN*
  • Serve JavaScript via CDN*
  • Custom CDN Domains*

*with Agency Pro addon


We look out for the safety of your original images and in local mode, you can choose to securely back them up locally or in the cloud.

The best part is that the cloud backups can actually free up additional space on your servers as your server only hosts the smaller, optimized images!

We also offer industry leading live chat support with automatic ticket conversion. So if you ever have any questions, suggestions or feature requests we’re here to help!

How much does it cost?

Our starter tier includes 100 MB per month (around 2,500 images) for free and upgrades start at just $5/mo.

View our prices and plans.


  • Centralized Management Portal for Effortless Monitoring and Monthly Quotas
  • Compress, restore or exclude single images right from the Media Library
  • Optimize all images in one click using Bulk Compress
  • Forget about pages and pages of settings, we've kept it easy to manage.


  1. Upload wp-compress.zip via wp-admin and install the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create an Account in the Management Portal (email and password required) and we will send you your API key to provided e-mail.
  4. Click ‘Add Website’ and choose your desired quota and settings, once you obtain your API key insert it in field “Api Key” and click “Connect”
  5. Test the connection, then you are all set and ready to compress your images!


Do I need to use the CDN?

No! You can simply toggle it off if desired.

You can optimize your media library locally for smaller file sizes and improved load times.

However, Live Mode is recommended as it uses our ultra-premium infrastructure for consistently fast global performance!

Do you have further help documents?

Yes, in addition to our incredible live chat support you can visit our help desk at https://help.wpcompress.com/


September 22, 2020
First things first is it makes you subscribe to their emails by literally saying, "You must agree to receive email notifications etc." Then you apply the activation key and reload your site in order to test speed. Entire layout of my site and colors were completely disrupted. Had to emergency deactivate in order to breathe oxygen again. You know how that goes: time stops and you say: "Nothing else matters in the world right now. Just deactivate this plugin for the love of God." Whatever optimization the plugin is doing will not maintain the format of your current site.
May 14, 2020
I create interactive lesson plans for teachers, and naturally they rely heavily on images. I tried many ways to reduce loading times of my pages beforehand, but none of them were as efficient as WP Compress! Also they have very fast and professional support team. I think WP Compress is going to change the game soon!
May 8, 2020
I bought its lifetime premium last black friday but it makes only error for me... mainly pics disappear and I can see its trace only... I already said about it to supporter but It isn't fixed yet even it is upgraded over 5 version. it has many features like cdn and resize and so on but it doesn't work me at all... especially cdn... I try to use it again and again because of my money, but I finally give up and am writing a review now. Don't buy premium version first... it is very important. It can be good to you or not, you can buy it when it is good for you really. It has many sales so you have enough time to think carefully and buy premium. ------------ i edit my review ----- Its lazy load made my images in blog broken really. But I think my cloudfront had problem so I canceled it and use its CDN and it works well maybe. I still don't know well but I reinstall it and try to use it again and again;; I test webp feature many times but I don't know difference. Its CDN too...
September 9, 2020
Le meilleures plugin de compression sans connaissance avec CDN. Tout est créé pour êtres facile. Avec des images rapides sans perte de qualité visuelle. Java et CSS passent par le CDN . Je le recommande a tous les sites WordPress Et surtout, un support de qualité quoi qu'il arrive, ils sont là pour vous aider Bravo Bonne, continuation!
January 23, 2020
We been through many of these plugins. The ease of this plugin and the customer service is no match. If you are looking for a tool like this you do not need to look any longer. Customer service is amazing & they are always updating the software. Thank YOU!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Compress – Image Optimizer [All-In-One]” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Fixed issues with External URLs in JS being replaced when External URL is OFF


  • Fixed Safari not showing WebP


  • Fixed CSS throwing in array bug
  • Fixed CSS Background image bug
  • Fixed Purge Cache


  • Fixed issues with replacing images


  • Improved Lazy Images
  • Improved Adaptive Images
  • Moved Cache directory to wp-content/cache
  • Improved CDN Speed
  • Optimized search & replace algorithm


  • Fixed Beaver Builder Loading Delays
  • Removed placeholder.svg
  • Implemented Basic HTML Caching (BETA)
  • Fixed few CDN implementations
  • Fixed incompatiblity with AMP pages
  • Added BETA options


  • Added multisite support
  • Upscaled the image size for sliders


  • Improved Cache Purging
  • Added Oxygen Page Builder Support
  • Added Beaver Page Builder Support
  • Added Brizy Page Builder Support
  • Added Elementor Page Builder Support
  • Added Support for WooCommerce Product Gallery
  • Added srcset when Adaptive is “off”
  • Improved Adaptive/Lazy Loading
  • Improved Scaling and Retina
  • Fixed Various Page Builder Previews


  • Fixed JS on CDN Bug
  • Fixed CSS on CDN Bug
  • Added Support for various Caching Plugins
  • Fixed Admin Bar Icon LazyLoading issues
  • Fixed Adaptive/Scaling Issues
  • Added srcset to CDN


  • Fixed GUI Issues
  • Fixed Issues upon plugin reactivation
  • Fixed CDN Issues
  • Added multiple verifications for CDN resolving


  • Fixed issue with Swift Performance
  • Fixed GUI Toggle Issues
  • Added check for image extension in JavaScript Lazy Loading
  • Added Purge CDN Upon Activation


  • Added inline background-image to CDN
  • Fixed Adaptive Issues
  • Fixed GUI in WP-Admin
  • Added Bandwidth Usage Projections
  • Updated GUI


  • Fix for RankMath Plugin


  • Fixed WP Compress Setting styling issues
  • Fixed WP Compress Settings JavaScript issues
  • Added CSS/JS ON as Default


  • TranslatePress Preview Fix


  • WP 5.5 Support
  • Fixed RSS Feed placeholder.svg issues
  • Fixed CDN CSS Issues when the option is OFF


  • Clear Cache – Available only to Admins


  • Improved Adaptive Images Algorithm
  • Improved LazyLoad Images Algorithm
  • Improved CSS CDN
  • Improved JS CDN


  • Fixed Background Images when plugin is not connected to API
  • Added “Upgrader” which triggers upon plugin upgrade


  • LayLoad added check if URL is valid
  • Removed CDN CSS/JS from WP Admin – login form


  • LazyLoad ParentWidth Fix


  • Improved Adaptive Image Sizing with LazyLoad
  • Improved Adaptive Image Sizing without LazyLoad
  • Added inline background images into Search & Replace CDN Algorithm
  • Added data-* attributes copy from original tag to CDN tag
  • Improved compatibility with various effects/zoom JavaScripts


  • TTFB Improvements
  • CSS/JS CDN Compatiblity Improvements
  • CPU Usage Improvements
  • LazyLoading Improvements
  • Adaptive Sizing Improvements
  • Added additional inline tags improvements


  • Fixed Lazy Threshold (increased from 50 to 550)
  • Fixed backend GUI


  • Added id cloning for tags upon replace


  • Fixed Adaptive Mode


  • Fixed Frontend Admin Bar Purge Cache
  • Fixed Post Updating Issues (wp_is_json_request())
  • Added inline/alt/title cloning for tags upon replace


  • Added WebP Support for Firefox
  • Fixed Adaptive
  • Improved Lazy Loading
  • Added Lazy Loading “Fade In” effect
  • Improved resource (memory,cpu) usage
  • Added Defer JavaScript
  • Added Clear Cache to Admin Top Bar


  • Fixed issues when Lazy is disabled


  • Added support for Unlimited Packages
  • Added support for some Image Sliders
  • Fixed Schema.org replacing bug
  • Improved search & replace of image urls
  • Improved UI loading speed
  • Added purge CSS/JS CDN Cache when using ON/OFF toggle
  • Fixed Brizy issues
  • Fixed LazyLoading issues in Brizy
  • Added Perserve Exif


  • Fix for iframe elements
  • Fix for LazyLoading on certain themes


  • Improved support for adaptive images and lazy loading


  • Fixed NoLazy Image loading Issues
  • Fixed FaceBook Feeds (excluded from rewrite)
  • Fixed Adaptive Mode Issues with sliders/jquery animations


  • Fixed a bug – on_upload in media gallery


  • Optimized SVG Placeholder
  • Not sending Google JS on CDN
  • Optimized CSS CDN Delivery Process
  • Optimized JS CD Delivery Process
  • Allowing CNAME to have dashes, underscores
  • Added CSS/JS Minify when using CDN


  • Fixed custom CNAME (automatically removing slashes/url protocol)
  • Added verification if any other lazy is active on the image “class needs to have lazy”, then we ignore that image.


  • Removed wps-ic-live-cdn-opacity-force Opacity:1 !important;
  • Further LazyLoad Improvements


  • Javascript CDN Improvement for better adaptive image results
  • Adaptations for WP 5.4


  • JavaScript/CSS fixes


  • Fixed issue with wrong image adaptive image size


  • Added custom CNAME support
  • Enabled SVG usage on CDN
  • Updated LazyLoading Library
  • Fixed Compress All (Not Compressing in certain situations)
  • Fixed missing CSS class in Local mode
  • Fixed exclude image in Local mode
  • Fixed occasional compress/restore stuck in working


  • Fixed Stats Updating
  • Fixed Missing Stats for older sites
  • Changed – On plugin update don’t overwrite setttings
  • Removed older MySQL DB Tables which are not required anymore


  • Fixed cropping issues
  • Added CSS/JS CDN Support
  • Added support for MainWP


  • Local + Live Optimization
  • External URL Support
  • Upgraded Management Portal
  • Fixed MySQL Query Issue
  • Updated CDN/Live Search and Replace algorithm
  • Added new algorithm to Lazy/Adaptive JS Libraries
  • Changed recommended/default options on initial plugin activation
  • Brizy – updated URL search and replace algorithm


  • No-Lazy Loading Fixed
  • Brizy Live Editor Fixed
  • Pre-release of V5
  • Added srcset/responsive images fix
  • Raised WP Memory Limit variable


  • Preparation for v5
  • Added Local Compression mode
  • Added Speed Improvements in WP-Admin
  • Fixed Blurry Images which occurred in some specific conditions
  • WP Live Customizer – Showing Blank – Fix
  • ApplePay Verification Fixed
  • Facebook Feed Fix
  • Additional fix for safari issues
  • Fixed safari issues


  • Fixed Blur Issues on full screen images
  • Fixed Divi Theme Compatibility
  • Added fix for missing quality parameter
  • Fixed dashboard loading time
  • Compatibility with Brizy
  • Fixed replacing problems with identical named images
  • Fixed strpos array error
  • Fixed Exclude issue


  • Fixed lazy loading
  • Fixed Adaptive Images
  • Added option for compressing non-url images “/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/image.jpg”
  • Removed Lazy CSS display:block property
  • Added lazy trigger for Divi .et_pb_image_wrap
  • Removed CData modifications
  • Removed media library pre-scanning


  • Auto Cropping Added
  • Fixed library stats display
  • Added Hide WP Compress Option


  • Fixed Non-Lazy and Lazy loading


  • Fixed duplication issues on some themes
  • Fixed lazy issues
  • Media Library Stats Display
  • Fixed Speed Tests Results on specific themes
  • Added Hide WP Compress from WP Admin


  • Fixed CDN SSL Issues
  • Added fix to ignore non JPG,JPEG,PNG,GIF images
  • Added fix for SVG excluding
  • Added fix for stats
  • Removed dashboard footer links


  • Fixed image sizing problems with Lazy Off
  • Added additional fix for CDN naming issues
  • Fixed wrong image width (NaN) on certain themes
  • Fixed GIF Compression Issues


  • Added fix for old users upgrading to new CDN
  • Fix for webP disabled/enabled
  • Fix for webP disabled/enabled
  • Adapted loading on some themes
  • Added getting started video to popup after connect


  • Removed options from debug tool
  • Added visual credits information
  • Fixed Legacy Enable/Disable issue
  • Added function which replaces images in whole HTML
  • Fixed issues with some specific themes


  • Early release live compression
  • For any issues or questions feel free to contact us at https://wpcompress.com/support


  • Fixed single restore not regenerating thumbnails
  • Added option for “No further savings” images to be used with CDN/WebP
  • Fixed bug in compress which occurred on some server setups
  • Added “Debug Tool” for media library images, You need to restore the image and then you can
    find the option “Debug” in dropdown of the button “compress”.
  • Added “Debug Tool” in plugin settings footer which enables you to do basic tests
  • Fixed stats not displaying properly in WP Compress


  • Fixed WebP Sizing issue on some themes
  • CDN URL Reset added upon CDN De/Activation
  • Fixed WebP forcing CDN while CDN is disabled
  • Fixed problematic image sizes in AI
  • Fixed CDN/WebP Issues


  • Fixed Lazy Load issues which appeard on some themes
  • Fixed Bulk Compress/Restore in WooCommerce
  • Fixed CDN Issues on subdomain installs
  • Fixed WebP/Lazy Issues


  • Added CDN/AI for Background Images in inline-css
  • Fixed bulk compress issues


  • Fixed WPML Issue with compressing duplicate images because of language options
  • Fixed Agency Communication issues


  • Fixed missing webP images when using “On Upload” method


  • Fixed htaccess/gtmetrix issues
  • Fixed WebP loading for non-codex coded themes


  • Fixed stuck scanning library when having excluded images


  • Improved UI
  • Added Compare UI
  • Added Recompress UI


  • Removed all cron actions
  • Removed leftover cron timing schedules
  • Adapted Remote (Portal) Compress
  • Adapted Remote (Portal) Restore
  • Adapted Remote Hide WP Compress
  • Added Compare Button for compressed images


  • Fixed old CRON functions still attached to the WP


  • Fixed CDN attaching to non compressed images


  • Fixed AI Issue
  • Fixed Retina Issues
  • Fixed First Single Image stuck compression (until refresh)


  • Fixed stuck Bulk Compress popup


  • Fixed CDN Popup Javascript Bug
  • Fixed SVG image showing from CDN
  • Added Regenerate Thumbnails Button
  • Fixed CDN,AI,WebP,Lazy
  • Added AutoPilot Standalone (No Cron Required) – runs every couple minutes in batches of 5 images.
  • Pushing all images (optimized & non-optimized to CDN)
  • Fixed thumbs savings


  • Fixed CDN Issues
  • Fixed AI Issues
  • Fixed PDF Compressing issues


  • Fixed retina screen issues
  • Fixed CDN issues
  • Fixed missing CND files issue


  • Fixed media library missing thumbnails on some images


  • Fixed hanging compress bulk queue
  • Fixed hanging restore bulk queue
  • Added view compress queue support for admins


  • Updated APIv3
  • Updated Javascript Functions
  • Added detailed logs
  • Updated CDN Support
  • Added quick thumbnails generating on APIv3


  • Major release, recompiled plugin
  • Updated API
  • Added CDN Support
  • Added AI Support
  • Added WebP Support


  • Fixed locked up images (stuck on compress)


  • Added option for plugin to check image mimetype to ban broken images from compressing


  • Added tooltips to plugin settings page
  • Fixed plugin charts display


  • Fix of connecting Compress/Restore tests


  • Fixed on upload compression/restore issue


  • MainWP Final Integration
  • Added Tests for Connecting
  • Fixed negative stats
  • Fixed Graph Issues


  • Preparation for MainWP Extension
  • Fixing of remote communications protocol for Agency Portal


  • Fixed CURL Issues when sending large requests (too many thumbnails)


  • Fixed various stats issues
  • Fixed incompatibility with WordPress folder install


  • Fixed remote compress/restore actions


  • Fixed exclude/include image function


  • Major upgrade release
  • Added Compress All status report
  • Added Restore All status report
  • Updated Background Compress Algorithm
  • Updated Background Restore Algorithm
  • Removed Default ON for Debug Logs
  • Removed unecessary/test code
  • Cleaned database tables
  • Cleaned Javacript/PHP functions


  • Fixed Exclude/Include image


  • Fixed Autopilot mailing reports


  • Update charts to show narrow bars
  • Update stats database on API
  • Added Bulk Compress in Background
  • Added Bulk Restore in Background
  • Support for PHP 7.2


  • Multisite support
  • Moving to DigitalOcean ApiV2
  • Updated “No credits” popup on bulk
  • Fixed PHP security issue


  • Major UI Upgrade
  • Fixed various PHP issues
  • Added new UI elements
  • Added Thumbnails Configuration
  • Added Autopilot


  • Added Shared Plan option for Management Portal


  • Fixed thumbnails quality issue
  • Fixed thumbnails not compressing enough on Lossless
  • Added UI Deselect/Select All
  • Added thumbnails select option
  • Removed register option from the plugin and redirecting to management portal


  • Fixed invalid header error


  • Fixed wrong label in plugin Options page


  • Added option to choose which thumbnails to compress


  • PHP Speed improvement by removing no longer required SQL Queries


  • Updated compatibility with WP 4.9.8


  • Updated comms for Agency Portal


  • Added comms for Agency Portal
  • Added fixes in compress process


  • Fixed upload issue while “on upload” option is enabled


  • Added primary support for Agency Portal
  • Added Comms Support for remote actions
  • Added minor styling changes


  • Fixed WP All In One Conflict
  • Fixed Coupon Systems Issue


  • Fixed woocommerce thumbnail issues


  • Updated GDPR Compliance checkbox
  • Added Terms
  • Added Privacy Policy
  • Added License Agreement


  • Added GDPR Compliance checkbox on signup


  • Fixed long wp-admin loading times


  • Fixed Server Communication Issues


  • Fixed wrong “required credits” count in bulk


  • Fixed saving setting Otto problem


  • Fixed bug “optimize on upload” – Not enough credits
  • Added 3 modes for Otto – Otto-Matic, On Upload, Off
  • Fixed bug in Otto “Otto Matic”
  • Fixed bug in JavaScript


  • Temp removed localhost error msg upon connecting


  • Otto – optimize on upload


  • Added Check Membership button for faster membership updating
  • Added localhost error message upon connecting
  • Added multisite error message upon connecting
  • Added resize of image based on the longest side


  • Fixed few PHP warnings


  • Updated popups text


  • Added changelog
  • Fixed Bonus Popup error – loading circle infinity


  • Updated Bulk Compress


  • Updated HTML/CSS structure


  • Updated WP Compatibility


  • Updated Bulk Compress
  • Updated Bulk Restore


  • Updated Icons


  • Introduced Popups for Credits


  • Updated Logo
  • Updated Fonts
  • Updated HTML/CSS Structure


  • Pre-release for 2.0.0 with DB Fixes


  • Minor CSS fixes


  • Initial release